How does Kroger Clicklist work

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I only worked 4 hours a day because I was in high school from my first day there everyone was very nice and made me feel welcomed but unfortunately because of medical problems I was let go but I do recommend this job for anyone that is in high school and is looking to make a quick buck.
We worked at night, and we worked hard to get the trucks put up, I had one side of the store by my self, but got the job done, and help the other associate if he or she needs help.
I worked as a courtesy clerk the responsibly was to handle basket outside whether it was summer, rain, sleet or fall and bagging customer groceries. Proving customer with the best customer service and always being very friendly. You were also in rotate with the next person it was also two or more people as a courtesy clerk everyday and when that was done you had to help the employees take left out items to there rightful aisles. The location that I worked at there were a lot of people who wasn't getting treated fare.
I worked part-time as a cashier at Kroger when I was in college. It was a very consistent job, and I enjoyed the duties that I had to perform. However, I found that it was too fast-paced for my liking and I had to move out-of-state for school. They did, however, offer to keep me on when I came back for holidays.
Kroger is trying to stay proactive in keeping relevance in the new digital environment. In order to invest in this future, policies were placed that significantly reduced cooperate headcount without any reduction to work that needed done. In time this investment will pay off, but for the time being, it is increasingly more difficult and stressful in the cooperate offices. This has led to significant turnover, which further complicates the already stressful work levels.
I enjoyed being a cashier. Everyone got along with each other. It was like family, some days you’ll have a rude customer and some days it’ll go by quick.
This job was good for my first job, but as opportunities grow, the outlook for this job was somewhat bleak. If you are starting out, this job is great for you.
To much internal issues among workers. Management does a poor job of being in touch with the union for various issues. There is no way to come to work and just work you are pushed into being in some sort of social click among workers and managers and can't just go to work and enjoy it. You are deemed worse if you do not choose to align yourself with whatever groupings the store might have. Also they prey on people who like to work and constantly make them pick up the slack for lazier associates.
I loved working with my fellow employees also enjoyed doing my job and enjoyed having communication with the customers and my co-workers. So working.