A bayou is a swamp

New Orleans swamp tours - explore the home of the crocodiles

Many visitors spend their days in New Orleans mainly in the French Quarter, but there are also fascinating sights in the surrounding area. The huge Mississippi Delta consists of countless canals and so-called bayous, natural lagoons and river arms. These are the habitat of many animal species that are not expected to be near a big city.

Through the Mississippi Delta in Cajun style

An 8,000-acre area west of New Orleans was designated Jean Lafitte National Historical Park to protect the endangered swamp and the rich flora and fauna. The on-site agency offers 1.5-hour tours through the quiet bayous, on which specially trained guides explain all the peculiarities of nature. In addition to many species of birds, such as cranes and pelicans, the focus here is on reptiles: The national park is home to poisonous and non-poisonous species as well as alligators up to 4 meters long.

You can choose between gently gliding swamp boats or fast airboats. All vehicles are regularly certified by the Coast Guard.

The tours are optionally available including hotel pick-up and take place all year round. In the milder winter months, however, other animal species can usually be observed than in the warm and humid rest of the year.

An excursion with Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours

Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours always offers great airboat tours through the swamps. The excursions are an inexpensive and family-friendly experience. The captains of the tours know the bayous like the back of their hand. They spot exotic animals in the thicket and amaze their guests with interesting facts about the various reptiles.

With Fairflight to New Orleans

On our combination tour New York and New Orleans you can first explore the urban jungle of Manhattan and then the wilderness of Louisiana on swamp tours.