How important is CSS validation

CSS validation, barrier-free & all-round check

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

In addition to checking the (X) HTML code, it should also be ensured that the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) of a website are in order. Unsurprisingly, there are online tools for quick checks for this too.

CSS Validation Service of the W3C

Here, of course, the W3C service mentioned above must first be pointed out. With the CSS validator, you can specify which CSS standard is to be used for checking. The CSS Validator can also be downloaded and installed on the computer for stationary testing. You can then use this tool as a servlet tool or as a command line tool, provided the necessary system requirements are met.

A kind of All-round check for websites offers Qualidator. This online tool checks the first five pages of a website for free. That's enough to get a first impression. It not only checks whether the code is valid, but also the usability, accessibility, SEO suitability and the technical quality of the page. Only registered members receive the full scope of analysis. The user is shown an overall summary and can then call up detailed information on various individual aspects.

Barrier-free websites

Accessible web design means designing websites in such a way that everyone can use them - including people with disabilities. Increasingly, the legislature is even making it a requirement for official websites that they are designed to be handicapped accessible. The EU also supports this project. There are a few web tools that you can use to check whether a website is accessible: wave is an example of this.