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If you hear Finnish for the first time, you will probably not understand a single word, because there are almost no similarities with the German language. Learn more about the languages ​​spoken in Finland and memorize some of the most useful words for your trip.

The Finnish language

Finnish is spoken by around 92% of the population and, like Swedish, is an official language in Finland. Finnish belongs to the Finno-Ugric language family, to which Hungarian also belongs. Nevertheless, representatives of both countries cannot understand each other, as is supposedly assumed. However, it has similarities with Estonian. There are two main dialects in the country, Eastern Finnish and Western Finnish. In addition, Sami, the language of the Sami, is spoken in Lapland.

The Finnish language has a total of 15 cases and is extremely rich in vowels, making it difficult to learn. In addition, there is no grammatical gender, as is usual for Indo-European languages. In linguistic usage, a clear distinction is made between formal written language and colloquial language, which is used almost exclusively in conversations.

Little Finnish language studies

Good afternoon - Päivää

Good morning - Hyvää huomenta

Goodbye - Näkemiin

Bye - Hei Hei / Moi moi / Moikka / Heippa / Morjens / Moro

Sorry - Anteeksi ...

How much does it cost ...? - Paljonko maksaa ...?

left / right / straight ahead - vasen / oikea / suoraan

Thanks! - Kiitos

Many Thanks! - Kiitos paljon / Kiitoksia paljon / Paljon kiitoksia

Here you go! - Olkaa hyvä (when it is used)

Please (ask for something) - ..., kiitos