What are the important apps for Android

The best Android apps

Thousands of apps for the Android operating system are available in the Google Play Store, many of them free of charge. The search for the best Android apps can, however, be quite time-consuming, because categories and areas of application are a dime a dozen. So where do you start? And which Android apps shouldn't be missing on your devices? We'll tell you.

The best video and photo editing apps

If you want to create unique pictures and videos with your smartphone, you should definitely get a decent editor. The best four image editors that we can recommend can all be installed on your Android devices for free.

If you like to shoot videos, you of course also need an app that provides you with the necessary tools such as cutting, trimming, special effects or background music. So you can perfect your films for YouTube, Tiktok and other platforms. The Android apps are very popular for this purpose InShot and PowerDirector.

The best news and weather apps

With just a few clicks you always know what is happening in the world. There are a number of tried and tested news aggregator apps that inform you about current events around the globe from thousands of sources (magazines, publishers, online magazines, TV stations, etc.). Each of them can be personalized according to your thematic preferences so that you only get messages that really interest you. The app is already on many Samsung smartphones Flipboard preinstalled, with which you can "flip" comfortably through the articles. However, we can do you too Bundle news and News Republic recommend. The Squid app stands out a bit, but not only because of its lovable mascot and name-bearer, an octopus. It also convinces with a colorful, unusual design and the possibility of embellishing screenshots of news articles with drawings and stickers according to old Snapchat fashion in order to share them with others. You can find more information about the apps listed under our blog article The best news apps.

While we're on the news, the weather will come right after. Let's put it this way: the more grids a weather model uses for a country, the more reliable the forecast - of course, exceptions included. The results of many American weather apps are correspondingly fluctuating because they divide Germany into too few grids / areas and therefore cannot take local peculiarities into account. However, with the following four weather apps you are perfectly equipped to plan your next weekends. With the RainRadar you will be specially informed about upcoming precipitation and can also follow it live on the map. More details on the apps presented can be found in our blog article The best weather apps for Android and iOS.

The best internet browser

Tired of Firefox or Chrome? That doesn't have to be the case either, because there are plenty of alternatives with which you can surf the Internet safely and comfortably. Above all, he is known and valued here Browser DuckDuckGo for its high level of data protection. It guarantees you anonymity, encrypts your data and blocks annoying ad trackers so that you can browse the web without worries.

If you want to surf the Internet safely and at the same time do something for the environment, you should definitely take a look Ecosia browser look at. Because it uses the profits from search ads on the web to fund reforestation programs around the world. In plain language this means: You surf the Internet and Ecosia is planting trees for it.

The best apps for office and productivity

Managing appointments, sorting files, editing documents - the smartphone can also be used perfectly for typical office tasks. First of all, we want to introduce you to the best Android apps for organizational purposes, such as the app Time tracking (the name says it all) or the highly functional one Business calendar 2, with which you will never miss an important appointment again. Cloud storage like Google Drive or office software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint from Microsoft Office are of course also included.

But what use is the best office app if you have trouble concentrating? Far too often we distract ourselves with unnecessary things or lose our focus for other reasons. For more efficiency and undisturbed work, we therefore recommend three very special apps that will get you back on track. The app Focus to-do helps with task management and supports you with the timer function with time recording and with controlled breaks. With Forest If you plant a tree seed and have to let it grow into a tree, which is only possible if the app remains open - distraction is not allowed. If you want it a little stricter, you should do it once AppBlock look at. This app blocks other apps or the internet so that you are not even tempted.

Finally, there are the best note-taking apps at hand, with which you can no longer forget a thought. Microsoft OneNote is especially suitable for everyone who works with Microsoft Office 365 and can therefore synchronize their notes online on all devices. A corresponding counterpart is Google notes. But also Evernote and ColorNote offer a lot of advantages that we don't want to withhold from you.

The best messenger and email apps

The main function of every smartphone is and remains communication, which is why you should consider which messenger you want to use for exchange. We do not want to list the classics from Facebook - Messenger and WhatsApp - here because everyone should be familiar with them. Instead, we would like to show you three alternatives that are far more sensitive to your data. The apps Telegram and signal are free and are now very common, so you will likely find many of your contacts there. Threema is the only paid messenger, but don't let that put you off: It is considered one of the most secure messengers on the current market and is to be recommended with the best of conscience.

Another area of ‚Äč‚Äčcommunication is email. If you only have a single email provider, you usually use their own app. But if you use many different e-mail addresses or aliases, you can set up all of them on a single app and call them up separately with just a few clicks. The email apps available for this are unfortunately not always kept intuitive or clear. But don't worry, with the following four candidates you get the best apps for smooth and convenient email communication.

The best tools and gadgets

Keyboards, tools and many other device tools await you in this category. The two most popular Android keyboard apps are SwiftKey and Gboard, which also have different designs. To equip your devices with cool gadgets such as compass, barcode scanner or scientific calculator, we can use the app Tools calculator recommend, which comes up with several tools. Last should also be a voice recorder not missing in order to be able to capture important recordings quickly and spontaneously.

When it comes to analyzing and optimizing your devices, we have four very good apps in our repertoire. In the end, they all do the same job: they clean up the operating system, free up storage space, extend battery life, or clean up other apps and documents. Anyone who uses their smartphone frequently and extensively will appreciate the use of a good device cleaner.

And since we're on the subject of devices: How about a special launcher? After all, you don't have to be satisfied with what is delivered from the factory. Definitely take a look at the following three recommendations and give your device new functions and a distinctive design!

The best lifestyle and travel apps

There is a diverse hodgepodge of useful and entertaining lifestyle apps in this section. The app Fabulous is a kind of personal coach with whom you can work effectively on your habits and goals without having to throw in the towel after two days. With the ZEDGE app you can get sensational background images and ring tones for your devices and you can even set which tone sounds for which contact. A very practical app for everyday shopping is CodeCheck. This allows all barcodes and EAN numbers on food and cosmetic packaging to be scanned in order to find out more about the good and bad ingredients of the respective product (e.g. microplastics, healthier alternatives, vegan or lactose-free, etc.).

Two other recommended apps in the media area are ReadEra and VLC for Android. ReadEra is a top e-book reader to read books in myriad formats for free. Why we mention this app: Not only does it offer many functions and settings, but it also works without advertising and registrations. To play audio and video formats, you should use the VLC Player for Android to fetch.

Always on the go or ready for the next vacation? Finally, we have a small selection of great apps for traveling and navigating. The app MapFactor Navigator chooses itself as the "highest rated free offline navigation app on Google Play" and brings you reliably to your destination without detours. The navigation app is just as popular HERE WeGo. If you've chosen a more distant destination and are feverishly thinking about how to best plan your trip, the app will help you TripIt help. With this travel organization app you can create detailed travel plans in order to record all important bookings and appointments at a glance.