Dogs know when to fart

The wind of the dogs

Flatulence, also known as flatulence in veterinary medicine, often puts the intimate togetherness between four-legged friend and owner to the test. The escaping dog winds should be a reason to be happy, says Nicole Brodbeck. "Puffing means that the digestive system is healthy and functioning properly." According to the nutrition and dietetics specialist from the nationwide, mobile animal health practice HundKatzeSchmaus, it is quite normal for dogs to fart from time to time. "Digestion is a fermentation process that produces intestinal gases."

However, the amount of farts varies depending on the diet and habituation. In addition, particularly hungry breeds such as Labradors or Beagles or dogs with particularly short snouts such as bulldogs, pugs or boxers swallow a lot of air when they eat. This is then expelled again - by burping or puffing. However, the escaping gases are then less odorous.

Be careful when changing feed
Numerous important bacteria in the intestine are responsible for the smelly flatulence. “During the food processing process, they produce sulfur hydrogen, among other things, which is partly responsible for the more or less strong smelling smells,” explains Brodbeck, giving the all-clear. Even with particularly foul-smelling farts, you don't have to worry about your four-legged friends.

Depending on the food, the air that escapes from the dog's bottom can be very different. According to Brodbeck, the reason for a sudden increase in winds is usually a change in diet. This usually settles within two weeks.

The situation is different with food, which the dog does not tolerate well or not at all: "Especially when the dog is not used to it, types of cabbage, broccoli, celery, cereals and generally high proportions of carbohydrates or fiber lead to flatulence," says Brodbeck . Putrid windfalls are also often a reason for higher gas development. It is precisely the increased sugar contained in overripe fruit that favors the development of those intestinal bacteria that are responsible for severe flatulence. It is best for dog owners to pay attention to the content when choosing food and giving out treats. Instead of chemical cocktails, the nutritionist recommends using dried chicken hearts or a piece of apple as a «gudi».

Flatulence can also be an indication of an illness. However, there is no precise “amount of gas” that is still considered unproblematic. As with humans, there are dogs that tend to gas more quickly than others. "Flatulence can be a sign of food poisoning or food intolerance from spoiled food and waste," says Nicole Brodbeck and warns against consuming chocolate, grapes or birch sugar, which are poisonous for dogs and which are increasingly used in many food products.

Thick air with couch potatoes
Furthermore, milk protein intolerance or the rarely occurring gluten intolerance also lead to incorrect fermentation and flatulence. In addition to Gardien, worms and other intestinal parasites, gastrointestinal diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, problems with the pancreas and tumors with severe flatulence and abdominal pain could also be associated. If these persist and the dog is restless, the vet should be consulted, advises the nutrition expert.

“You don't always have to fear the worst,” says Brodbeck, reassuring dog owners who are pissed off. "What one dog does not mind, the other cannot tolerate and, especially with unfamiliar food, can lead to very severe fermentation errors, flatulence and severe abdominal pain."

Brodbeck recommends eating the most natural possible food with real meat so that the air doesn't get stuck so quickly. "You are what you eat" ultimately also applies to the dog. Of course, the four-legged friend also has to move enough. Couch potatoes in particular are more likely to suffer from flatulence. Dogs usually show that their intestines rumble and pinch by frequently stretching their front paws on the ground and their buttocks in the air. If he also frequently changes his lying position or pushes open, it is better to open a window.