Who made money in their sleep?

This streamer makes a living sleeping

Panagiotis Kolokythas

One man streams his sleep activity live on the internet and millions of people are watching. And he earns money with it ...

EnlargeThis streamer makes his living sleeping ...

Earning money in your sleep is not possible? It works, as a Chinese has now (again) proven. According to the Chinese media, the man called Yuan San made the best of the situation in an emergency. Due to the corona virus, he was forced to stay in his apartment. He came up with the idea of ​​filming himself while sleeping and streaming the video live on the web. With the action he wanted to check whether he was snoring. With a simple method: the live viewers should tell him in the chat whether they heard snoring noises while he was sleeping. The next morning he wanted to check the chat history to see if he was snoring or not.

No sooner said than done: on February 9, he broadcast his sleep live on the Internet. The stream lasted a total of five hours. But when he woke up, the man was really surprised. During the five hours, about 540,000 people had watched him sleep. And then the wave really started.

The word got around that someone is streaming their sleep live. The second live stream then lasted 12 hours, during which nothing spectacular actually happened. The man got up every now and then, went to the bathroom, read the comments, and fell asleep again. The reward for the "work": Over 18.5 million viewers followed the stream during the entire time.

The whole thing also turned out to be financially lucrative: During his sleep streams, the man has so far received around 75,000 Chinese yuan in donations, which corresponds to an amount of around 9,800 euros. However, this is a virtual currency on the platform in question, but it can be converted into a real currency. After all, that's the equivalent of around 3,700 euros.

The Chinese report also shows - thanks to Google Translator - that the man has already been active on the streaming platform with short videos in the past, but was apparently not particularly successful. He is now much more successful with his sleep streams. And there is certainly much less work involved in creating the streams.