How do hazelnuts taste

Hazelnut - and the truth about "real" nuts

The Hazelnut can rightly be called a "real" nut, because not everything we call a "nut" is really one. As real nut you have to be a nut and have three lignified layers. Actually meet this criterion in this country only the hazelnut and the chestnut (Sweet chestnut). Walnuts, almonds and coconuts, on the other hand, are stone fruits, Peanuts and Brazil nuts are considered capsule fruits.
The hazelnut is the fruit of the hazel bush. If you don't get your nuts from your garden at home, you can fall back on imported goods from Turkey, other Mediterranean countries and the USA. The ones from the south "Lambert nuts" are compared to the ones at home here "Cell nuts" softer and sweeter in taste, but the taste of the hazelnut is felt to be somewhat "coarse" and sometimes bitter.
You can buy the nuts all year round, but of course, like their "colleagues", they are used a little more at Christmas time. Hazelnuts can be bought shelled or peeled, chopped, sliced, and ground. When buying the whole fruit, one should look for discoloration, wormholes and mold and, if possible, sort these specimens out immediately. Mold in nuts in particular is very harmful to health and can happen very quickly with those from the plastic bag. (See article on nuts on LO) It is good if you can buy the nuts loose or in a bag. Already peeled should be used within a month - stored in an airy, cool and dry place, because otherwise the fat will break down very quickly and they will go rancid. (If you don't smell it beforehand, you will notice it by its taste at the latest. :-)). They can be kept for about three quarters of a year with their skins if stored in a cool and dry place.
The age of a hazelnut is also very easy to find out. The skin should have a warm shade of brown, look "tight" and smooth and the inside should be white. For example, if this is yellow, the nut has been over time If the nut is still "wrapped up" just shake it: you can hear the nut rattling and it is already dry. These old nuts aren't necessarily bad, but they taste more bitter and sometimes they just taste "musty".
Anyone who has young and fresh hazelnuts in the house should know that they are very high-calorie nut and should be eaten in moderation. Still she is rich in B vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytosterols and unsaturated fatty acids, and is therefore healthy for the entire cardiovascular system.
The hazelnut can be consumed in many ways. Gladly taken as Nibbling fun (e.g. in Trail mix), in Fruit salads it does particularly well, of course in all of them Bakery products, to spicy salads and in patties.
When buying nuts from the bag, always make sure that they look fresh. If you want to be on the safe side, buy it fresh with the shell and make the effort to crack it and, if necessary, to roast it briefly in the oven (at approx. 200 ° C) so that you can rub the skin between your fingers better. The hazelnut, like almonds and co., Tastes even more intense if it has been roasted before processing.
For my part, I have to slow myself down with hazelnuts, because unfortunately they solve small ones in my fresh stage allergic reaction off, "overcooked" or "baked" they no longer cause me problems. A Nut allergy, especially with hazelnutsis nothing unusual. Many people suffer from one here Cross allergy between hazelnut and birch.
If you don't have any problems with nuts, you should definitely include the hazelnut in your menu again.

And finally, thank you to the squirrels. At this point I would like to thank the cute little animals from the bottom of my heart for ensuring that we are allowed to pick nuts every year and that in places where we have not even planted a nut tree. Thanks to the "forgetful" creatures, the hazelnut grows in some places where it was not necessarily planned or suspected. :-)


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