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Book review(en): Two small and practical fishing books have recently been published by KOSMOS Verlag: The handy guide “Which fishing fish is that?" of Ben ground brings a colorful foray into over 50 fish species from fresh and salt water that are of fishing interest on 116 pages. Freshwater coarse fish and predatory fish as well as cod-like and flatfish in salt water are presented in a detailed manner. Each species of fish is given an entire double page and is presented with a photo and colored drawing. In addition to the German name of the fish, it is also mentioned in English, French and Latin. For each fish species there are short texts on "characteristics", "way of life" and how to "catch" them, as well as a box with "special features worth knowing" that distinguish the species. An "Infoline" with addresses, links and tips for reading rounds off the practical booklet for quickly identifying fish.
„The fishing book for kids" of Thomas Gretler is an (almost) complete beginner fishing course aimed at children and young people. Five main chapters and various sub-chapters bring a lot with topics such as “What you should know about fish”, “Fishing equipment”, “Knots, throwing, bait” and “Now it's getting serious - Let's go fishing” and “Fish stretch notes for on the go” Basic knowledge to the reader. Everything that is essential about fishing is dealt with well and not too extensively in simple, understandable texts, so that the budding all-round angler has a lot of the necessary basic practical knowledge at hand. Lots of photos and little tips & tricks boxes enhance the book content. Speaking of all-round anglers: unfortunately only with restrictions, because while types of fishing such as float and bottom angling as well as fishing with artificial bait are extensively covered, the book has completely forgotten that there is something beautiful like “fly fishing”! As well as a clear indication of barbless fishing and how to deal responsibly with the subject of “catching and releasing” today. Otherwise, the book is good and recommendable, with the free "Kosmos Plus App" you can also access explanatory films on the subject. Further reading can always be given to the young angler later, when “the seeds have first come up” | Further data: „Which fishing fish is that?“: Published in 2021 by Franckh Kosmos Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-440-16936-0, format H 18 x W 11 cm, softcover with flaps on both sides, 116 pages, approx. 110 photos and illustrations, price: € 10.00 | "The fishing book for kids“: Published in 2020 by Franckh Kosmos Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-440-16937-7, format H 24.5 x W 17.5 cm, hardcover, 80 pages, approx. 110 photos, illustrations and tables, including explanatory films in the app, price: € 14.00 | reference: In bookstores, directly from the publisher or in ours FliFiForum bookstore. Both books are available as a Kindle version in addition to the printed edition.

Book review: FLY FISHERMAN ENTOMOLOGY - 4TH EDITION | Walter Reisinger, Ernst Bauernfeind, Erhard Loidl | A review by Hans Peherstorfer: I was almost a little flabbergasted when I found out that it was the fourth edition of Entomology for Fly Fishermen that was published a few months ago. I can almost say that I grew up fly fishing with this book, as I had the first edition 20 years ago. I found “grown up” almost arrogant, but I have no doubt to thank this work for some of my fishing successes. Even if I have certainly not become a "Matching the Hatch" freak, or just throw around me with Latin names for species, this book gave me a deeper insight into the insect world of our waters and helped me avoid one or the other failure to analyze or explain afterwards on the water in the event of a hatch. In the best case scenario, the next time you are at the water with a suitable pattern or you can simply react better to the situation because you have a better understanding of the life cycle of an insect. You can see that entomology was not a textbook to me that I inhaled fully, but that I take on hand to solve problems and clarify questions or to prepare for a special day when I try something new again wants to improve performance. Just by looking at the scope of the work, you can already estimate how comprehensively the topic will be dealt with and dealt with. The encyclopedic scope is probably exaggerated, but entomology has surely meanwhile become the standard work in German-speaking countries on the insects relevant to us fly fishermen and their effective imitations in all stages of development. I would like to recommend this book to you, not least because I was able to get to know two of the authors a little better and experience their extensive expertise in fly fishing. I think that every fly fisherman should try to get to know the natural food of our prey, at least roughly. With this book you will surely come a few steps closer to this goal. Even those who already have the previous editions on their bookshelf will have a lot of fun with the new edition, because the authors have not only tried to refine and implement new entomological findings, but also to use new photos of various types and also the suggestions for imitation based on their experiences have adjusted. Further data: As before, the book was also published by Ulmer Verlag: Entomologie für Flyfischer. From example to imitation. Walter Reisinger, Ernst Bauernfeind, Erhard Loidl. 4th, updated edition 2019. 352 pp., 581 color photos, 4 drawings, hardcover ISBN 978-3-8186-0838-5. € 59.95. ET actual: 10.10.2019. Also available as an e-book. reference: In bookstores, directly from the publisher or in ours FliFiForum bookstore.

Catalog: As of now, the German-speaking one Orvis Fly Fishing Catalog 2021 Available with 72 pages in A4 format. As usual, the Orvis company presents a large abundance and variety of exquisite equipment, clothing and accessories for fly fishing and everything related to it. In addition to well-known and proven fly rods, fly reels, accessories and clothing series, which have been expanded to include new models, there are also attractive innovations on display again, e.g. Pro Zipper waders and Pro Boa wading boots, the Clearwater Mesh vest and the Pro LT hoodie. A large selection of clothing for women and men and many other products complete the catalog, as do the addresses of specialist dealers and water tips in Germany and Europe. A fly tying part is unfortunately no longer included. The catalog is available from specialist retailers or from Orvis Services, Inc. M. Raguse, Robert-Blum-Str. 5 b, D-22453 Hamburg, German-language ORVIS website: (also with catalog download).

Book review: A Woolly Bugger named Olivia | of Kirk Werner | description: Getting children and young people enthusiastic about outdoor activities is becoming increasingly difficult. The seductions of a sedentary lifestyle at the game console and in front of screens of all sizes are too great. Mixed attempts by PETA to get into the mix of handing out comic book-style brochures to get into the minds of the children that their fishing father kills animals, then the parental endeavor to inspire their children becomes a Herculean task. The American fly-fishing illustrator Kirk Werner probably had similar thoughts when he saw his daughter grow up. How can I get my daughter excited about water and its inhabitants, about types of flies and insects, he asked himself one day? Without further ado, a three-part series of children's books was created about a little Woolly Bugger named Olivia (orig. Olive The Little Woolly Bugger). A Woolly Bugger named Olivia is a bewitching book for children ages 6-12. It touches young readers the importance of believing in their dreams. The persistence with which Olivia works for her place in the fly box not only stands for the stamina it takes to learn the trade as a fly fisherman in laboriously learned steps. Much more, it also conveys the importance of perseverance in all areas of life in order to successfully master challenges - be it school, apprenticeship, study, job, relationships. The fact that the fundamentals of all the essentials of fly fishing are conveyed along the way - equipment, equipment, flies and entomology, including respect for nature and its inhabitants - makes the series about Olivia a book that anglers like to give to children and the young at heart.| Our impression & conclusion: There is nothing more to add to what has been written above, as it is 100% correct! Adults only worked through the 48 pages in half an hour - but kids who are enthusiastic about fishing will probably pick up this little book every day and "devour" page by page again and again and look at the (approx. 54) wonderful drawings! Combining school life with fantasy and reality was already a great and exciting reading recipe for "Harry Potter" and the author also implemented this very cleverly for "Olivia", combined with the content of our fulfilling passion for fly fishing. A straight one, I would love to have more of it! | Further data: Published in December 2020 by Forelle & Äsche Verlag (Cologne) in German first edition (title of the English original edition: Olive The Little Woolly Bugger, 2007), paperback, 48 pages, language: German. A4 landscape format, ISBN: 978-3-9818566-3-7, price: € 14.90. reference: In bookstores, directly from the publisher or in ours FliFiForum bookstore.

Book review: The fly fisherman |The essence and essence of fly fishing | Editor: Thorsten Strüben, Jan Blumentritt, Maximilian Funk, Robert Klanten - now in German from Servus-Verlag | description: This book is a balance for everyone who is looking for some peace and quiet and likes to spend time in the open air. "The fly fisherman" shows us the most beautiful areas of fishing, self-tied flies and the right equipment for this increasingly popular leisure activity. Fly fishing combines the beauty of nature, the aesthetics of the perfect swing and exercise. Everyday life is quickly forgotten: while the fly fisherman offers the fish his flies, he can merge with the calming gurgling of the water. From the rod to the line to the self-tied bait: "The fly fisherman" combines for the first time everything you need to know about this multifaceted occupation - and is therefore a must for all curious beginners as well as for experienced professionals. Legendary fly fishermen and enthusiastic beginners show us their favorite spots and instruct us in the art of making the perfect swing. In addition to exclusive illustrations of fish and self-tied flies, tips for correct posture and the right grip, "The Fly Fisherman" shows impressive, large-format photos of fishing spots all over the world - from the mild salt water in Florida to the rocky Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. For Thorsten Strüben, fly fishing is the elixir of life - and has been for over 18 years. Today he teaches beginners the discipline as an instructor for the European Fly Fishing Association and acts as an ambassador for Loop, one of the largest manufacturers in the industry. In The Fly Fisherman he shares his experience as well as his technical expertise. Jan Blumentritt is a freelance creative director and has been an active fly fisherman for many years. Whenever he can, he and his friends are drawn to nature to fly fishing together. As a photo journalist, he regularly accompanies fishing trips. | Our impression: The first time you leaf through and browse through this large-format and visually stunning work, you get the "WOW" effect as a reader, your jaw stays down and you think "Wow, what a magnificent book!". Magnificently illustrated through and through, the outstandingly successful book weighing over 1.3 kg shines with a vast number of often double-sided photographs from all areas of our fantastic, versatile passion and many sketches and drawings that could not provide a better framework for what has been written! In 8 main and 58 sub-chapters, the reader learns everything about the FF, about the meaning, history and the right attitude to fly fishing, about equipment and equipment from then to now, flies and fly tying, fly throwing to the most interesting species of fish for fly fishing in the freshwater. and salt water. An important part of the book is made up of portraits of more and less known people and companies and their diverse work in the field of fly fishing, as well as reports from top fly fishing destinations around the globe. Everything is well presented, on 258 pages in the best print and photo quality and we counted no less than 360 photos and 74 sketches / drawings! Sure, there are quite a number of books on this in the trade - but hardly any one is as comprehensive and, above all, so visually so beautiful and magnificent as this one. | Further data: First published in German in 2021 by "Servus Verlag bei Benevento Publishing Salzburg-Munich", large format: 24.8 × 30.7 cm, features: full color, hardcover, 258 pages, with many pictures and illustrations, price: € 48.00 (D), ISBN: 978-3-7104-0270-8. | reference: In (online) & bookstores or in our FliFiForum bookstore

Catalog: On the is reliable: As every year, there will be the big one this February in good time before the start of the season Rudi Heger catalog - the "Fly fisherman's guide 2021/2022". The full-color catalog in A4 format has been available (for over 40 years now) with 204 pages as usual and contains everything your heart desires in terms of exclusive fly fishing in fresh and salt water, with an emphasis on service and quality are found again many interesting novelties and lots Proven including the brands SAGE, RIO, Redington, Outcast, Patagonia, Korkers, Whiting, Tiemco and the attractive own brand Traun River. There are also numerous products from Maxima, Hanák, Tibor, Le Chameau, Lenz Optics, Cocoons, Renzetti, Deejo, Stroft and many more. In addition to the wide variety of world brands in all matters and areas of application of fly fishing, the further expansion of the own brand is particularly outstanding Traun River In terms of high-quality wading clothing, in the rod & reel as well as in the leader & line program and in the accessories area, the many TOP offers, a large fly tying part and a small but fine range of St. Croix spinning rods. The strong catalog is rounded off with information on the more than 20 kilometers of our own Fishing waters of the region, such as the Bavarian Traun with 4 sections, the Styrian Salza with its reservoir, the Förchensee and other Chiemgau mountain lakes, as well as its own extensive Course program. As always are also Special offers contain. reference:, Tel. +49 (0) 8662 70 70 (customers receive it automatically ...).

Book review: Ephemeridae - Emerger - Cripple - Stillborn - Nymph | of Roberto Messori | Mayfly imitations of all stages, from the nymph to hatching, the individual tying steps and the insects that were used as models. | Description and our impression: When Roberto Messori makes a new book, it is as first-class as he is used to: in large format, with around 680 photos, with huge illustrations, in the best paper quality and in several languages ​​(currently: Italian and English) - a declaration of love for the mayflies and fly-tying ! The beautifully presented illustrated book is the second volume in the Superfly series. While the first volume contained imitations of duns, spinners and spents of European and North American mayflies, the new book in this series describes mayflies imitations of all stages, from nymph to hatching and offers fly types of nymphs on the bottom of the water, ascending nymphs, surface nymphs, emergers, and casualties and stillborn babies As in the first book, each fly is illustrated in detail by photo sequences of the individual tying steps. The first part describes everything one should know about mayfly nymphs, their ethology, morphology and possible hypotheses about the phenomenon of hatching. Each of the 42 different fly patterns presented below has not yet been published. It is accompanied by the description, occurrence and peculiarities, swimming behavior, any stories and anecdotes as well as the tying instructions shown and described in the photographic steps. 28 tying techniques, some of which have not yet been published, show the practical realization of the wings, panting and bodies of the imitations.The individual fly patterns are complemented by 53 mayfly photos. The book also deals in detail with the theory and practice of the basic patterns and their effects on the senses of the fish (in the form of "alarm levels"), with direct reference not only to the work on the binding table, but also to the behavior in the fish water and the Offering techniques. A new addition is the schematic representation of the “ideal level” in relation to the way and depth of the respective fly pattern offered. The well-made book with its honest and entertaining spelling in the author's own style & logic and with other useful schematic helpers such as the "Fish alarm level" and "Water surface" for every fly (which we already know from Volume 1) contains a lot Practical experience and a lot of, in some cases, highly interesting material with an “aha effect”, which even seasoned fly binders and fly fishermen can use directly on the vise and later on the fishing water. We classify the very remarkable work, which appeared as Volume 2 of the six-part "Superfly" book series, as a practically valuable addition to the current fly fishing and fly tying literature - a piece of cake for every experienced fly tyer - and we are very excited about the further sequels ! | Further data: published by Fly Line Ecosistemi fluviali, Italy as 1st edition 2020, information:, (there are also various preview views of the book), language: English, 208 pages, around 680 color photos, dimensions: 22 x 29 cm, weight: 1250 grams, first-class, strong paper, hardcover, ISBN: 978-88-89468-22-7, price: 45.00 € plus shipping (the shipping costs by express courier for abroad are 9.00 €) . | reference: In book and fishing tackle shops, as well as directly at:

Book review: Fish, crabs & mussels in local lakes and rivers | 120 species in over 350 live pictures | by Wolfgang Hauer | description: In the local streams, rivers and lakes there are around 120 species of fish and mussels, which are sometimes difficult to distinguish. The author, an excellent connoisseur and photographer of these animals, has put together a unique identification book for all these species, regardless of whether they have always been native, immigrated or introduced. This book impresses not only with its precise, short description of the individual species, but also especially with its outstanding photos and the detailed recordings that are extremely important for a distinction. The biology, way of life and environmental demands of the individual species as well as possible causes of danger and their significance for angling are described. The author, fish master Wolfgang Hauer, is an employee of the Federal Office for Water Management, Institute for Freshwater Ecology, Fishery Biology and Oceanography. He wrote the books “Fascination Huchen” and “Fish smoking & pickling”, among others. He works as a freelancer for fishing newspapers and is a passionate photographer. Our impression: In front of us lies a mighty (reference) work, which is very appealingly designed and leaves no questions unanswered on the subject of the book "Fish, crabs & mussels in local lakes and rivers". As soon as you leaf through this book, you will be captivated by its many first-class color photos! After a foreword by Councilor Dr. Ernst Bauernfeind from the Natural History Museum Vienna and a brief introduction by the author, he starts with the characteristics of the fish and the structure of the fish body. This is followed by a systematic overview of the classification of fish and finally the main part of the book, fish, crabs and mussels, classified according to their families and species. For each species there are brief explanations on the species name, family, characteristics, growth, dentition, scale formula, fin formula, types of confusion, biology, reproduction & spawning time, food, endangerment factors and status and angling fishing. The abundance and high quality of the detailed photos are impressive again and again. The revised and expanded 2020 edition of the book, which was first published in 2007, is scientifically up-to-date and systematically broken down into genres and families. The book was printed in excellent quality and on high quality paper. We can only fully agree with the above description: this book is a valuable and irreplaceable companion for anglers, water managers, environmentalists, animal and nature lovers! | Further data: Hardcover, 244 pages, 364 color illustrations, ISBN-13: 978-3-7020-1897-9, ISBN-10: 3702018972, dimensions: 22.6 x 2.3 x 24.6 cm, publisher: Stocker, L; Revised and extended edition (November 11, 2020), language: German. Price: € 29.90. | reference: In bookstores or in ours FliFiForum bookstore.

Calendar 2021: As soon as autumn arrives, the calendars for the next year hit the stores! Four beautiful large format fishing calendars for 2021 traditionally come from Paul Parey Verlag, as well as the popular Fisch & Fang pocket calendar in a handy small book format:

a) From the magazine "Predatory fish“: THE Predator Calendar 2021“: It is a mighty 59.4 x 42 cm in landscape format and offers 12 beautiful photos from the predatory fish scene on a dark, matt-gloss background as a monthly calendar. Whether big pike, perch, trout or lively drills - the beautiful photos in large format reflect the many facets of angling for predatory fish. With a spiral binding, it shows not only the calendar but also the phases of the moon and week numbers. ISBN: 978-3-89715-359-2, price: € 23.90.

b) The Fish & catch fishing calendar 2021: comes 33 x 48 cm tall in portrait format. It shows the world of fishing from its most beautiful side! Whether spinning for sea trout, large floes from the dreamland for sea fans or a top-class pikeperch: Every angler dreams of such dreamlike moments. Unique catch pictures and fantastic sunsets month after month. The listed bite, sun and moon times also help with optimal planning. Executed with spiral binding. ISBN: 978-3-89715-358-5, price: € 15.90.

c) Also from "Fish & catch": the Best of Klavinius Calendar 2021! It also comes in portrait format 33 x 48 cm, with spiral binding and shows 12 colorful monthly pages by the cartoonist Klavinius, who is known in the hunting and fishing scene - with his usual coarse sense of humor! Whether it's mishaps while deep-sea fishing, discrepancies between fishing and non-fishing partners or the pitfalls of a fishing holiday in Finland: every month there is a fishing caricature with wit and bite by the cult illustrator Haralds Klavinius. Exclusive and original pictures, deep in humor, characterize this wall calendar. The listed bite, sun and moon times also help with optimal planning. ISBN: 978-3-89715-357-8, price: 19.90 €.

d) New in the program is the "Fish & Catch Norway Calendar 2021“! NEW this year is the NORWAY CALENDAR 2021 with fascinating photos from the fishing paradise of Norway. You can experience the whole diversity of the land of the fjords month after month in brilliant photos and spectacular motifs. The listed bite, sun and moon times also help with optimal planning. Executed with spiral binding. ISBN: 978-3-89715-354-7, format: 59.4 x 42 cm landscape, price: € 25.90.

e) The "Fish & Catch pocket calendar 2021“Comes as always in the handy small book format 10.5 x 15 cm and, like every year, offers the following advantages: Daily calendar with rainproof, hard-wearing cover, 228 pages, every week on a double page, Saturday + Sunday extra large, additional pages for notes, bite -, sun and moon times, various cartoons and pictures, useful addresses, reference works, checklists, forms, catch books, closed seasons, practical tips and much more. ISBN: 978-3-89715-362-2, price: € 9.90.

reference: In fishing tackle, book and magazine stores, directly from the publisher or at: All of the above prices plus shipping costs.

Calendar 2021: adh-fishing calendar - Fly Fishing 2021. The adh-fishing wall calendar in A4 format includes 12 varied pictures all about fly fishing. With atmospheric fish and fisherman photos, the calendar is ideally suited to accompany the viewer through the year 2021 in order to direct his thoughts from everyday life to the water. New this year is that, in addition to photos from the adh-fishing team, photos of adh-fishing customers can be found in the calendar for the first time: as part of a photo competition, adh-fishing received many great motifs and the most beautiful of them can now be found in this wall calendar . The perfect gift for every fly fisherman and a great decoration for the tying table or workplace. Purchase and costs: For every order of 50 € or more at adh-fishing you receive the calendar free of charge as a bonus. Or you can buy it on the market for € 9.90. Direct link to the calendar: (HERE).

Calendar 2021: TRAUN RIVER Calendar - Fly Fishing 2021. This calendar makes fly fishing hearts beat faster! 12 successful, large-format and action-packed shots of fly fishing in fresh and salt water, with fish, fishermen and great landscapes take you to unique fly fishing destinations in the world. Every month this calendar shows you other fascinating facets of fly fishing. The photographers Olivier Portrat and Rudi Heger have once again given their best, because every month the calendar comes up with a fishing dream. All texts are bilingual in German and English, the calendar was printed on high-quality, strong glossy paper, the format is a proud 42 cm (H) x 29.7 cm (W) (spiral binding / DIN A3). In addition to the multi-colored calendar, the phases of the moon are indicated. This calendar series has been enjoying great popularity in fly fishing circles for years (and rightly so) and is also a great gift idea. Cost: (very cheap and unchanged for this format and this quality) € 14.90 plus shipping (tip: Buy 3 for € 9.97 each and save 34%). | reference and preview: at Direct link to the calendar: (HERE)

Book review: Fly fishing today | The practical manual | Ole Rogowski | Description and our impression: The easy introduction to fly fishing with the Flyrus guides. "Fly fishing today" - "Get Fly Fishing infected" - that is the motto of the Flyrus fly fishing school. Your book follows the concept of the group's successful courses, namely to make the entry into this fascinating hobby as uncomplicated as possible. From the best equipment to the perfect cast to fly fishing worldwide, all topics are explained so simply with short texts, brilliant pictures and films via the free KOSMOS-PLUS app that you can get started right away. The modern fishing guide for new fly fishermen. About the eight main chapters " What is fly fishing "," The fly fishing virus "," The equipment "," The fish "," The throwing technique "," The practice "," Bait and entomology "and" Fly fishing waters in Germany "brings the book step Step by step, all essential aspects for getting started with fly fishing are easy to understand for the reader. Over 170 mostly very good color photos illustrate what has been written and make you want to start right away gene. None of the FF basic elements dealt with in the book are artificially inflated, everything important is explained briefly and easily, in addition to the photos, sketches and information boxes support the learning effect and of course the links to the learning films in the free app are very helpful. We think: well done! | Further data: 241x173x15mm (LxWxH), 1st edition 2020, soft cover / paperback, features: approx. 200 color photos and illustrations, 160 pages, EAN: 9783440163504, published by KOSMOS Verlag, soft cover, price: € 25.00 | reference: In bookstores, directly from the publisher or in ours FliFiForum bookstore.

Book review: The acoustic world of fish| Interpretation of the vocalizations of our water dwellers | by Roland Kurt | Published in January 2019 by Verlag Andreas Mächler,, Riehen / Switzerland, ISBN 978-3-905678-58-1, hardcover, hardcover, 244 pages, with 150 color images, with audio sample CD, price € 36, 00 (D), format: 17x24 cm. description: The author's second book about acoustics in fresh water or the world of sound under water! "Fish are dumb, stupid, lazy, voracious and they stink" - this popular opinion is thoroughly cleaned up in this book. The author Roland Kurt - an enthusiastic fish researcher and angler - leads us into an almost unknown world with his book. Over the past 13 years, he has collected an incredible amount of data over countless hours on and on the water. The resulting findings astonish laypeople and professional scientists alike. What a world the author takes us into! Apparently vocalizations play an important role during the spawning season, with non-conformist fish there are escape sounds, with predatory fish there are hunting sounds, with nest-guarding pikeperch very loud defense noises, catfish can even be recognized individually by their vocalizations! "Mute as a fish"? This book is aimed at all nature lovers, not just fishermen and fishery biologists. While reading, you will inevitably be carried away by the author's enthusiasm and his love for nature: "Get to know a new side of our fish and let yourself be enchanted by the numerous wonders in freshwater". At the end of the book you will find a very special "audio sample CD" with exciting new noises from our hidden underwater world. | Our impression: As soon as it was published, the first book (2011) made waves among experts and the general public. Magazines and radio stations in Switzerland brought reports about it by return of post and it caused a sensation in Germany too! Roland Kurt is now a man in demand in the media world and a valuable interlocutor in all areas of his research and experience, which is really unusual. Decades of research in time-consuming detailed work and entire life stories are also in his new book on the subject, which presents exciting things and also provides the scientifically researched connections. Some people already knew or could have guessed that things are not completely silent in the freshwater fish world ... But what is now once again revealed as evidence with this publication causes astonishment, new insights and many aha experience, which can in part also be converted directly into angling successes. Current environmental issues and threats to the fish world are also dealt with. In this way we would like to express our fullest respect to the author again! The book itself is clearly divided into 27 chapters, lots of photos and graphics loosen up the material, the (matt-gloss) paper quality and the print are absolutely good. And the enclosed CD with underwater audio samples of the fish, toads, aquatic insects and others - is absolutely awesome !!! This book clearly belongs in every fishing library! reference: In bookstores, directly from the publisher or in ours Online bookstore.

Book review: Matze Koch - pike tips | Description and our impression: Fisch & Fang author Matze Koch is by no means a stranger to German fishing circles. In his new book he reveals his special tips and tricks for pike fishing. The following areas are dealt with in the book: Recognizing stands, equipment and bait tactics and successful procedures. Attractively illustrated in color and well structured, the author guides you through the topic and the seasons in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-understand conversation. It is spoken in plain language and some incorrect courses are cleared up. Even if fly fishing (streamer), which is relevant to us, is only mentioned briefly in addition to the various types of pike angling, every pike angler can take a lot of useful practical knowledge with them from this book! | Further data: W 16.1 x H 22.2 x D 1.0 cm, 1st edition 2019, published by KOSMOS Verlag, soft cover, 113 color photos, 115 pages, ISBN: 978-3-440-16351-1, price : € 14.99 | reference: In bookstores, directly from the publisher or in ours FliFiForum bookstore.

Game performance: Freshwater Fly - fly fishing as a board game | When a new parlor game on the subject of fly fishing "comes across the pond" in German, it deserves our special attention, especially when it comes with such appealing and complex features as this one. We played the game in a round of four for several hours and tested it thoroughly. "Freshwater Fly" is the name of the new board game from Spielefaible. With this publication, the author and fishing fan Brian Suhre impressively shows that the fine art of fly fishing also works on the living room table at home. Especially in the winter time, fly fishermen can pursue their hobby in a playful and, exceptionally, very communicative way.The main content of "Freshwater Fly" is based on fly fishing: Select the right fly, throw the line elegantly into the water, let the fly drift and, if successful, bring in the catch (in this case only salmonids). As in nature, intuition, observation and timing are required to emerge victorious from the competition. The appropriately chosen material as well as some special rules with personal fishing finesse and individual goals underline the thematic and atmospheric implementation. In addition, there are already included extensions and a surprisingly well-functioning solo version (cleverly made based on a complete fishing week trip with daily different requirements). "Freshwater Fly" is suitable for 1 - 4 players, ages 12 and up, and takes approx. 45 - 90 minutes, depending on the line-up (relative time: because a lot (in the very well-made and illustrated German description) was read, learned must be understood and tried out until one has mastered the complexity of this game in its entirety or fundamentally, it took just under 4 hours until we had mastered the first round while trying it out. Later it is much more fluid and faster ...) . It is also very helpful if at least one of the players in the family game has an idea of ​​fly fishing. | Our conclusion: A very well (and really elaborately) made game in which game tacticians also get their money's worth. Highly Recommended! | Further data and reference: The board game "Freshwater Fly" (release date 2019) consists of an impressive 110 individual parts plus 73 playing cards plus a German manual, and is delivered in a sturdy 31x22x8cm game box. It costs around 49.90 euros and is available directly from the Spielefaible publishing house ( or from specialist retailers. (The images on the left and right can be clicked to enlarge.)

Book review: The return of the primeval trout: venture into the wilderness | of Gottlieb Eder | description: Bears, bearded vultures and Co. have a strong lobby. Unfortunately, however, the genetic treasure of the local brown trout has been neglected. These “primeval trout”, assigned to the Danubian line, are ideally suited to the extreme conditions in the mountains. They master the low temperatures, the sharp currents and effectively use the food chains. It is worth protecting this rarity and its habitat.
About the book: Fettflosse, a dairy farmer of the trout originating from the Danube, gathers a lot of experience in the hatchery and in the release pond. A voracious yellow fire beetle would have caught the sapling around a scale. Always be on your guard against the many enemies. Fresh fish even fits into the meal plan for grass snakes. When exposed in an alpine project water, the salmonid has to prove its excellent genetic makeup. Breeding programs and mishaps with related lines are just as important in this book as the returning wolf and bear. It is obvious that they resent showing up in the cultivated land. Cracked sheep and looted beehives are not advocates for predator reintroduction. The remediation of reservoirs, the legally prescribed flushing, new installations of small power plants and the construction of bed load barriers place a considerable strain on the fish's habitat. Notices under water law and prescribed dilution chains cannot prevent sharp-edged suspended matter. Your sensitive gills suffer. Many animals perish. Facts, observations and imagination combine to create an exciting story about the adventure of the wilderness. | Our impression: The second book in Gottlieb Eder's “Urforelle” series also goes far beyond the eventful life story of the Bergbach Urforelle (affectionately called "Fettflosse"), which forms the framework. The entire animal world of the Hohe Tauern National Park region and their way of life and fate are discussed in great detail and described in detail. With this worth knowing content and the understanding of complex processes in the nature and animal world, Volume 2 with its 26 chapters is a treasure for every nature lover, not only for those responsible for care, fish farmers, water, fish and anglers. The author does not shy away from mercilessly dealing with grievances and human misconduct. Man-made natural and environmental disasters, the effects of global plastic litter and global warming, water pollution and water pollution, overfishing, poaching and stockinging - up to the annual sins of power plant operators and water maintenance operators. All this and much more comes unadorned on the table and makes you thoughtful to angry. Competent chapters on this topic in the book prove that the author is also a passionate fly fisherman as well as water and fish stock keeper. About the spawning migration of trout, marking, artificial insemination, hatching fish extraction and rearing, exceptional genetic material, fish diseases and fish enemies, food, other animals in the area ... all of this is discussed in detail. At the end, a (famous) poem, a short biography and thanks complete this book that is well worth reading. Our conclusion: Another very interesting book, successfully implemented and filled to the brim with knowledge about nature, fishing, global interrelationships - and of course all about the primeval trout that is worth preserving. Also a sharp imagination & adventure is not missing. Note: very useful! | Further data: The book was published by Tauriska Verlag in the first edition, 2019. 216 pages, approx. 97 illustrations (sketches and color photos), 22x16.4cm, flexcover. ISBN 978-3-901257-58-2. Price: € 24.90. reference: in bookstores and directly from the publisher:

Book review: Infinite silence | An angler's life | of Thomas McGuane | Cover text: Growing up in Michigan and Florida, Thomas McGuane has been flying the fly rod from an early age. As an adolescent, he already realized that his future livelihood would have to be in harmony with the desire to spend as much time as possible on and in the water. Few professions are better suited to this than that of a writer. McGuane's literary work deals primarily with the American counterculture of the 60s and 70s, the decline of the American way of life, with family dramas and the relationship between man and nature in the rapidly changing west of the USA. The fruits of the professional success, which came at an early age, were duly invested in time and purchases for fly fishing. With the proceeds of his first work 'The Sporting Club', McGuane bought a flat bottom boat and thus became a pioneer for the development of fly fishing for bonefish, tarpon and permit. With the sale of the film rights for this work, he bought a ranch in Montana to move in the center of classic American fly fishing. In any case, Thomas McGuane, who spent two hundred days a year on the water during the first decades of his literary existence, was certainly never a desk angler. A passion for fly fishing took Thomas McGuane from the small streams of his youth in Michigan to the most sought-after fishing grounds in the world. On his travels, whether on foot or by helicopter, the fish guide him to a wide variety of topics that are waiting to be examined more closely: landscapes, rods and reels, the classification of anglers according to their favorite flies, family ties, memories . Even when asked why anglers like to exaggerate, he finds an amazing answer. 'Infinite silence' awakens a longing to just be by the water. Like no other fishing book, it shows what an existence dedicated to fly fishing and nature says about life itself. | Our impression & conclusion: Just as unusual as the translation of English-language fishing prose into German and its republication was the financing of this book, which is already the second in the series, via a so-called crowdfunding campaign. We were happy to support this project right from the start, were at least as excited about the finished book as we were with "Ferne Welt" (see below) and were not disappointed in any way by the result! "Infinite silence" means: 34 great stories, peppered with fine irony & humor - and wonderfully implemented descriptions of all those rich facets that make active fly fishing paired with an intense experience of nature, formative encounters with human originals and the rich treasure trove of many decades in different waters . Gripping, funny, self-deprecating, sometimes incredibly exciting. A cream cake :-). As a passionate fly fisherman, you have to love each and every one of these stories, because they have everything to sweeten your day when you can't go to the water yourself! Like all books of this kind, "Infinite Silence" has only one drawback: it ends too quickly! That is why we are already looking forward to further book projects of this kind from Forelle & Äsche Verlag! | Further data: Published on March 30, 2019 by Forelle & Äsche Verlag (Cologne) in German first edition (title of the original edition: The Longest Silence: A Life in Fishing), bound book with hardcover, with dust jacket, 280 pages with 34 short stories, language: German . Dimensions: H 22 x W 15.5 x 2.3 cm, ISBN: 978-3-9818566-2-0, price: € 27.90. reference: In bookstores, directly from the publisher or in ours FliFiForum bookstore.

Book review: Watermark | Stories from my life as a journalist and fly fisherman | of Bernd Kuleisa | description: Almost all fly fishermen in German-speaking countries know Bernd Kuleisa. Be it as the former editor-in-chief and current author of the fly fishing magazine, as a reader of one of his numerous books or as a participant in fly fishing courses or guiding. Bernd Kuleisa has now summarized the experiences of his work over several decades in a review. Colored and humorous, sometimes thoughtfully reflective, the defining personalities of the scene are illuminated from a very personal point of view. It's not just about the author himself, but about his relationship with fly fishermen, whose influence and work can still be felt today. Roman Moser, Thomas Wölfle, Michael Werner, Hans Steinfort, Sepp Prager, Edgar Pitzenbauer and many others appear. The author impressively describes his life as a fly fisherman, with his special passion, salmon fishing, being given due space. This somewhat different book "Watermark" is a great pleasure to read. | Our impression: The very detailed description given above hits the essence of the content of this book and we have (almost) nothing more to add. Once again, Salmo Verlag has come up with a well-made book. In the usual best, strong paper and print quality on high-quality glossy paper and in a sturdy hardcover comes a new work by the well-known and "washed up", long-standing, practical author Bernd Kuleisa that has it all! In around 20 short chapters, the book deals with the career of the likeable author as a fishing journalist, important companions (see above), travel experiences and his experiences as a guide and course instructor. What distinguishes all of Bernd Kuleisa’s books is, among other things, the author’s pleasantly relaxed and catchy conversational tone, often associated with a loosening wink, but also with thought-provoking passages. He brings interesting topics and stories crisp, entertaining and easy to understand, as well as flavored with humor and a little irony to the reader. Our Conclusion: A book that is well worth reading! | Further data: Published in November 2018 by Salmo Verlag (Lingen) in German first edition, hardcover, 128 pages, language: German. Dimensions: 21.5 x 16.5 cm, ISBN: 978-3-9817956-3-9, price: € 19.80. Purchase: In bookstores, directly from the publisher ( or in ours FliFiForum bookstore.

Book review: Distant world | of Charles Rangeley-Wilson | Cover text: The Distant world can be a thousand kilometers away or right on our doorstep - places and moods that fly fishing leads us to. In fourteen captivating stories, Charles Rangeley-Wilson takes us on his journey around the world, from the Scottish islands to the Croatian highlands to Arctic Quebec and the Australian Northern Territory. In the heart of these near and distant landscapes, he encounters ordinary and extraordinary people. With this book he questions supposed certainties in order to find out how things really are. | Our impression: Just as unusual as the translation of British fishing prose into German and its republication was the financing of this book through a so-called crowdfunding campaign. We were very happy to support this project from the start and of course we were all the more excited about the finished book. “If someone goes on a journey, then he can tell something” - this sentence applies particularly to Charles Rangeley-Wilson, because he has an excellent command of the subtle art of storytelling. Written in a language that is extremely pleasant to read, which is absolutely contemporary, gripping, razor-sharp to the point (or put in the wound) and simply brilliant, always on the topic and completely uninflated or even wandering far. The 14 short episodes are about travel experiences and fishing stories, about friends, fish, distant and near countries, as only life itself can write them. Narrated in a subtle and humorous way, peppered with wisdom and knowledge but also with strokes of fate. We read in amazement about fly fishing for trout in South Africa and the Himalayas, about the joys and sorrows of trips to Atlantic salmon, char and pike in Canada. The author takes us to France, England, Maine, Australia, Croatia and in search of the last wild trout in the paved London. The world is a village. People are at the center of the stories and so we find aptly described, rustic originals in each of the stories, be it with the locals on site or among the fishing colleagues. All of them are wonderful stories, rousing, gripping and described in such a wonderful way that you don't need a picture book or a television set to create great cinema in your head. The translator and editor have also done a very good job here (which is by no means a matter of course nowadays, when so much is hunted through too superficially and fleetingly!) | Our conclusion: I have seldom devoured a book from the first to the last page in one go - but I just couldn't get away from this one: Absolutely great and exactly my thing! Hopefully there'll be more of them soon | Further data: Published on December 7, 2018 by Forelle & Äsche Verlag (Cologne) in German first edition (title of the English original edition: Somewhere Else), bound book with hardcover, 246 pages, language: German. Dimensions: 21 x 16 x 3 cm, ISBN-10: 3981856619, ISBN-13: 978-3981856613, price: € 24.90. reference: In bookstores, directly from the publisher or in ours FliFiForum bookstore.

Book review: Wild fishing | The Pinzgau fly fisherman Gottlieb Eder fishes his way around the world from eel to pikeperch | of Gottlieb Eder | description: A garfish stowed in Bermuda instead of in a safety net? Blood-hungry mosquitoes on the tundra that drive even real men crazy? An intestinal infection slowly cultivated in Mongolia that requires drastic means? Oh you big egg! Actually, Gottlieb Eder only had the fish in mind and how best to outsmart it. But the many adventurous trips beyond the Oberpinzgau make the target object a supporting actor again and again. Nevertheless, the angling professional also lets non-fishermen and nature lovers participate in how to hook eel, the variety of salmonids and pikeperch with cunning and trickery. Because one thing is clear: the privilege to fish is a gift! And the dream fish has to be seduced anew every day, whether at home or far away .... | Our impression: "Wildes Fischen" joins the entertaining book series by this author and, with its 28 short as well as entertaining stories, combines fishing trip experiences that we were already able to read about in his earlier books with new or previously unpublished fishing stories. The adventures contained in the book encompass a colorful collection of fishing trips and river trips by the author and his travel companions from home to European travel destinations to Alaska, Russia and Mongolia. The mixture is always entertaining to read, often also exciting and rich in experienced dangers or adversities, but also shows limits and sometimes makes you think. The experienced gaze of the wilderness-loving and cosmopolitan author, who in "real life" is a teacher in natural sciences and a supervisory body at Bräurup in Mittersill, does not miss the rich gifts of nature, nor the often lasting negative effects of human activity. | Our conclusion: Once again an entertaining, highly recommended reading by the well-known author for those who love fishing and travel, as well as for all nature enthusiasts. To be continued | Further data: Published by Edition Riedenburg in 1st edition November 2018, paperback, 196 pages, language: German. Dimensions: 14.8 x 1.1 x 21 cm, ISBN-10: 3903085812, ISBN-13: 978-3903085817, price: € 14.90 (also available as Kindle Ed.). reference: In bookstores, directly from the publisher or in ours FliFiForum bookstore.

Book review: Blood knot | Detective novel by Ute Riegel | Description and our impression: Ute Riegel (born 1963) has long been known in the Frankfurt crime scene. Her previously published crime novels "Kehrwasser" (2010), "Tote Drift" (2013) and now "Blutknoten" (2018) are exciting crime stories with everything that goes with them: murder, power, intrigues, family dramas, changing locations, rapid twists and turns and a little sex. Exciting, entertaining and often surprising to the end and quite suitable for television! The special thing about her novels is the “fly fishing commissioner” Peter Scheuermann, who gets a clear head at the fish water, which helps him to solve his cases. Since the author's husband is also a fly fisherman in real life (and a member of our forum), neither the choice of title nor the occasional FF reference to it in the book are surprising. In "Blood knot“(For which the FF board users were allowed to suggest titles) Scheuermann and his team have to solve a tough case again, in which they initially grope in the dark for a long time: A dead workshop manager in his car in front of the dealership, a wire loop around his neck . An unknown corpse, whose pale face appears in the Main, anchored and held under water by a thick stone. A young woman, on the run from the past, can no longer remain invisible. In his third case, the Frankfurt Commissioner Scheuermann is involved in human trafficking and fraud on a large scale. | Our conclusion: Volume 3 is also originally written, hits the nerve of the times and is a great reading tip for all crime thriller fans and fly fishermen. | Further data: First published in August 2018 by Pro Business digital; Paperback: 396 pages; Language: German; ISBN-10: 9783964090270; ISBN-13: 978-3964090270; Dimensions: 13.9 x 2.2 x 20 cm. Price (paperback): € 14.90 (also available as a Kindle edition for € 7.99). reference: In the relevant bookstore or in ours FliFiForum bookstore.

Book review: Fishing for newcomers | Insider tips from the professionals | of Tobias Hoffmann | description: The modern practical book for advanced users. Targeted networking: the best apps, blogs and YouTube channels for anglers. Tobias Hoffmann is now bringing the anglers of the Facebook generation on the professional track - modern, up-to-date and reliable: What methods and baits do you use to catch target fish such as carp, tench and pike? What are the experts' tricks for the best success? On which social media channels can you exchange ideas with like-minded people? All topics are explained in an easy-to-understand way with clear photos. About the author: Tobias Hoffmann is an angler and blogger who has been passionate about fishing since he was a child. He has set himself the goal of passing on his knowledge and years of experience to other anglers in a practical and understandable way. | Our impression: This compact work goes "across the vegetable garden", or through all types of angling, in order to impart a lot of tried and tested, directly applicable practical knowledge to both beginners and experts who are willing to learn. Easily understandable, short and compact, provided with various photos and illustrations, as well as helpful checklists, tips boxes and Internet hints. Successful techniques & tactics for non-predatory fish, salmonids and coastal fish are treated, from fishing with natural and spinning baits to surf fishing and fly fishing. Every angler can take a good piece of learning material with them to the water from this refreshing book! | Further data: 226x167x15mm (LxWxH), 1st edition 2018, published by KOSMOS Verlag, hardcover, 107 color photos, 7 b / w drawings, 112 pages, ISBN: 978-3-440-15633-9, price: 14.99 € | reference: In bookstores, directly from the publisher or in ours FliFiForum bookstore.

Book review: Fishing Impossible | 10 epic adventures | with Blowfish, Charlie and Jay ... and David Bartley | description: Three young fishing fanatics, Charlie, Jay and Blowfish, go on an extreme fishing trip around the world. Whether spear fishing in the Bahamas or in the midst of hungry crocodiles in Kenya - your goal is the most spectacular areas and the big catch. Again and again they face almost insurmountable challenges and yet they manage to make the impossible possible. What most anglers dream of all their lives, these three make it come true - inspired by a thirst for adventure, friendship and commitment to marine habitats worldwide. The BBC adventure documentary book. | Our impression: The book is well presented, thoroughly entertaining, often peppered with exciting action, attractively illustrated and, thanks to extensive background information on the travel destinations visited, species and problems in the respective region, it is also very informative and instructive. The team's "colorful mix" is just plain cool (Blowfish: heavy metal-loving marine biologist, Charlie: fly-fishing flight captain and Jay: ex-marine soldier fishing with a spear), as is the selection of 10 very different travel destinations around the globe, from the cold north to the hot south, so to speak, plenty of extremes. The self-imposed challenges are also often pretty crazy! Overall, the book is very successful, appeals not only to anglers, but to all nature and adventure enthusiasts and definitely makes you want to watch the TV series of the same name! | Further data: 247x192x18mm (LxWxH), 1st edition 2018, published by KOSMOS Verlag, soft cover, 178 color photos, 10 color drawings, 256 pages, ISBN: 978-3-440-15925-5, price: € 24.99 | reference: In bookstores, directly from the publisher or in ours FliFiForum bookstore.

Book review: Ephemeridae nuptialis volatus - mayflies on their honeymoon | of Roberto Messori | Swimming imitations of mayflies, the individual tying steps and the insects that were used as models. | Description and our impression: When Roberto Messori makes a new book, it is in such a way that the whole world benefits from it: in large format, with around 600 photos, and published in no less than four languages ​​(Italian, French, English and German) - almost like a declaration of love to them Mayflies! The beautifully presented illustrated book contains 49 imitations of Duns, Spinners and Spents of Italian, European and North American mayflies, which are presented in detail in this work, illustrated by photo sequences of the individual binding steps. 29 binding techniques, some of which have not been published before, show the practical realization of the wings, panting and bodies of the imitations. The individual fly patterns are complemented by 51 photos of subimagines and images of the imitated mayflies. The book also deals in detail with the theory and practice of the basic patterns and their effects on the senses of the fish (in the form of "alarm levels"), with direct reference not only to the work on the binding table, but also to the behavior in the fish water and the Offering techniques. The well-made book with its honest and entertaining spelling in the author's very own style & logic and with useful schematic helpers such as the "Fish alarm level" and "Water surface" contains a lot of practical experience and a lot of sometimes highly interesting material with an "aha" effect “, Which even seasoned fly binders and fly fishermen can implement directly on the vise and on the water. We classify the work, which incidentally appeared as Volume 1 of the six-part “Superfly” book series, as a practically valuable addition to the current fly fishing and fly tying literature - a piece of cake for every experienced fly tyer - and we are very excited about the sequels! | Further data: published by Fly Line Ecosistemi fluviali, Italy as 1st edition 2017, information:, 208 pages, 600 color photos, dimensions: H 28.5 x 22.5 cm, weight: 1250 grams, hardcover, ISBN (German edition ): 978-88-89468-21-0, price: 45.00 € plus shipping. | reference: In book shops and at:

DVD tip: Skagit revolution | Description and our impression: Master Spey Casting Instructor Tom Larimer explains Skagit throwing in two films. The first film focuses on creating a solid foundation. He handles Roll Toss, Snap-T and Double Spey from both banks of the river. While this film deals with the basics, even advanced throwers will gain new perspectives on the critical elements of strong throwing. Bonus chapters discuss the device in detail, such as two-handed rods, cords and knots for Spey Casting. The second film builds on the basics of the first film and takes viewers to a new level of Spey throwing. In addition to learning Perry Pokes and Poke variants from both banks, he focuses on enabling the angler to adapt to changing fishing situations and equipment requirements. In the end, the viewer will have a better understanding of how his throw is directly related to his catching success. All motion sequences in both films are explained in great detail while standing in the water, important throwing phases are supported schematically, as well as shown with still images and repeated in slow motion. Throwing errors that need to be avoided are also clearly shown. The films, which are set to music entirely in English, consist of a lot of "dry" or "wet" matter, in 7 (film 1) and 8 (film 2) chapters, all relevant casts and the most diverse throwing and fishing situations are directly in the running water dealt with in full, with all types of the various Skagit cords and special techniques. At the end of film 2, after completing the course, the viewer finally gets to see some nice drills and fish. The film comes in good picture and sound quality, it also offers beautiful sequences on the water and is accompanied by a suitable soundtrack. Our conclusion: Skagit Revolution is the most comprehensive Skagit and Spey Casting tutorial on the market, it offers an extremely thorough intensive course for everyone who really wants to tackle the subject of Skagit! | Further data: DVD in English (no subtitles) | Beattie Outdoor Productions, USA, 2016 | Running time: approx. 4 hours | all regions | Unit price: 29.90 € (plus shipping costs) | Cover and trailer: at, Tel. 0174 787 05 86.

Book review: Nymph fishing - secrets unmasked | of Tankred cattle, Alexander Keus, Sven Ostermann, as well as guest authors | description: Do you need another fly fishing book? More than ever! The past few years have seen rapid developments in material, equipment and technologies, which in the German-speaking world have so far received little attention in book form. Fly fishing with the nymph doesn't have to be a book with seven seals. The fascinating underwater world with its insects, structures and currents tends to escape the view of the fly fisherman. But with the knowledge of where and what to look for in the water, it is much easier to choose the right tactic for that moment. This book is therefore a valuable aid to both seasoned fly fishermen and novices. Find out more about modern presentation techniques from our European neighboring countries, about helpful special casts for nymph fishing and relevant artificial nymphs depending on the season and the amount of food. The reader is given suggestions as to which flies can be used to catch trout, grayling, barbel & Co. most successfully when and where - in streams, rivers and lakes. Tankred Rinder, Alexander Keus and Sven Ostermann have been passing on their knowledge and enthusiasm for fly fishing and tying online, in specialist magazines, in courses and guiding for years. Not enough of the bundled knowledge, numerous European greats in fly fishing have their say: from Roman Moser to Oliver Edwards to Markus Hoffman and many more. The three authors have created a comprehensive work unprecedented in this form in the German-speaking area, which shines with well-founded knowledge and impresses with captivating images. The book is complemented by outstanding illustrations by Veit Dresmann. | Our impression: Seldom has a new fly fishing book attracted so much attention these days as this 1.2 kg work. Now that we have worked through it completely, we can unreservedly endorse the booklet and the numerous positive reader comments. The mass of bundled practical knowledge, well-founded and technically fully up-to-date, presented in a way that is easy to understand and can be implemented directly, is certainly remarkably unique on this topic in German-language literature and has so far been unmatched. Important aspects have not been forgotten here, nor have the structure been left to chance, you can tell on every single page how much effort the makers of this book have put into it down to the smallest detail and how much thorough and detailed research has gone into it. After the foreword and introduction, the next 30 pages are devoted to the history and some of the most important pioneers of nymph fishing, then we bravely get into practice, the following chapters deal in detail with nymph fishing on rivers and in still water, starting with the necessary equipment, Peculiarities of the different types of water and stands, presentation techniques and tactics, wind, weather, water and seasonal peculiarities. After these extremely interesting chapters, which can give every fly fisherman a great deal, we come from page 252 to the models of the insect world, which are treated in a multi-faceted manner over 50 pages and finally from page 292 to their replicas and later from page 338 for implementation on the binding table. Frequently interspersed interviews with well-known personalities of the FF scene loosen up the matter. In summary, we were overwhelmed by the wealth of knowledge, who would have thought how much there is still to be learned even after more than 30 years of own fly fishing practice. This very well made book is an enormous enrichment for fly fishermen of every "level of development", it is a milestone in modern fly fishing literature and it is definitely one of those books that you don't just read through and then put away, but with which you spend a lot of months, even years Have fun by picking them up again and again to reread one or the other chapter, or by recalling a little tactical knowledge for practice or by tying one or the other fly pattern to the tying table or, or Of course, one can question in the margin - as one critic publicly noted - whether it is timely to proudly present a lot of catch photos with well-kept large trout in the book, whether a book may contain advertising messages and whether the cover picture could not have been a little better suited to the book title ... But let's leave the church in the village! The paper and print quality of the book was just as convincing as the clear structure and the many great photos and sketches. What our forum users say about this book (and that's a lot ...) you can find (Here). | Further data: Hardcover: 374 pages, published by Forelle & Äsche Verlag, Cologne; 1st edition: June 12, 2017, language: German, 17 x 24 cm, ISBN-10: 3981856600, ISBN-13: 978-3981856606, price: € 39.90, reference: In fishing tackle and book shops, at or in ours FliFiForum bookstore

Book review: It took a good six years until now the 2nd volume of The Fly Fishing Forum Book - FF files: Many stories beyond the angler's Latin could be completed. From our friend and FF moderator, who unfortunately passed away much too early Frank Möbus 2010 as part of the compact book series "Literature for the fly vest“We have filled a second volume in honor of his memory, in which 10 different authors have their say in a total of 23 small, exciting, curious, thought-provoking and even hair-raising stories, all of which are of course true! There is no better way to describe this book project than with Frank's own words from 2010 (look here). The list of things that can happen to you while fly fishing is long: pike sometimes jump somewhere completely different from what you would expect. Hopefully, sins of youth leave behind positive impulses for later life. Even on the water, an “air defense” is sometimes not to be despised. Some tie flies, some fish them and some decorate the landscape with them, it's going to be crazy.Ireland drivers know many good stories, as well as the guild of sea trout and salmon anglers. Some fellow fishermen are really so special that it is good when they are there (just not here ;-) Thousands of flies are by no means good for the best piece and waterfowl can also be really exhausting. That and much more to make you smile can be found in this little book, which of course is not just for all board members Required reading is ... At this point, a big thank you to all of the co-authors, without whom the book would not have come off! | As part of this book production, the book iMago - Strange Fly Fishing Tales - a masterpiece by Frank Möbus - reissued to it as a Two piece in the row "Literature for the fly vest" to integrate. Part 1 and 2 are available as Volume 5 and 6 also published in this series in March 2017 (iMago description / content - see here) | The "technical" Data: The Fly Fishing Forum Book, Part 2, FF Files: Incredible Fly Fishing Stories | Editor: Michael Müller, published by Verlag, Schwaderloch / Switzerland as Volume 7 in the series “Literatur für die Fly Vests”, 1st edition 2017, 136 pages, paperback, price EUR 12.00, ISBN 978-3-905678-54- 3, dimensions 85 x 120 mm | Imago. Strange stories about fly fishing, by Frank Möbus, published by Verlag, Schwaderloch / Switzerland as volumes 5 and 6 in the series Literature for the Fly Vest ”, 2nd edition 2017, 128 or 126 pages, paperback, price EUR 12.00 each, ISBN 978- 3-905678-52-9 and 978-3-905678-53-6, dimensions 85 x 120 mm | reference: In (online) bookstores, directly from (publishing company) or in our FliFiForum bookstore

Book review: The angler's secret | A classic crime novel by Cyril Hare | Why is? Many years ago four wealthy English gentlemen had leased a particularly interesting fishing spot by a small river. They divided it into four parts, which they then took turns fishing. In the meantime, her offspring are already hanging their rods in the water - including Sir Peter Packer, who is married but still considers himself an irresistible Casanova. The future father - he got involved with a girl from the nearby village - is found murdered by Dr Latymer, the village doctor. Apparently he was shot with his own gun. That's all the local police find out. But Scotland Yard's Inspector Mallett is also faced with a riddle | To the author: Cyril Hare is the pseudonym of Alfred Alexander Gordon Clark (1900-1958), an English judge who published his first detective novel in 1937. "The Angler's Secret" first appeared in 1938 and established his reputation as a crime novel writer. | Our impression: A thrilling thriller from the first to the last page in "typically English style" that serves all facets of this genre worthy. Absolutely worth reading, entertaining and with a manageable 120 pages to read through in "one go"! | Further data: Published in 2016 by Verlag Fischueberalles as a new edition of the 1938 edition. 120 pages, paperback, W 13 x H 20 cm, ISBN 978-3-905678-50-5, price: € 12.00. By the way, the cover picture comes from the fly fishing forum member Michael Unkraut! | reference: In (online) bookstores, directly from (publishing company) or in our FliFiForum bookstore

Book review: A net full of wisdom | Wolfgang Tautenhahn | description: This book is like a landing net, filled with the wisdom from the vernacular and the experiences of many people and peoples, with over 500 proverbs, quotes and sayings about water, fish and fishing. | Our impression