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TV movie "I don't want a child from you"

Tilmann P. Gangloff
The whole story seems to be in the title “I don't want a child from you”: Years ago Anna and Philipp agreed not to want children, but now he wants to crown their love with offspring. However, Anna does not want to endanger her career; the end of the relationship seems inevitable. Actress Karin Bühring packs her debut screenplay as a comedy, but in reality the film is, despite the many funny moments, a realistic drama, brilliantly played by Franziska Weisz and Felix Klare.

Photo: Degeto / Frédéric Batier

A deal is a deal. When it comes to children, Anna doesn't understand jokes. It's nice that it is still adorable and that Franziska Weisz is allowed to play it warmly and sexy. The clear figure is still a bit more "feminine".

In the past, mothers warned their unmarried daughters that there was a child in every man that he wanted to attach to them. At that time there was a threat of social ostracism, today the mothers may warn again, at least if the daughters want to pursue a career; and that's what this film with the playful title "I want (not) want a child of yours" is about. The story disguises itself as a comedy, but in the second half at the latest it drops its mask and turns into a drama ... At first, however, everything starts quite harmlessly: Anna (Franziska Weisz) and Philipp (Felix Klare) romp around with a girl Playground; In the foreground, a toy train with the opening credits twitches through the picture very sympathetically. Shortly afterwards it turns out: Little Nele is not the daughter, but Anna's niece. At the beginning of their relationship, the Berlin couple made an agreement not to want children. So far, the two of them have got on well with it: Philipp is an orthopedic surgeon and has a constantly overcrowded practice with his friend Kai, Anna is a successful academic, is working towards her first professorship and, when Philipp tells her, falls out of the clouds a joint For him, child is the crowning glory of their love.

"I want (not) a child from you" is the first screenplay to be filmed by actress Katrin Bühring ("Romeo"), who was awarded the Grimme Prize in 2002; she provided her colleagues with a lot of game material. The story seems to be over after a few minutes: he wants it, she doesn't. A compromise is not possible, especially since Anna has good reasons beyond her career prospects, which men like to put forward in other comedies of this kind: She doesn't want a child who pushes between her “and poops and yells and teeth”. Apart from that, Bühring provides her with a plausible biographical background: Anna had to look after her little sister after the early death of her mother; that has robbed her of her carefree youth - and has an impact.

Photo: Degeto / Frédéric Batier

Jealous of parents. Now, of all times, when Philipp wants a child so badly, his parents Hella (Maren Kroymann) and Ulf (Michael Wittenborn) have joined the "Wish Grandma Initiative", in which grandparents without grandchildren take on the sponsorship of children without grandparents. For Philipp it is another emotional blow. Now his parents have written him off as a father too.

The film is particularly impressive because of its closeness to reality. Not a single figure seems thought-out, the dialogues sound natural, the situations in which Bühring brings the couple are copied from life; and the actors are all excellent. Anna's cast with Franziska Weisz may not come as a surprise at first glance, after all she embodies - for example in “Tatort” alongside Wotan Wilke Möhring, in the ORF series “Janus” or, most recently, in the ZDF thriller “Deadly feelings “- often women who seem cool, aloof and calculating. But Anna is completely different: warm, open, sexy. Her smile alone ensures that this woman shines from within. In the matter, however, Anna remains relentless, especially when she receives a call from the University of Leipzig, although when presented to the inappropriate question about her family planning, she makes a committed plea that the science sector in particular must set a good example. But then an event occurs that confronts you with an existential question.

Soundtrack: The Supremes ("Baby Love"), Maren Kroymann & Jo Roloff Band ("Wishin 'And Hopin"), Benjamin Biolay & Chiara Mastroianni ("Folle De Toi")

Although the film is almost exclusively about the title topic, Bühring cleverly avoided the story turning in circles over and over again. This is ensured not least by the other contributors, because the script surrounds the two main characters with staff whose existence provides them with further food for thought. While Anna's best friend Vanessa (Christina Hecke) - initially - encourages her attitude, Philipp's buddy and colleague Kai (Kai Lentrodt) is a rather daunting example because his marriage has not been going well since he was a father. But he thinks Philip's desire to have children is completely justified, so he gives him the tip to just poke the needle into the condom packaging. He doesn't use the condom, but Anna discovers the manipulation by accident. Director Ingo Rasper uses the perforated condom for a funny watering can picture, but the incident is of course not funny, and now the relationship finally seems to be over, especially since there are alternatives in both lives: Anna learns to appreciate the advantages of being free than she visits a wellness facility with Vanessa. Philipp, on the other hand, met his ex-girlfriend Katharina (Zora Thiessen) by chance, who broke up with him at the time because he didn't want any children. Today she runs a health food store and is the single mother of a five-year-old daughter who lets Philipp ponder whether he is the father. The shared scenes exude a peculiar, almost homely familiarity that goes well with Philip's longing for a family. In real life, Zora Thiessen (“Little Red Riding Hood”) and Felix Klare are married to each other, the couple has four children; no wonder that Klare has a good rapport with the little child actresses.

Photo: Degeto / Frédéric Batier

A drama disguised as a comedy. "If you are the price for a family, then I never want to have children," says Philipp (Felix Klare) to Anna (Franziska Weisz).

Another interesting idea is the role of Philip's grandchildren (Maren Kroymann, Michael Wittenborn), who end this situation with the help of the “Wish Grandma Initiative”: Grandparents without grandchildren take on the sponsorship of children without grandparents. In general, the story impresses with its great complexity, especially since the title "I want (not) a child of yours" already seems to reflect the whole plot. As is so often the case, it is not least the details that show the dedication of the makers, be it the name of the health food store ("Ratz und Rüben"), Anna's T-shirts (at the beginning "lo", at the end "ve"), the position of her feet when she has to make an important decision, or a ladybug that doesn't get lost on her hand by accident. Director Rasper (most recently “Help, we're offline!” And “Visit for Emma”), whose work is always comedies with a serious core (with the exception of the drama “My Brother's Children”), also stands for the claim of the film. . The German made-up word “tragicomedy”, however, does not adequately reflect the special mood of his work: the situations are serious, but not hopeless and therefore not tragic; The English genre name "Dramedy" hits the tone, which is given here not least by Martin Probst's lively music, much better.

Photo: Degeto / Frédéric Batier

Feels good. Philipp (Felix Klare) enjoys family life with his ex-girlfriend Katharina (Zora Thiessen) and her daughter Nele (Greta Schmidt).

Tilmann P. Gangloff has been a freelance television and film critic for daily newspapers and specialist magazines since 1985, has been a regular member of the jury for the Grimme Prize since 1990 and a member of various other television award juries.

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"I (don't) want a child from you"
Degeto / TV film / Dramedy
EA: 17.3.2017, 8.15 p.m. (ARD)
With Franziska Weisz, Felix Klare, Zora Thiessen, Maren Kroymann, Michael Wittenborn, Kai Lentrodt, Christina Hecke, Florian Kleine, Stephanie Lexer
Script: Katrin Bühring
Director: Ingo Rasper
Camera: Sönke Hansen
Production design: Olaf Schiefner
Costume: Heidrun Schwantge
Editor: Nicola Undritz
Music: Martin Probst
Production company: Real Film Berlin
Quota: 3.37 million viewers (10.6% MA)

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