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Monday, 08/17/2020 Current issue: MASCHINEN IM MODELLBAU 5/2020 Steam system in the walnut

Miniaturization is not a completely new trend. Whether electronics or mechanics - a lot that surrounds us every day is getting smaller and smaller. Sometimes so small that you wonder how you should still operate some of the devices… In contrast, steam engines are usually somewhat larger devices that inspire with their size - but there is another way, like Dieter Philipp with his model in this issue of MASCHINEN IN MODEL CONSTRUCTION proves. In addition to dreamy “normal-sized” steam engine models made of common or unusual materials - keyword: Plexiglas - he is always enthusiastic about miniature machines, when looking at them one often asks: “How does he do it?”. But building such a mini-machine and then operating it with compressed air is one thing - operating it with real steam is a completely different matter. And generating the steam in a suitably large - or should you rather say small - boiler is the next challenge. Because here physical factors play a role that cannot be easily reduced. Water vapor remains water vapor - whether it is to drive a machine weighing tons or a few grams. That there can be other stumbling blocks became apparent for our author when building his machine, which, including the boiler house, fits into a walnut. But of course he also removed these obstacles and built a fully functional steam system that is simply fascinating due to its tiny size. The MASCHINEN IM MODELLBAU 5/2020 - now available digitally and from August 19, 2020 in newsagents! Do you like our model making machines? Become a subscriber now and receive the magazine conveniently at home! Digital purchase options: for Windows PC for Android for iOS

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