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"Paradox" edition:

Actually I didn't want to do one for this fic, but since there are a lot of guest appearances, here is an overview of the characters for everyone who does not watch all series:

Barry Allen, the Flash, a speedster

Chris Xodar, a mysterious young man with special powers

Central City Residents:

Iris West-Allen, Barry's wife, a reporter, had a traumatic experience with mirrors

Joe West, Police Captain, father of Iris, foster father of Barry

Cecile Horton, lawyer, Joe's life partner, has empathic powers

Frost, meta with ice powers, member of Team Flash, shares a body with Caitlin Snow

Caitlin Snow, doctor, member of Team Flash, friend

Cisco Ramon, Vibe, former hero, always tech support from Team Flash

Allegra Garcia, member of Team Flash, employee of Iris, has light powers

Ralph Dibny, Elongated Man, Barry's teammate

Harrison "Harry" Wells, an Earth-2 scientist

Jesse Wells, Jesse Quick, his daughter, a speedster

Sherloque Wells, Harry's doppelganger from another earth, the greatest detective in the multiverse

Nash Wells, Mythbuster, Harrison Wells doppelganger, member of Team Flash

Jenna West, daughter of Joe and Cecile

Kamilla Hwang, photographer, Cisco's friend, Iris employee

David Singh, Central City Police Chief

Sue Dearborn, Love Interest from Ralph

Leo Snart, Citizen Cold, Leonard Snart's doppelganger from Earth-X

Eobard Thawne, a speedster who took the form of Harrison Wells, Barry's archenemy

Eva McCulloch, Mirror Mistress, mistress of the Mirrorverse, had kidnapped Iris

Nora West-Allen, XS, future daughter of Barry and Iris

Wally West, Kid Flash, a speedster, brother of Iris

Ronnie Raymond, one half of Firestorm, Caitlin's late husband

Eddie Thawne, policeman, ancestor of Eobard Thawne, died a hero

Ramsay Rosso, Bloowork, an enemy of the Flash

Joanie Horton, Cecile's daughter

Savitar, time relic from the future that Iris wanted to kill

Wolfgang Wells, Wells doppelganger from another earth

Jay Garrick, Flash of Earth-3 and scientist, lookalike to Barry's father

Joan Garrick, his wife, lookalike to Barry's mother

Hartley Rathaway, Pied Piper, a frenemie from Team Flash

Carla Tannhauser, doctor, mother of Caitlin Snow (and Frost)

Barry Allen Earth-90, the Flash, an other-earth hero who sacrificed himself, the doppelganger of Barry's father

Barry Allen from Another Earth, now called the Flash, Barry met him during the crisis

Breacher, a friend from the vastness of the multiverse

Hunter Zolomon, Zoom, enemy of the Flash

Clifford DeVoe, Thinker, Enemy of the Flash

Orlin Dwyer, Cicada, enemy of the Flash

Francine West, mother of Iris and Wally

Linda Park, Barry's ex-girlfriend

Patty Spivot, Barry's ex-girlfriend

Tina McGee, a scientist, Barry-90 partners on his world

Current and former residents of Star City:

Oliver Queen, Green Arrow, Specter, a vigilante and hero, dead, presumably

Laurel Lance, Black Canary, late heroine

Laurel Lance Earth-2, Black Siren, Black Canary, ex-villain and sonic heroine from another earth

Laurel Lance Earth-X, Siren-X, evil meta

Dinah Drake, Black Canary, police captain, vigilante and policewoman

Felicity Smoak, Oliver's wife, mother of Mia, hacker

William Clayton, Oliver Queen's son

Mia Smoak, daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, traveled back in time to the present

John Diggle, Spartan, now a Green Lantern, soldier, friend of Oliver Queen

Sara Diggle, John's daughter, one of Barry erased from existence, lives again on Earth Prime

John Diggle Jr, John's son

Lyla Michaels, John Diggle's wife

Thea Queen, Oliver's sister

Damien Darhk, evil magician, father of Nora Darhk

McKenna Hall, Oliver's ex-girlfriend

Shado, Oliver's ex-lover

Malcolm Merlyn, father of Thea, Frenemie from Team Arrow

Slade Wilson, Deathstroke, Frenemie by Oliver Queen

Tommy Merlyn, Oliver's best friend

Quentin Lance, father of Laurel and Sara

Moira Queen, Oliver's and Thea's mother

Current and Past Metropolis and Smallville Residents:

Clark Kent, Superman, a Kryptonian, greatest hero of his respective homeland in almost every universe

Lois Lane, Clarke's wife, famous reporter

Jonathan Kent, son of Clark and Lois

Jordan Kent, son of Clark and Lois

Martha Kent, Clark's adoptive mother

Clark Kent Earth-96, Superman, looks like Ray Palmer but is a Kryptonian

The Legends:

Sara Lance, White Canary, captain of the Waverider, a time ship

Ray Palmer, the Atom, scientist and engineer

Mick Rory, Heatwave, pyromaniac and best-selling author

John Constantine, a magician

Leonard Snart, Captain Cold, founder of the Rogues, former member of the Legends, friend of the Flash, has passed away

Nora Darhk, fairy godmother, wife of Ray Palmer

Ava Sharpe, co-captain of the Waverider, Sara's partner

Charlie, Clotho, shapeshifter and goddess of fate, walks around in Amaya's form

Zari Tarazi, a future influencer, John's girlfriend

Nate Heywood, Steel, historian and superhero

Zari Tomaz, a hacker from the future

Behrad Tarazi, bearer of the wind totem, Zari's brother

Professor Martin Stein, scientist, part of Firestorm, has passed away

Amaya Jiwe, Vixen, heroine from the past

Astra Logue, Constantine's goddaughter, grew up in hell

Gary Green, Constantine's apprentice

Rip Hunter, former Time Master who founded the Legends

Jefferson Jackson, second half of Firestorm after Ronnie's death

Kendra Saunders, Hawgirl, heroine

Carter Hall, Hawkman, hero

Gideon, the A.I. the waverider

Current and Past National City Residents:

Kara Danvers, Supergirl, Kryptonian, reporter and heroine

Alex Danvers, soldier and doctor, Kara's sister sister, a heroine

J’onn J’onzz, Martian Manhunter, green Martian, a hero, friend of Supergirl

Nia Nal, Dreamer, a heroine

Querl Dox, Brainiac-5, alien DEO agent and hero from the future

Lex Luthor, scientist, enemy of Superman and Supergirl

Lena Luthor, his sister, scientist

Lillian Luthor, mother of Lex, evil scientist

M’gann M’orzz, Miss Martian, white Martian, J’onn's mate

Malefic J’onzz, J’onn's brother, lives on Mars

Kelly Olsen, psychologist, Alex's life partner

William Dey, reporter, partner with Kara

Ruby Arias, young girl with a special connection to Alex

Sam Arias, her mother, shared a body with the world killer Reign

Reign, a world killer

Mon-El, Daxamit, hero, Kara's ex-boyfriend

Maggie Sawyer, cop, Alex's ex-girlfriend

Lura, a half-Kryptonian, half-Daxamite child

Kathy, an adopted child

Freeland residents:

Jefferson Pierce, Black Lightning, a hero

Anissa Pierce, Thunder, Jefferson's daughter

Jennifer Pierce, Lightning, Jefferson's second daughter

Lynn Stewart, Jefferson's wife

Peter Gambi, Jefferson's foster father

Tobias Whale, murderer of Jefferson's father, Black Lightning's archenemy

Current and former Gotham residents:

Kate Kane, Batwoman, a heroine

Mary Hamilton, Doctor, Kate's stepsister

Luke Fox, Batwoman Tech Support

Alice, Beth Kane, Kate's twin sister and archenemy

Beth Kane, Alice's doppelganger from another earth

Jacob Kane, Kates and Beth's father, Mary's stepfather

Sophie Moore, Kate's ex-girlfriend

Bruce Wayne, Batman, Kate's cousin, first vigilante

Tommy Elliott, Hush, an enemy of Batwoman who stole Bruce's face

Julia Pennyworth, Sophie's current girlfriend, Kate's ex-girlfriend

Regan, Kate's ex-girlfriend

Magpie, enemy of Batwoman and sister of Regan

Jonathan Crane, Scarecrow, developed the fear toxin

The Joker, a crazy clown

Harleen Quinzel, Harly Quinn, Joker Fan-Girl

Renee Montoya, a police officer


Mar Novu, the monitor, a godlike being

Mobius, the anti-monitor, a god-like being who destroyed the multiverse

Astropos, goddess of fate

Lachesis, goddess of fate, resided in hell for some time

Ryan Choi, a scientist