What does white heart mean

What does a white heart emoji mean? Meaning, explanation

The white heart emoji stands for romantic love as well as for desire and longing. On the other hand, it can express sadness and should give comfort. In this sense, it signals willingness to help and support. The white heart mostly gains its concrete meaning from the combination with other emojis.

What does a white heart emoji mean? Meaning, explanation

If the white heart is connected with a kiss smiley or a red heart, it stands for love, passion or friendly affection. Combined with a chocolate bar, it shows the desire or longing for white chocolate. The association of the white heart emoji with a snowman is an allusion to the winter season. If a Santa Claus follows the white heart, a Christmas greeting will be sent.

The white heart emoji is also known as the “clear heart”, “heart of purity” or “winter heart”.

The importance of the color white

In western cultures, the color white stands for purity, cleanliness, enlightenment, innocence and peace. So z. B. hoisted the white flag to stop fighting and initiate peace negotiations. The dove of peace is also white. Anyone who has not let themselves get into debt has a clean slate. A bride wears white at her wedding if she goes into marriage innocently. Last but not least, the work clothes of doctors and medical staff are white in order to inspire confidence in their purity in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

White is a contrasting color. It can dazzle or illuminate. It can make a place appear structured and orderly, but also sterile and empty. White is associated with light and brightness as well as with distance and cold.

In Far Eastern cultures, but also in Africa, white is the color of mourning and death. White is therefore worn at funerals. Assistance, consolation and willingness to help are central in this context.

Looking at nature, white is often associated with snow, clouds or a spray. White flowers have a particularly strong smell. There are numerous white, graceful animals. The white dove also has a biblical meaning. It refers to holiness.

In addition, white stands for a new beginning. As a color that physically bundles all other colors in itself, white can signal equality. Equality, meanwhile, is associated with justice and neutrality. Another meaning of the color white as the totality of all colors is perfection and thus also the good or right.

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