What does RGS stand for

Good to know what the specialist means


The distance in kilometers between the selected RTK base station and the RTK rover.

Chinese satellite system


European satellite system


GPS is the US American global positioning system using satellites and GLONASS is its Russian counterpart. Receivers like the RGS 325 use both GPS and GLONASS satellites. This increases the reliability of the RTK signal and reduces the risk of signal shadowing.

A standardized method by which RTK correction data is transmitted to rovers over the Internet. The abbreviation stands for Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol.

Japanese satellite system


A vehicle or attachment that can be automatically steered using an RTK-capable GPS receiver.

File format for sending the correction data. The abbreviation stands for Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services 3.

The abbreviation stands for Real-Time Kinematic (in German: real-time kinematics) and describes a process for high-precision position determination using satellites and a reference station.
RTK base station

RTK reference station, which determines the necessary correction data for the rovers registered there and makes it available via mobile radio.

RTK CLUE cluster

Individual RTK base stations are connected to one another via RTK CLUE and together result in a group of reference stations that cover an individual area.