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Royal blue Rolling Stones

SCHALKE OUR turns 50. Who doesn't remember the beginnings in April 1994 - we do. The club just stopped being the scandalous noodle of the league and allowed even bigger disappointments to follow great sporting expectations on a regular basis.

from FC Schalke 04

And the popular cliché - because it was convenient and there were always self-promoters who liked to use this image - could no longer be held up by the stupid and thus arbitrarily manipulable Schalke supporters.

That wasn't just down to SCHALKE OUR, but it was the most coherent alternative. He finally gave a majority standpoint a voice, just as the fan initiative against racism and xenophobia had previously done on another level. It was no accident that the characters involved were identical.

SCHALKE OUR, that's the Rolling Stones in royal blue. Erotic posters, the most beautiful scandals of FC Schalke 04, “Shoot Jiri”: sex, drugs and rock'n roll, satisfaction, jumping jack flash and honky tonk women.

With flashes of inspiration of this kind you have rocked the blue-white consciousness and changed it for years. The high circulation figures were due to the class of the articles and the great need for an imaginative, intelligent and yet constructive discussion of our favorite minor matter.

We can't prove it, but we still claim it: It is not least thanks to the SCHALKE UNSER that our fans have been spoken of with great respect ever since.

The joke of the fanzine was found in the choruses of the north curve - or was it the other way around? No matter. “One nation under a groove”, that was all that mattered. And so the spark jumped from the stands onto the lawn, and sometimes it was the other way around.

We don't know exactly who your Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, who Keith Moon and who Charlie Watts is. But for years you've been acting in a similarly exciting manner. Then Charly Neumann became the Schalke airbag in thick, a comic brought the general uncertainty of the name Ksienzyk to the point. For those who have been given the grace of late birth: It was actually very simple - "Tschintschik".

And you just have to hold issue number six of SCHALKE UNSER in your hands to find out in a sensual way that the doner cup was once called the straw cup. You did not let up later either. The series “The Most Beautiful Schalke Scandals” was such a successful idea that we happily jumped on board when it came to bringing it out as a book.

Of course, not all was peace, joy, pancakes when fanzine and club met. The club had to have the big picture in mind, you just didn't. You can come to different ratings. At this point we throw in the name Andreas Möller and now imagine nods of approval from all sides.

For you at the beginning the worst test of your conscience, for us the game designer with whom we would have become German champions over a false free kick. But otherwise?

Perhaps you would like to boast more reproaches now, but we just can't think of more. And not just because looking back is mild. SCHALKE OUR was always a critical, quick-witted, but also a fair companion of the club. See for example topic arena.

Well, and now you are 50. And like the Rolling Stones are getting a little old, although people still enjoy reading you. Everything becomes routine at some point, things repeat themselves, the youthful momentum of the early years cannot be preserved forever.

The Arctic Monkeys are inevitably the Ultras. “To old to Rock'n Roll, to young to die” - with this we would like to combine the desire to be able to hold at least 50 more issues in our hands even in the age of the Internet.

It doesn't have to be the Stones' late work. Listen to Johnny Cash on the American Recordings produced by Rick Rubin. Good luck for!