What's the name of Sugas Studio

28-year-old BTS member Suga, whose real name is Min Yoon-gi, admits that his parents weren't happy with his career choice - especially not that he wanted to rap. And that, although a job in the music business in South Korea is very structured and as a musician you can be more successful than ever.

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South Korea and K-Pop: Bitter poverty and hard-won prosperity

A job there, for example as a K-Pop star, is associated with a merciless education and long-term contracts with labels and studios. And that's for around 20 years, if you look at the history of K-Pop: Around shortly after the turn of the millennium, the first Chinese youth were infected by the K-Pop virus, followed a little later by the countries of Southeast Asia.

They could identify well with the success story of South Korea: a country that has fought hard for its prosperity after experiencing bitter poverty. Above all, however, South Korea's boy and girl groups became the best-styled on the continent, their videos were creative and the sophisticated image of the clean man was compatible with advertising contracts of all kinds.

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Suga: "I had something to prove"

So the job as a musician in South Korea is definitely tough and demanding, but the job is very well recognized. Suga's parents weren't happy at first. And that was mainly due to the fact that he not only wanted to sing and dance, but also rap, as he recently told the American ROLLING STONE in an interview.

Suga celebrated hip hop and rap before he started his K-pop career, but his parents didn't. "You didn't understand rap music," Suga said in an interview. “So it's only natural that they were against what I did. I think that motivated me to work even harder because I had something to prove. "

Min Yoon-gi uses his stage name Suga at BTS. If he raps alone, he publishes his music under the synonym Agust D. Here is one of his successful videos (almost 233 million views):

BTS in the fast lane

The K-Pop superstars BTS recently set a world record with their English-language hit “Dynamite”, as the clip for the single achieved the “most simultaneous viewers for a music video on YouTube Premieres”. With the album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 they have secured the title of the best-selling album in 2020. They also recently topped the "Global Album All Format Chart" of the "International Federation of the Phonographic Industry". On March 14, 2021, despite being nominated, BTS did not win a Grammy, but won another music award: at the 35th Golden Disk Awards in Japan, they won a total of eight awards. In doing so, they set a new record for foreign artists.