Why are there no gay rappers

Homophobia in rap : Bass Sultan Hengzt shows gay men - and triggers Shitstorm

It is not often that rappers are praised in ARD's morning magazine. The fact that a hip-hop musician, who is otherwise known for his rough lyrics and statements, is making a statement against homophobia with his new album cover is not either. In this respect, the latest action by the rapper Bass Sultan Hengzt is a novelty in the scene.

On the cover you can see two men who are about to give a sensual kiss. They hold their hands tenderly to the head of the other person, have closed their eyes and their mouths seem to be approaching each other. The fact that a cover with two men in love can attract so much attention shows how rare depictions of homosexuality are in the hip-hop scene. Bass Sultan Hengzt has achieved a coup, a statement that many may have been waiting for a long time. The artist told Tagesspiegel that the cover was intended as a little gag. After the shitstorm, Bass Sultan Hengzt has now decided to publish the cover that way.

When asked what motivated him to take this action, the Berliner replied: "I often read on my Facebook page" Hey, you've become gay "," Gay here, gay there. "I wanted to give the people who write that wipe one out. " Colleague King Orgasmus One ("Mr. Orgasm") also thinks the action is great.

After the album cover made the rounds on Twitter, there was a gay-hostile shit storm among some of the rapper's fans. His fan base had apparently not expected that. "No tolerance for fagots" is one of the more harmless statements. Bass Sultan Hengzt is "rather happy about it" when fans turn away from him with such attitudes and gay comments.

But voices of respect and approval could also be read. For example, the rapper D-Bo wrote: “I'm PRO kissing men cover !!! Rap is far too often homophobic, religiously extremist, racist or otherwise embarrassing !!! ” The musician also receives support from the Green politicians Cem Özdemir and Volker Beck.

"Already lost over 100 likes on Facebook - # is running," writes Bass Sultan Hengzt meanwhile on Twitter. In the morning magazine of the ARD they already raised their thumbs and celebrated the musician as a fighter against homophobia. It looks like the rapper is going to do without the fans who don't want to go along with his path to new openness. As if he wanted to deliberately provoke and make the still widespread homophobia of the German rap scene visible. "I hope I was able to get one or the other rapper to deal with the topic more tolerantly," says Bass Sultan Hengst to the Tagesspiegel. However, he finds the rapper scene "actually very tolerant". "The few black sheep don't spoil the fun of it for me either."

BSH, as Bass Sultan Hengzt calls himself, started with Bushido and King Orgasmus One. The three are not necessarily known for their tolerance. Last but not least, the attention that has now been achieved also means good marketing for the record. “It really works with homophobia,” is one of the musician's comments on the comments. Yes, he not only hit a sore spot - he also promoted the marketing of himself and his music.

The film "The Interview" currently shows a playful approach to the subject of homosexuality. Rapper Eminem, who is otherwise known for his anti-gay lyrics and statements, has a guest appearance in it. On a TV show, he mentions being gay. He says it as if it were completely normal and had simply misinterpreted him and his lyrics for years. In reality, however, the rap scene is far from professing or tolerating homosexuality. When asked whether a gay rapper could establish himself, Bass Sultan Hengzt replied: "If the first gay rapper could also rap well, I could imagine that he would have a steep career ahead of him. I would definitely be excited follow."

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