What are the clothing sizes for babies

Dress sizes for the little ones

The most important thing when buying baby clothes is first of all knowing the size. Stores usually start at 50, which is the baby's body length in centimeters.

The sizes always grow in steps of 6 and thus continue with 56, 62, 68 etc. up to 186 (even if you can no longer really speak of baby sizes here ;-))

The mandatory and official baby clothing size table

Clothing sizeHeight in cmAge in months
42-46to 46Premature baby
5047 to 500-1
5651 to 561-2
6257 to 623-4
6863 to 685-7
7469 to 748-10
8075 to 8011-15
8681 to 8616-22
9287 to 9223-29
9893 to 9830-38

By the way: Newborns these days are born with an average height of 51cm. 95% of all newborns are in the range between 46 and 56cm. And after a year, your baby will have grown to around 25 to 30cm! The average height of an annual is 71 to 83 cm. So please consider: If your child is not one of the smaller ones, you generally need very little or no clothing in size 50. Big babies can also outgrow 56 in just a few weeks.

No voodoo: Influences on birth size

The size of the birth depends on several factors:

  • Parent size: Tall parents are more likely to have older children, while short parents are more likely to have smaller children
  • Gender of the child: On average, boys are taller and heavier than girls
  • Ranking among siblings: Two and third children are more likely to be taller and heavier than their previously born siblings
  • Time of birth: The later the child is born within the 10 months, the bigger and heavier it is

Dress size = dress size?

When shopping, please also note that the various manufacturers sometimes have very different views of the size of baby clothing. Especially if you buy only a few pieces in the small sizes, why not compare them by holding the different pieces together. Otherwise it can happen that your baby is not in the beautiful romper suit in size 1 right after the birth. 56 fits - since he's actually more like 50.

Warning: The wrong size for baby clothes is not only annoying - it can also mean very real dangers for your child. Read more about it here!