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Travel advice for Italy

Go by train

If you buy tickets at the counter, you have to validate them at the yellow machines in front of the platforms. A ticket that has not been validated is not a valid ticket, i.e. a fine will be imposed in the event of an inspection. This does not apply to tickets for the Italian high-speed trains (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca) that you have bought on the TRENITALIA homepage. Occasionally, for tickets purchased on the Internet, you have to print out the ticket from the green TRENITALIA machines BEFORE you start your journey. This is expressly stated on the Internet printout. For this you need the PNR number (you can find this number on the printout from the Internet) and your name. These tickets must then be validated before departure.


You are obliged to take the bill / receipt with you when shopping and in the restaurant. The Italian tax authorities can still control and penalize you after leaving the shop / premises if you cannot show a proof of payment. This measure is intended to ensure that the corresponding VAT is paid.

Football stadium

If you go to a football match, for example in the Italian Serie A or in the European Cup, you must have photo identification with you. Tickets are only issued with the name of the visitor and compared upon admission. In the absence of ID, you may be denied access to the stadium.


It happens again and again that foreign citizens are sentenced to penalties in absentia in the course of judicial criminal proceedings - including imprisonment - and are not informed about it. For example, such judgments can be made in the case of traffic offenses (such as an accident with personal injury). Accommodation establishments in Italy routinely submit the personal data of all guests to the police online. If a person sentenced to a prison term in absentia turns up, the police can arrest them at the hotel and send them to a penal institution to serve their prison term.

This arises from the Italian legal situation, according to which a court judgment served on the appointed lawyer is considered to be legally valid. In police protocols that are issued due to a traffic accident or a possible criminal offense and handed over to the person involved, the name and contact details of the compulsory lawyer are always given. It is therefore absolutely It is necessary to carefully read these protocols (if necessary a professional translation of them) and to contact the compulsory lawyer immediately.

The costs of the compulsory attorney are to be borne by the parties involved. The compulsory attorney can be replaced at any time by an attorney licensed in Italy and trusted by the party concerned.


Skiing in areas closed due to the risk of avalanches is a criminal offense in Italy. If a skier triggers a slab when there is a significant avalanche danger, criminal proceedings can be brought against the perpetrator, even if no one was injured.