Was Cristiano Ronaldo a good transfer

Mesut Özil: That's why Cristiano Ronaldo was angry about my move

The German ex-national player Mesut Özil told English reporters why world footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was angry about his departure from Real Madrid to Arsenal.

Has played for more than five years Mesut Özil meanwhile for the Arsenal FC. On September 2, 2013, the Londoners signed the world champions for 47 million euros real Madrid. Just a few minutes before the transfer window closes - and much to the annoyance of world footballers and megastarsCristiano Ronaldoas Özil now explained to English journalists. Accordingly, the Portuguese was caught off guard by the transfer of the midfielder.

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"The sale of Özil is very bad news for me", said Ronaldo, who moved to Juventus Turin last summer, according to Özil after the change of the now 30-year-old, who resigned from the German national team after the messed up World Cup in Russia, combined with serious allegations against the DFB, which he accused of racism. "He was the player who knew my movements best in front of goal. I'm damn pissed off about his departure."

Mesut Özil: That's why I switched from Real Madrid to Arsenal in 2013

Özil and Ronaldo had formed a congenial duo at Real Madrid at the beginning of the decade. The German put on 81 goals for his teammates in 159 games for the "Royal" - many of them for Ronaldo, who was his best taker. What made Ronaldo particularly angry: Madrid did not manage to sign another replacement for Özil - even if Gareth Bale and Isco joined the team in the summer of 2013.

That's why Özil, who recently turned down a mega offer from Asia, carefully considered his situation at Real - when one day Arsène Wenger called, the German didn't have to think twice. "I'm a player who needs to feel absolutely confident. I felt that at Arsenal, that's why I switched." Since then, he has scored 41 goals in 208 games and prepared 72 more goals. He has been used 152 times in the Premier League so far.