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"And deliver us from all evil" # 71 : The bodyguard picks up the bottle

What happened until now: The investigator and freyp killer Zartmann spent a night with the police reporter. Its cover has not been exposed. Their tailors have been discovered.

The political thriller "And deliver us from all evil" will appear online as a serial in the Tagesspiegel in 100 parts until the 2017 federal election. Here episode 71 from August 25th.

While they were unloading the luggage from their rental car, three men were asked to stand aside by some plainclothes gentlemen, which was hardly noticeable in the airport parking lot. None of the officers took notice of their protests that they would miss their plane and what they were actually being accused of. Retin had placed the three of them in different rooms for interrogation when Zartmann arrived at the EUROPOL building. Alain looked at him briefly under his rimless glasses and then grinned a bit dirty: "The gentleman looks tired but good. How freshly screwed. Can that be?" Then noticed from the expression on his friend's face that he had probably gone too far: "Sorry, I couldn't have guessed that it was more than ..." Lionel just waved off unwillingly: "And? Are you guys talking? Who sent you ? Why did they follow me? "

"Above all, they all speak German. They obviously weren't following you, but this woman. I thought that we both might still be interested, and that's why I kept her here. The fact that they were in front of your house is pure coincidence. Would be the lady stayed in the hotel or if she had stayed somewhere else, she would have waited there. You would never have noticed anything. Oh, I understand, now I understand, she is, sorry, I meant, well. " He raised both hands helplessly in the air, but Zartmann no longer saw that at all. He went to the door and instructed the waiting uniformed policeman to bring all three arrested persons to his office immediately. In handcuffs, mind you.

When they were led in, he was sitting bolt upright at his desk and briefly introduced himself: "I'm Detective Director Lionel Zartmann. But I don't have to tell you that. You had enough time to find out when you were observing my apartment last night. You already know my colleague Alain Retin. I have just told the judge on duty that I suspect you of preparing an attack on me. I don't know who your employer is, but we will find out. "

The oldest of Mulder's bodyguards was the first to pull himself together. All three were pale, and there was no longer any trace of their self-assured arrogance: "I want to speak to a lawyer," he demanded with a hint of resistance. "You have a right, of course, but ..." Zartmann replied businesslike and ostentatiously closed a file that was in front of him, although it had nothing to do with the three arrested persons, "but we have a weekend ahead of us. Unfortunately, you are ahead of us No lawyer can be reached on Monday. Our cells are not as bad as I can assure you, and the food is better than in Germany. " He half rose to show that this was the end of the conversation on his part.

"Come on, tell him who sent us," shouted the youngest of the three men, "I don't feel like sticking my head out for this shit and going to jail." When the person addressed did not move, he turned to Zartmann: "We belong to the party's security department National alternative in Germany. Its chairman was shot dead in Hamburg last week, you probably know that. Our boss suspected, no, suspected that a reporter was somehow involved in the story. That's why he asked us to keep an eye on them. And she flew to The Hague, that's why we're here too. We didn't do more. We are not gangsters. We didn't even know who you were until now. We weren't watching you, we were watching the house where this woman was staying. We have nothing to do with the mafia. Nothing."

He uttered the last word almost pleadingly.

Zartmann believed him, but didn’t show anything: "That sounds very adventurous, but we will check it out as soon as possible. Until then, you will stay our guests. What is the name of your boss and where can we contact him?" Then gave the policeman a sign to lead all three away: "In separate cells, we don't want the gentlemen to get on each other's nerves," he added cynically and then waited until he was alone with Alain: "And ? "

"They have no idea about you, about us, that's for sure. Otherwise they wouldn't be so scared. Their story is probably true. We didn't find any weapons, nor are they recorded in our computer. Seem to be clean, though a bit stupid too. But you should still call your colleague in Hamburg, maybe she knows more by now. " While Zartmann was dialing Susanne Hornstein's number, Retin thoughtfully took off his glasses and then suddenly wrote something on a piece of paper. He ignored Zartmann's questioning look. "Busy," said the impatiently, "you look like you've just thought of something. Right?"

Retin tore the paper from the pad, crumpled it up and made many snippets of it: "Listen up." And he developed a strategy for his friend that had just occurred to him. Lionel nodded again and again and in the end he was beaming almost like a few hours before, but for completely different, more obvious reasons. Then he dialed again. And this time the callsign came.

"Zartmann again. The three men we have just arrested are from Hamburg and indirectly have something to do with you. They belong to the party National alternative. The three here say that their boss, a man named Karl Mulder, instructed them to observe this reporter, Andrea Hofwieser, "and he grinned at Retin, who clapped him noiselessly," and to tell him who she met. For example, she hit me and that's why I noticed her. They supposedly don't know more, but it smells a lot like that they want to investigate on their own and find the killer of their boss. Well, we'll have to release them if that Mulder confirms the story. Or should we hold onto her until Monday? Well, we're waiting for your call. No cause, of course. Oh, this reporter, this Ms. Hofwieser. In my impression unsuspicious. Asked normal questions, nothing unusual. I'm sorry. Did you have any specific suspicions? Aha, yes, as I said, nothing special. Is now back on the flight to Hamburg. Well, I await your call back. Right, here in the office. "

"Oh, nothing special? Nothing unusual?" Said Alain Retin, rubbing his hair, "only asked the normal questions? And you gave the normal answers? A whole night long question answer question answer?"

Again, his friend did not respond to the ambiguous remarks, which Retin was surprised because Lionel would normally have immediately countered his, Alain's affairs. Since both were unmarried and did not intend to change this, they had no great secrets from each other and also did not have to pretend to be wives. Sometimes in front of husbands though. Retin switched off immediately and was serious, business so to speak: "Remember to plant the Schwarzkoff idea in her when she gets back to you."

Susanne Hornstein asked Georg Krucht to call Mulder. Naturally she said "Herr Krucht" to him and he just as naturally said "Frau Hornstein", which made her sigh barely audibly and improved her mood. Thank you, dear God, lucky again, she said. Like when I was a young girl. It was all about grades in math and physics, two subjects she hated, and not a nightly misunderstanding.

Karl Mulder furiously threw a desk lamp on the wall after learning from Krucht who the man he thought was the murderer was. Had to bite his teeth again and again so as not to shout out loud when the Hamburg police officer urgently and for the last time asked him to keep his hands off the matter and perhaps rather employ his men to guard the new party leader better than theirs Predecessor, her husband. He even had to thank them politely when Krucht generously promised to work in The Hague to ensure that "your three little musketeers", as he sneered at himself, would be released. Damn shit, he'd been so sure he was that close to the million dollar bonus. The only consolation was that he had at least been careful enough and hadn't woken up Helga Freypen immediately in his euphoria the previous night. Otherwise he would not only be embarrassed, but probably already unemployed. A criminal director of EUROPOL suspected of murdering Freypens in Hamburg. They would have rammed him into the ground unsharpened, if they had even got around to laughing.

After the first fit of anger, Mulder took a bottle of whiskey from the closet and poured himself a large glass. The worst thing for him was that he couldn't blame anyone else for the disaster. Just himself. And he could only endure himself drunk in such a state.

And tomorrow you will read: The murderer calls the investigator.

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