Who would win Hal Jordan against Krona?

Spotlight: Atrocitus

Right name: Atros

Aliases: Atrocitus, Red Lantern, formerly the Butcher

Nationality: no; formerly resident of the planet Ryut

Affiliation: Red Lantern Corps formerly Empire of Tears, Five Inversions, New Guardians

Debut: Green Lantern Vol. 4 # 25 (January 2008) by Geoff Johns and Ethan van Sciver

© by DC Comics; Red Lanters Vol. 1 # 0 by Miguel Sepulveda


With blood and anger

Before his time as Atrocitus, he lived as Atros with his wife and son on Ryut in Sector 666. But when the Manhunters attacked the whole sector, the psychologist Atros was one of the five beings that survived this massacre. Driven by hatred of the guardians of the universe, Atrocitus now swore revenge and founded the Empire of Tears with the other survivors, the so-called Five Inversions. During their dark rituals, with which they wanted to destroy the guardians, they discovered the prophecy of the Blackest Night.

But the Empire of Tears had no chance. The Guardians and their Green Lanterns defeated them and imprisoned Atrocitus and his allies on Ysmault. There they were found again by Abin Sur, who was following a crash. Abin Sur heard about the Blackest Night from her and looked for ways to prevent it. Atrocitus took advantage of this and wanted to be brought to earth by Abin Sur. On the way there, Atrocitus manipulated the Green Lantern so that he could break free and mortally wound Abin Sur. While Abin Sur fell, giving the ring to Hal Jordan, Atrocitus escaped to Earth.

The invisible hand

Stranded on earth, Atrocitus searched for the individual who would conjure up the Blackest Night. He found this in William's hand and went on a hunt for him so that he could kill him and bring his interior to Ysmault. But Atrocitus, armed with a staff that could withdraw energy, did not count on the Green Lanterns Sinestro and Hal Jordan and was stopped by Hal. On the way to Oa, Atrocitus begins to influence Sinestro, but his intimidation does not bear fruit and Atrocitus is imprisoned again on Ysmault.

The blood-red corps

Back on Ysmault, Atrocitus came up with a plan. In his anger at Sinestro and his founding of his own corps, Atrocitus killed the other inversions. With their blood he began to forge a red lantern battery and rings to go with it, driven by the wrath of its bearers. As the first Red Lantern, he retained all his intelligence while his army, whose ranks he filled with victims of the terror of the Sinestro Corps, were no more than animal warriors.

Atrocitus then struck during the prisoner transport from Sinestro to Korugar. Together with his corps, he killed the Green Lantern Patrol and several Sinestro Corps members in order to be able to kidnap Sinestro himself. He crucified this on Ysmault on a Red Lantern logo and began to intimidate him to break it. But Sinestro remained steadfast and it was only through consuming the heart of a Sinestro Corps member that Atrocitus found out about Sinestro's weak point: his daughter Soranik Natu. But just as Atrocitus was about to start his offensive, Hal Jordan arrived with the Blue Lanterns Saint Walker and Brother Waarth as well as the Sinestro Corps. After a short battle in which he can even bring Hal Jordan into the Red Lantern Corps, Atrocitus has to accept a defeat on Ysmault by the Blue Lantern Corps and withdraw. This also started Atrocitus' campaign against the Blue Lanterns.

The Prophecy

When some lost Lanterns on Ysmault want to recover Laira's body on Ysmault, Atrocitus attacks them. But when the Black Lantern rings rained down on Ysmault, the leader of the red lanterns had to look elsewhere and flee. After traveling to Okaara and Ryut, Atrocitus allied, albeit reluctantly, with the leaders of the other Lantern Corps and the guards Ganthet and Sayd. In spite of everything, this was only a truce and Atrocitus vowed to continue the murder of the guards should the Blackest Night be averted.

On Earth, Atrocitus was in the midst of the great turmoil of the Blackest Night and, like the other leaders, recruited an ally: Mera. Actually, he also wants to win the Specter, which is ruled by a Black Lantern Ring, for his corps, but after being freed from parallax, Atrocitus does not take Atrocitus for full.

After Nekrons defeat, Atrocitus began searching for the other entities and came into conflict with Hal Jordan and other Corps leaders on several occasions. As it turned out, Atrocitus was more interested in the butcher, which was also found in the USA. But when the butcher wanted to take over Atrocitus, the Specter stepped in and helped the leader of the Red Lantern Corps lock the entity in the red battery. When Atrocitus later met Krona with the New Guardians, he too suffered a bitter defeat.

Wars out of anger

After the disgrace by Krona, the New Guardians went to Ryut to find the entity of greed there. But neither this nor Krona could be found there, only the black book. There the other Lanterns find out that Krona was to blame for the Manhunter massacre at Sector 666, something Atrocitus had known for a long time. The New Guardians were sucked in by the book and only Kyle Rayner was able to free them from their prison. As it turns out in the following fight against Krona, Atrocitus has also made a pact with Guy Gardner and Ganthet, which assures him that if Krona is defeated, he will be allowed to judge him. But the murder of Krona, the Atrocitus wrath promised alleviation, was denied him, since Hal Jordan kills the guardian. Atrocitus, blind with anger, is teleported to Ryut and, as an act of goodwill, receives the corpse of Krona from Ganthet.

Our infernal anger

Without any major changes from the Flashpoint, Atrocitus finds himself as the leader of the Red Lantern Corps. However, he felt that he was about to lose control of the corps. To calm the ranks, he used Krona's blood for a ritual that raised selected Red Lanterns above their status and made them more intelligent again. He chose Bleez as his right-hand man, along with several other members of his corps. This was also necessary, because Atrocitus first being through necromancy showed himself and in the fight against Abysmus those Lanterns were a welcome help.

Atrocitus also came into contact with humans and other lanterns again. So he appointed John Moore as the Red Lantern of Sector 2814 and trained Kyle Rayner in the use of a red lantern ring. He also fought the Third Army and the First Lantern alongside other corps. He also killed a guardian of the universe in a conflict with the first lantern.

Atrocitus later had to vacate his position as leader of the Red Lantern Corps. Because Guy Gardner took over the corps and apparently killed Atrocitus. But he survived the coup and began planning his own coup. Atrocitus took control of his corps again in an extremely bloody manner and also clashed with the new Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.

Skills and powers

Atrocitus, like many of its race, is superhumanly strong, has sharp claws, and has superhuman toughness. It also ages incredibly slowly and is therefore durable. He is also extremely intelligent and manipulative, something that benefited his profession as a psychologist in his life before the Sector 666 massacre.

But Atrocitus was changed by the massacre. He is proficient in blood magic and has great knowledge of shamanic rituals and necromancy. This even went so far that he can find beings and also see into the future. How far Atrocitus' magical knowledge goes can be seen from the fact that he was able to forge a red lantern battery and rings.

Atrocitus also wields one or the first red lantern ring, which is fueled by his anger. Since Atrocitus, unlike many other Red Lanterns, retains his intelligence, he is also able to produce coconuts with a red ring. He can also fly through the ring and survive in a vacuum. The red ring also has some special features. Atrocitus can spit out a red, blood-like and strongly caustic acid that can eat its way through constructs and even destroy Black Lanterns. The red ring also replaces the wearer's blood and heart, so that they can survive fatal wounds.


- In the Flashpoint universe he could kill William Hand and conjure up the Blackest Night; is crucified and imprisoned on Ysmault for it; When he tells Sinestro (still a Green Lantern) about the Flashpoint, Sinestro kills him shortly afterwards

- Playable character in Injustice 2; cameo in Injustice Gods Among Us

- Main antagonist of the Green Lantern animation series; Voiced by Jonathan Adams

- Playable in Lego Batman 3 and Lego DC Super Villains

- The task of Atrocitus and the Red Lantern Corps is carried out by the Specter in Green Lantern VOl. 4 # 61 considered sacred