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Fluffy & pointless: Why Valentine's Day is absolute bullshit

Earlier, when my grandparents were still young, it didn't even exist in this country. Even in the youth of my parents, it was at most a term that you might have heard before. But today, today everyone is suddenly turning the wheel when it approaches, February 14th. VALENTINE'S DAY.
It seems that women in particular expect flowers, gifts or small gifts. You might soberly state that this is overrated and just a marketing gag, but when your colleagues ask what you got on the day of the day or proudly present their bouquets on Instagram with hashtags like #relationshipgoals and # myboyfriendisbetterthanyours, then sometimes you catch yourself getting a little jealous. Or at least thinks: "Damn, I have nothing to show." One or the other has assured the loved one more than once that they do not want anything because it is only about consumption instead of love, only to then to look a little disappointed out of the laundry on Valentine's Day. What can I say: The advertising took full effect, the marketing did a great job and all the “Be-my-Valentine” gifts somehow clouded the brain.
I've always asked myself: WHY THE HELL? Why does someone determine a day when it is good form to tell the other what he is worth to you? And not only to say that, but also to emphasize it with gifts. I think similarly little of Mother's Day, but in my opinion Valentine's Day is the most overrated day of all. Those who love do this all year round and don't have to show that they have affection for someone on the day when the prices double in flower shops and the entire gift economy goes crazy.

I think similarly little of Mother's Day, but in my opinion Valentine's Day is the most overrated day of all.

Everything for me is artificial on Valentine's Day: From the red balloons with "I love you" on them to the long-stemmed baccarat roses in the flower shop around the corner (which are beautiful, but suddenly cost as much as a meal for two at the Edelitaliener) to the specially advertised "romantic Valentine's Day menus" to the broadly grinning partner with the gift in hand - which did not come about out of his own attention, but because he knows that the loved one is simply expecting something. Most of my partners hated Valentine's Day because their exes simply insisted that there be a present and that quality time be on the calendar for two. What a shame when you have to show affection out of pressure - and the other part also feels confirmed and satisfied by it.
Don't get me wrong: I love flowers! Peonies, gerberas, sunflowers, lilies - yes, long-stemmed baccarat roses too. And I do anything for gifts! But I look forward to them all year round and not just on February 14th. Maybe even on February 14th, not because all the rum gifts don't happen of their own accord, but because a number of pink to deep red tinted posters, offer signs and online banners tell you: “Hey, on February 14th. you have to pull yourself up. Buy anything. Simply because you do it. It should be like that! "(Who knows me: In every situation in life the sentence that I hate the most.)
And of course: there are counter-events for the singles! On Valentine's Day you should treat yourself to something because you are alone. You can also go to anti-Valentine's Day dinner, planned to get drunk somewhere with strangers' fellow sufferers - certainly for a few euros more than usual, because the get-together is stamped ANTI-VALENTINE'S DAY. And even if there is an “anti” in front of it, V-Day is also a marketing tool here. Singles are generally put into two drawers. Drawer one: the unhappy singles who need to be comforted because they are frustrated and alone. This is where you meet other singles and maybe find someone who will give you something for next year.

And of course: there are counter-events for the singles!

Or drawer two: The power singles that V-Day think sucks anyway, and certainly not because they are alone, but because they love to be alone and they really like that couple's shit. You can also make money with them: because they celebrate their independence and that Valentine's Day does not interest them, only to have unknowingly fallen into the advertising trap. Come here, we give a shit about the day of the day and really make a splash - have a gin and tonic for 8 euros.
As with Mother's Day, which isn't the only day of the year when you love your mother and think of her, Valentine's Day is a lot of nonsense. I am impressed by men (and women!) Who give their partners a flower on any day of the year. Tell them once more that they are valuable and loved. And I also post a picture on Instagram that says: It's you. You are awesome. #relationshipgoals - not because of the petrol station flowers that you get quickly, but because it is a fact.
By the way, my great friend Bine's birthday is on February 14th and will be a crisp 29th. I have two meetings with a customer in Düsseldorf, a text discussion with a cook and an interview with a sommelier friend. My friend will be there at one or two appointments. I'm happy about that, I'm grateful and happy that it exists. Like every other day of the year. That has 365 of them and not just February 14th.