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Silent Night, Holy Night: The most beautiful Christmas carols on CD

Silent night, holy night: the most beautiful Christmas carols

Silent night, holy night: the most beautiful Christmas carols
CD (Compact Disc)

Conventional CD that can be played with all CD players and computer drives, but also with most SACD or multiplayers.

  • Label:Tyrostar
  • Order number:6241646
  • Release date: 21.10.2014
  1. 1 It will be the same dumpa double sextet Velden
  2. 2 Still-still-Friedbert Kerschbaumer (pan flute)
  3. 3 The bells never sound sweeter - Berlin Mozart Choir
  4. 4 But heidschi-bumbeidschi-Wolfgang Lindner Band
  5. 5 Merry Christmas Wilten Boys' Choir
  6. 6 Every year again-Lui Martin (saxophone)
  7. 7 O Jesulein zart-Tölzer boys choir
  8. 8 It is a ros sprung brass band from Bad Bayersoien
  9. 9 O Christmas Tree Vienna Boys' Choir
  10. 10 Come on her shepherds-Wolfgang Lindner Band
  11. 11 Your little children come - Michael Bissinger (zither)
  12. 12 The Snow Vienna Boys' Choir trickles softly
  13. 13 White Winterspracht-Engelbert Aschaber (harp)
  14. 14 Oh you happy West Allgäu singer
  15. 15 Daughter Zion-The Bavarian Brass Quartet
  16. 16 Silent night-holy night / bells-ringing Olympic choir Axams from Tyrol