Why can't Kanye West sing

Kanye West - a great artist or megalomaniac?

His parents must have had a premonition, because his first name comes from Swahili and means something like "the only one" or "the only one". And that fits in well with the messianic demeanor of Kanye West, the pop star, fashion designer and presidential candidate with main residence in the US state of Wyoming. Because of his often erratic appearances and utterances, many consider him to be a megalomaniac crazy with the Jesus complex.

He is one of the most innovative and versatile contemporary artists. He makes music that is ahead of its time, designs shoes, houses and religious clothing, and has even founded a church. Can you go one size bigger? That seems to be the question that drives him most.

From bird of paradise to revolutionary

Paris, January 2009. At Fashion Week, a group of black men caused headshakes and amusement. Kanye West and his crew stand out from the conservative crowd. Their suits are flashy, their sunglasses huge. Today West is considered a fashion revolutionary. After collaborating on sneakers with Nike and Louis Vuitton, he teamed up with Adidas, founded the Yeezy brand - and launched a complete fashion collection. In 2015, the "Yeezy Boost 350" established the trend towards rubber dinghies that has continued to this day, each of the almost 30 different color variants sold out within a few minutes.