Why don't you like France

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Do you like "Scissors, paper, stone "play?

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He saw her at a concert and asked: "Do you like Tattoos?"
Il les voyait à un concert et disait: "Do aimes les tatouages?"
Pardonnez-moi, which means: "Do you like me"?
Je ne comprends pas le sens de ces mots.
I asked her: "What guys do you like?"
"Do you like Snakes?" "Of course not."
"Aimes-do les serpents?" "Bien sûr que non."
He says: "Do you like Women?
Do you like Music? "Rocket Man "by Elto nJohn?
Do aimes la chanson d'Elton John, "Rocket Man "?
"Do you like SM?" Maybe: "No, but a few slaps on the bottom won't hurt".
"Aimes-do le sado-masochisme?", on pourrait répondre: "Non, mais j'aime une bonne fessée de temps en temps."
You like this "elderly "war started, but I will end it.
Do as peut-être commencé cette petite guerre gériatrique, mais je vais la finir.
I hope you like "Roman Holiday ".
When you this like, will you "Mouse on a string "love.
Si ça te plaît, do vas adorer la souris au bout du fil.
I hope you like "Soccer "or I think you call it" soccer ".
J'espère que do aimes le soccer, ou je suppose que vous l'appelez "football".
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