Where can I learn psychology

The job market for psychologists offers a wide range of career prospects. For example, they will find their field of work in industrial and organizational psychology, clinical psychology, educational psychology or health psychology.



Study on advancement training

In principle, prospective students without a high school diploma, but with a completed master craftsman's examination, or state-certified technicians and state-certified technical and business economists can start studying in any subject at a university. Graduates of certain advanced training courses of at least 400 hours in the field of nautical science, the craft of health care or social education are also eligible.


All qualifications obtained with the same value are then equated with a general university entrance qualification and open up the possibility of studying at a university - and thus also studying psychology.



Study on professional qualifications

Anyone who has completed relevant vocational training and has at least three years of professional experience can begin a university course. Various other activities can also be counted towards the minimum duration of employment.


In the federal state of Lower Saxony, according to ยง18 NHG, at least three years of professional training and at least three years of professional activity are required for admission to a degree. Applicants gain a university entrance qualification without further examination. For those studying psychology without a high school diploma, training together with at least three years of professional activity entitles them to study.