What happened to Monica Lewinsky

5 interviews that went down in history

The Interview from Meghan and Harry with the talk queen Oprah Winfrey this week caused a lot of buzz. Other interviews also turned into scandal. We'll show you 5 of them.

Scandal Interview 1: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

The Lewinsky Affair, also known as the Monicagate after the Watergate Affair, was a political affair in the United States. The protagonists: President Bill Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky. The accusation: Clinton had a secret sexual relationship with her and would deny that and thus lie publicly. Reports on the extramarital affair led to impeachment proceedings being initiated by the American House of Representatives in 1998, which failed in the Senate after 21 days of negotiations. The charges were perjury and evasion of punishment because Clinton testified under oath that he had no sexual relations whatsoever with Lewinsky.

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Scandal Interview 2: Princess Diana talks about her "marriage for three"

This television interview shook the walls of Buckingham Place before: On November 20, 1995 Harry's mother unpacked Lady Diana relentlessly in a BBC interview with journalist Martin Bashir and made headlines around the world. In it she told about her marital war with husband Prince Charles, who had an affair with his current wife Camilla: "There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded."

Scandal Interview 3: Is more of a scandal

Namely by punk rocker Nina Hagen in what was then Club 2. The discussion broadcast on ORF's second television program, which was popular due to its topicality and subject matter, caused a special "excitement" on August 9, 1979. During the live broadcast, Nina Hagen suggested how women could orgasm by directly stimulating their clitoris. The result was weeks of discussion. At 1 hour 30 minutes it gets interesting.

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Scandal Interview 4: The girl group Tic Tac Toe split up in front of the cameras

The press conference on November 21, 1997 was actually planned to demonstrate unity. Instead, millions of viewers were able to watch the German girl group Tic Tac Toe arguing in front of the cameras.

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Scandal Interview 5: Tom Cruise is jumping for love

Tom Cruise ‘Appearing on Oprah Winfrey's talk show is definitely one of the most memorable moments in TV history. Why? Oh well. In the interview on May 23, 2005, instead of simply expressing in words how much he was crazy about his colleague Katie Holmes, the actor apparently can't help but express his joy by jumping around on the talk show host's beautiful beige sofa. On top of that. Finally, he brings his loved one on stage to greet her so warmly that even Oprah turns away, embarrassed at times. The disturbing scenes went around the world and should still be rummaged from the archive today when it comes to the most blatant scandal interviews. Incidentally, the exuberant love did not last. The couple divorced in 2012.

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