Could Google ever fail as a company?

6 reasons why your consulting assignment can fail (and how you can avoid it)

5. Avoiding due diligence when hiring a consultant

Just because someone in your network recommends you a consultant doesn't mean you shouldn't do a due diligence before hiring. You should always look around for previous clients who can testify to the credibility of your prospective advisor. Social media have made background checks even easier.

The LinkedIn profile and recommendations of a consultant will give a clearer picture of what their expertise is and what they have achieved so far. And if they have case studies on their website, well, that's a jackpot. You can examine how exactly an advisor has helped a client achieve their goals in the past.

However, if you want to save yourself those extra headaches, the best thing to do is to visit an online counseling marketplace and have a consultant found there. You will carry out the due diligence and the initial discussions yourself - which will save you a lot of time.

6. You expect the advisor to do all of the work

Yes, a consultant will do a lot of work, but not everything. In fact, the quality of a consultant's bottom line depends on the support he has received from everyone throughout his journey. When a consultant and the company work hand in hand and strive for a common goal, the results are spectacular. However, some companies may feel that their only job is to process the consultant's invoice and the rest will take care of itself. But that's not the best attitude to have when bringing in an advisor.

For example, a consultant might recommend that you create a newsletter to keep in touch with existing customers. Then the consultant and your in-house team need to work together to actually create the newsletter, send it out, and monitor the newsletter's performance. It's not that all of the risk rests on the advisor's shoulders. Both the company and the consultant have a shared responsibility to make their engagement successful.


Projects with consultants work and can take your business to the next level. That's why so many companies are hiring them, and it's a well-paying profession. But companies need to be aware of their own role in making the consultant's work as productive as possible. If the right consultants are hired and they get the company's full support, then the chances of the project fail are pretty slim.