What is your first condom experience

Playa Case: Would You Use This iPhone Case?


Safer sex doesn't stop at Apple smartphones. After various condom and education apps, there is now the first iPhone case with a compartment specially for "rubbers".

Hand on heart: where do you keep a condom when you are out and about? The most common (honest) answer is likely to be: in your wallet. There the rubber, which protects against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, can survive a certain time undamaged.

Thanks to the Australian startup company Opena, there is also another transport option. Opena is active in the accessories business and last year launched the first iPhone case with an integrated bottle opener. Now it should be a protective cover with an integrated condom compartment. Meaningful name of the product: Playa Case. The case available for the iPhone 4 and 4S is made of protective plastic and releases the hidden condom through a sliding mechanism.

The slogan is: «Protection for you and your iPhone». In the promotional video, a young Australian talks about his first, allegedly embarrassing, condom experience. The contraceptive that was kept in his wallet was discovered by his girlfriend's father on the first date ... That could no longer happen to him with the Playa cover.

The reactions to the new iPhone case are very different. Anyone who plunges into the nightlife with such accessories is sure to go home alone, says the blog “Cult of Mac”. The comments on the promotional video also criticize the fact that the iPhone heats up during operation. This could have a negative effect on the condom. Others want to scratch off the rather large Playa lettering in order to be able to use the cover inconspicuously.

According to information on the company website, the Playa cover, which is to be shipped all over the world, is currently not available. The sales price is according to "Cult of Mac" at 30 US dollars.

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