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The megatrends

How do megatrends arise?

Megatrends “arise” less, rather it is about the observation of long-term developments with great relevance for all areas of economy and society, which can be “extended” into the future with high reliability. Megatrends are therefore not invented or proclaimed, they are the concentrated result of the systematic observation, description and rating newer Developments in the economy and society. Analyzing trends always also means identifying their effects at an early stage - on Industry sectors, Companies and Markets, but ultimately also on each and every one individual.

The systematic identification and evaluation of trends is only possible via different methodological approaches. In the beginning, new things can often only be found in the form of qualitative observations and the interpretation of so-called Weak signals recognize: weak signals, the pattern of which must be interpreted in a meaningful and plausible manner Real trends arise when ...

  • ... yourself social, economic or technicalPhenomena or Innovations from societal marginal areas or Niches out into the social center move in.
  • ... new phenomena get a higher relevance and small ones Avant-garde develop the potential mainstream to change - in Life forms or Family models, in the Media usage, in the Consumer behavior, in the Working world, at technological applications or in individual industries.

It is often difficult to give a clear answer to exactly where trends originate. In many cases, however, they develop out of several similar and simultaneous phenomena that reinforce each other. Megatrends can be seen all over the world, with different characteristics. However, it would be a fallacy to believe that progress always start in the western world and economic change first and foremost in the industrialized countries. Is it about Innovations For cashless payments by mobile phone, a few years ago it was worth taking a look at African countries such as Kenya. If you want to know what trends are taking place in the area of ​​urbanization, you have to look at developments in Asian megacities. And with regard to e-mobility, it should Tesla be the company with the greatest pioneering spirit and the greatest impact, but the real breakthrough in electromobility has long been taking place in China.