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No. 31 • August 2, 2017 • 32nd volume • Circulation: 25,250 • Total circulation: 285,285 • www.wzo.de MÜLLHEIM • NEUENBURG • HEITERSHEIM • MARKGRÄFLERLAND TODAY TELEGRAM ... in ReblandKurier: Inauguration Dirk Lederle, Martin Löffler, Müllheim -Vögisheim .... More

No. 31 • August 2, 2017 • 32nd volume • Circulation: 25,250 • Total circulation: 285,285 • www.wzo.de MÜLLHEIM • NEUENBURG • HEITERSHEIM • MARKGRÄFLERLAND TODAY TELEGRAM ... in ReblandKurier: Inauguration Dirk Lederle, Martin Löffler, Müllheim -Vögisheim. The Zandonella Moreno, Natalie new grill hut in Vögisheim Winter, Julia Hecker, Lenja is finished. On coming- Scholer, Florentina Arifi, Julia on Sunday, August 6th, Hecker, Morena Zandonella, this occasion will be celebrated appropriately- Natalie Winter, Jasmin Bleiholert. At the beginning of 11 am, Rahel Bechtold and Samuel will play the Vögisheimer Handörgeler . Hofmann, Louis Müller, Noemi Pozsgai, Julia Stoll, Nikolaus the choir community and the Althaus, Cosima Haack, Donika Weiherstampfer take care of the physical well-being. To round it off, Gashi, Linus Kuttruff, Thorben have coffee and cake from Schönlein, Anna-Lena Michel, the “Vögisser Füürhexe”. Linus Kuhlmann, Verena Stein, Rumet Omar Mohammad, Sidney Bauer, Svenja Hermessen, Hiro Less

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No. 31 • August 2, 2017 • 32nd volume • Circulation: 25,250 • Total circulation: 285,285 • www.wzo.de MÜLLHEIM • NEUENBURG • HEITERSHEIM • MARKGRÄFLERLAND TODAY TELEGRAM ... in ReblandKurier: Inauguration Dirk Lederle, Martin Löffler, Müllheim -Vögisheim. The Zandonella Moreno, Natalie new grill hut in Vögisheim Winter, Julia Hecker, Lenja is finished. On coming- Scholer, Florentina Arifi, Julia on Sunday, August 6th, Hecker, Morena Zandonella, this occasion will be celebrated appropriately- Natalie Winter, Jasmin Bleihol- ert. At the beginning from 11 o'clock the, Rahel Bechtold, Samuel the Vögisheimer Handörgeler will play . Hofmann, Louis Müller, Noemi Pozsgai, Julia Stoll, Nikolaus the choir community and the Althaus, Cosima Haack, Donika Weiherstampfer take care of the physical well-being. To round it off, Gashi, Linus Kuttruff, Thorben have coffee and cake from Schönlein, Anna-Lena Michel, the “Vögisser Füürhexe”. Linus Kuhlmann, Verena Stein, Rumet Omar Mohammad, Sidney Bauer, Svenja Hermessen, Hiroshima Tag Lennart Gleichauf, Luca Kannenberg and many others. For the 24th time, the summer garden takes place in Neuchâtel, Müllheim. On August 6th and 9th, 1945, the Japanese summer festivals are a tradition in Neuchâtel am Rhein. Since 1993, the Neuchâtel Summer Garden has already started on the previous cities of Hiroshima and the month of August on Saturday, each Saturday, by Mayor Joachim Schus - Saturday, July 29th. The Freiburg rock’n’Roll cult band “The Ted-Nagasaki” took place on Rathausplatz when it was launched in the summer garden. Tolle dyshakers “as guests on Rathausplatz. The band celebrates this year of atomic bombs. The anniversary The demands of music and excellent hospitality from the local restaurants have made the summer garden a highlight in the region. their 40th anniversary. The Teddyshakers have already been on stage 26 times at the Freiburg ZMF. More on page 6 of the dropping of the first atomic bombs is for the action change alliance “Fessenheim shut down now!” And the Muellheim Peace Council. The number of men- Markgräflerland Occasion, for the willing and courageous are sought to make use of the services of the Red Current Threats Cross, is increasing for peaceful coexistence. At the same time I will point out the lives of the peoples. The number of those who deliver services, also in Germany, is less. The requirements - today nuclear weapons stationed. genes changed, did the pre- Is there a new tourism initiative in the Markgräflerland? / A study is just beginning That is why the “Action Seats of the District Association of the Fessenheim Garbage Association are to shut down the home of the German Red Cross in Müllheim / Markgräflerland. The tion look and what structure- now! ”And the Peace Council Mark- (DRK), Schliengen's Mayor Tourism is one of the economies should it have? This is now the aim of Graeflerland to commemorate the Werner Bundschuh, at the joint pillars in the market, as part of a study developed for the victims of the members' meeting of the Kreisvergraflerland. However, the vie roshima on Monday, August 7th, could be celebrated by the bands. The influx of refugees from this even more le community in Markgräflerland at 6.30 p.m. in front of the Sparkasse lingen is an area of ​​activity for which to participate. The plan is to expand on Werderstrasse in Müllheim. This is the opinion of the Red Cross. More on page 3 as a first step. At least Müllheim's citizens, about which marketing agent Astrid Siemes-Knoblich every community is already saying. Best mood and her Bad Bellinger colleague adds. To get really in-depth data on Seniors Outing Dr. Christoph Hoffmann. To get in one should, according to Sie- Müllheim. The volunteer “COVERNights” press conference both put their mes-Knoblich and Hoffmann, the DRK senior citizen's work ideas for a new tour- as many parishes as possible from the store on Saturday, August 5th, in Müllheim. Rism marketing concepts in the region have long been involved in the study, al- as a Strauss trip in which the Müllheimers “COVER-Markgräflerland”. So also those who have not yet become a regular member of the Advertising community come together. Established crowd magnets when the weather is nice. As is well known, there is currently the Mayor of Müllheim Astrid Siemes-Knoblich (second from the right) and are. Therefore, after the now invites on 1000 square meters, the 14th edition drew again around the Markgräfler advertising community - their Bad Bellinger counterpart Dr. Christoph Hoffmann (right) want the upcoming summer break a beer garden where 4,000 people can linger on the Markgräfland. This consists of promoting tourism marketing more strongly overall. Our picture shows both of them together with gathering at the not one. The menu entices with space, they experienced a volume of twelve communities between Esch- the department head Jan Merk responsible for the Müllheimer tourism, only the members of the Werbege- baden dishes up to Gebot das different nicht bach im Norden and Efringen-Kir - (left) and the managing director of the Markgräflerland community advertising association but all interesting antipasti and goat cheese. Im could be. More on page 6 in the south. Members of the Sabine Lang. Photo: must have municipalities of the Markgräf- price of 18 euros are the driving company are also three lerlandes are to take part. In-service and support in banks, the Breis-Hoffmann industrial park “an old question could be related to the region, but it should also be understood. The participants will KONTAKT gau and the Markgräfler association has taken up again ”. “In the tig market, hope are those who are directly in the area with small wine from around 3:15 pm. With an annual budget from Markgräflerland, a man and Siemes-Knoblich will be active in tourism in the future, because the DRK buses directly from your direct line around 80,000 euros and a partially powerful destination maker. “To do this, we need new policies that can only be picked up by the framework. A return to the ReblandKurier: zeit management has called for management, ”calls for garbage to create an operational merger. is planned around 8 p.m. At the moment, however, only quite home mayor here. Finding work ”, explains Bad“ The time is ripe, all senior citizens are finally active on excursions. Telephone 0 76 33/933 11-0 modest options. “We at the realignment are al-Bellingen's town hall chief. To do this, “Astrid Siemes-Region Müllheim was warmly invited. Fax 0 76 33/933 11-40, our marketing teams must, however, not only the municipalities, but not only the Knoblich, to be sure. loaded. In order to re-register an [email protected] hungen “, it is up to itself and organizations to advertise externally, but rather to the DRK service center [email protected] Astrid Siemes-Knoblich, but all tourism actors, man I also have to take care of everyone who is willing and able to do this. Phone 0 76 31/18 050 will go to www.wzo.de and be grateful that their bathroom is also taken care of by the hosts, hoteliers and guests who come. gen ”, as he said. pray. Bellinger's colleague Christoph took over the wineries. Only together How should the new organization Volker Murzin Beach volleyball in Auggen Important building block for the development of the company building of the former winegrowers' cooperative in Müllheim has been sold / Rewe market can now come Auggen. The Müllheim will take place in the winegrowing village of Auggen on Saturday, August 12th. The city of Müllheim zung the old flat share building in first Markgräfler Beach-Volley- is happy about the now also nota- a food market interesball-Cup is taking place. The proceeds of the Turiell-sealed and thus officially approved and, moreover, already with the niers, go to the kindergarten sale of the WG company building and the investor in the Auggen primary school and the former winegrowers' talk. A first good under building law. The tournament will take place from 9 a.m. in Müllheim an den Lörracher assessment has shown that it will take place until 4 p.m. The game is played on investor Tom Rose. “With the one conversion within the best sand. Played and dredged through possible settlement of a pending development plan is possible in teams of three at the Vol-Rewe grocery store, what the planning and football field in Hofacker (is now a long-cherished wish of the carrying process and thus also the southern entrance to Müllheimer and an important construction period considerably shortening of Auggen). Team registration in structural development. Final clarification about this is only possible by calling 07631 9357970 by calling the phone number in downtown Müllheim. That will be realized ”, it says in The operating building of the wine cooperative has now been sold. of the building application. “The city is the main sponsor of the city's first press release. Photo: RK and at the Gemeindeverwalgräfler Beach-Volleyball-Cup, which a few years ago the municipal association Müllheim-Baden- Finanzkanzlei Südbaden, administration to the Erste Markgräfschen Lindenhof was able to be found in conversation. Weiler established building rights authority with his support from the leading winegrowers' cooperative Schlien- come. All the more gratifying it is, the old company building is now just waiting for the two people to go to- Müllheim to buy it for a store, it says in the press release Building application of the investor and directions with a monetary donation about a possible sale and ment, "that now nails with heads to rebuild food market." Then it can actually almost be taken into account. the future use of the old one was made and also the city of Müllheim was starting, "said Mayor Ast- (RK) company building and the historical buyer Tom Rose, an investor in the fastest possible changeover of Siemes-Knoblich. (RK )

2 FROM THE MARKGRÄFLERLAND REBLANDKURIER AUGUST 2, 2017 ANIMALS LOOKING FOR A HOME Doggie on Great results Operational plan decided Home search At the Johanniterschule in Heitersheim all pupils passed the secondary school leaving certificate Forst in Neuenburg Heitersheim. Big graduation party Louis Müller (1,4), Noemi Pozsgai Neuchâtel. The Neuchâtel Gels Bernhardiner is “Moler in the Malteserhalle in Heiters- (1.6), Julia Stoll (1.7), Nikolaus Altmeinderat has around eight home in his most recent sit- ly”. Around 120 schoolchildren (1.7), Cosima Haack (1.7), donation unanimously to the forest management years already an older pupil of the Johanniter school feika Gashi (1.7). Praise for a good performance plan for the years 2017 to 2026 is lady. But still hopes that the first will receive their work and realizations: Linus Kuttruff closed. This provides the work-confident and yet (1.8), Thorben Schönlein (1.8), the basis for the forestry school graduation. The place was sometimes a little uncertain na-Lena Michel (1.9), Linus Kuhldar, with the goal of the long-term lady dog ​​on a loving almost almost in the well-filled man (1.9), Verena Stein (1, 9), Ru- useful, protective and recreational function- home. ten Malteserhalle, which simply met Omar Mohammad, Sidney on the forest. but effective with an air farmer, Svenja Hermessen, Lennart Since the municipal council was recently decorated with a forest rescue service in Freiburg, relief organization pich . Mc Caffery, Laura Richter, Rosalie Hung gave detailed advice, animal and nature eV, Lindenstrasse Willin, Luca Dietsche, Maja Neuffer, pointed out Mayor Joachim Schus- 29, 79238 Ehrenkirchen-Scherz- Rector Dirk Lederle recalled in Luca Kiefer, Vanessa Möllinger , Rotter on this item on the agenda ingen, phone 0 76 64/70 96, fax: his address to Maria Ruh (all 2.0). Special price for the extensive resolution proposal 0 76 64/6 16 66, email: info @ tier- meinsame Zeit and that the school received: Rahel Bechtold lage. The Neuchâtel city forest rettung-freiburg.de, www.tierret- abschluss a departure for a secondary school leaving certificate in their pockets now around 120 students and (German), Samuel Hofmann, Rosa has an area of ​​almost 1,077 tung-freiburg.de. mean new time. “You will become a pupil at the Johanniter School. Photo: ykr Ruh, Luca Pfefferle (mathematical- hectare and consists primarily of many new things and impressions, natural-scientific special- a small Berwald district of life that, after a few words of greeting, Schüle- Jasmin Bleiholder (for the examination Prize of the Circle of Friends), Niko- 57 hectares as well as a large Au- will think back to school days with a special achievement 1.3 in German). From the laus Althaus (French), Yannick, around 880 hectares of forest have been discovered, ”says Lederle. With the words “their achievement had accomplished. Realschule received a prize for Berger (social commitment), Yan- lang des Rheins. “There is only one place in the Bergwald where the word Er- best of the year of the Werkrealschule performs very well: Rahel Bechnick Gutmann (head of the school). Economics was recently intensified following hard work, namely in was Jasmin Bleiholder with a rating (1.0), Samuel Hofmann (1.2), for participating in an ar- viert and produced an essential dictionary ", made Lederle mean 1.6. A praise for a good performance consortium (AG) was given to a share of the lich that it is worthwhile if you received Zandonella Moreno awards: Julia Stoll, Larissa total income “, it says in the effort and that it is proud (1.8 ); Natalie Winter, Julia Hecker, Probst (Theater-AG), Yannick Gut- template. The alluvial forest will be closed when you reach a goal. Lenja Scholer (all 2.0). Special price 24th summer garden man, Patrick Schuler (music group). Because of the location in the “Troubles”, they went to: Florentina Arifi and Rathausplatz After the subsequent certificate area Oberrheinische Tiefebe- den all and many of them with Julia Hecker (both for their social Route 66 - The second part of the ne “extensiv cultivated. The Sparkasse Markgräflerland presented an excellent result. Commitment), Morena Zandonella Saturday, August 5th, 7.30pm - 11.30pm Celebration at which the final use takes place Mostly in admission free, catering This is also reflected in the overall (for the examination performance 1.0 in classes an entertaining pro form of wood chips for the info phone 07631 / 791-0 Molly. Photo: private average of 2.5 again. Bür- the), Natalie Winter (for the test www.neuenburg.de had devised grams. Energy generation. The Rheinwald master Martin Löffler honored achievement 1.0 in English) and Yvonne Krzikowsky A large number of ecologically high quality and nature conservation areas. Here photo exhibition children from the Rheinschule in Neuchâtel won 12,000 euros in the sponsorship run, the focus is primarily on nature conservation. Nonetheless, Anita Walter's Neuchâtel is there. You were really happy to see how much money you recently got as a goal of a sustainable safeguard in the Neuchâtel? ”Asked the school management of woodchips for Müllheim. From August 4th to the 3rd Rhine School, when it came to the rin Michaela Münch the children - the supply of the wood chopping - September is in the Frick-Mühle at the sponsors run in front of the Shar in the auditorium.The medals won at the school in Müllheim, the Pentecost vacation photo exhibition, were cautiously given by the zentrum vor. The wood supply is “Gotland” from Anita Werner to receive and started at 100 euros, but then around 128,000 solid cubic meters and lies with you. The artist and photo drive how much money in the end - quickly up to the thousands - 136 solid cubic meters per hectare on the Grafin lives in Britzingen and lastingly came together. rich increased. However, no-level of the past Forstein- for many years impressions of 300 meters was the running distance, which ner to believe that actually directional plan. The planned chop-their travels fixed. The exhibition around the gym led, for a long time, 12,000 euros was put together with just under 21,000 festive events on Sunday, August 6th, and its sponsors, half of which went to the vendors, were at the same level as the Previous year at 11.15 a.m. in the Frick-Mühle, the children opened or an SOS themselves in advance expectant mothers as well as establishment. Main focus of the net. It is organized until September 3rd: mothers, fathers, grandmas, the sponsorship association for the next ten years on the Rhine is donated on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, grandpas, aunts and uncles, but also the Neuchâtel school The intensification of the catering days can be seen from 3pm to 6pm. Companies had agreed to the. Both representatives of the association of the mountain forest and na- More appointments can under Te- their runners per lap could hardly believe their luck, natural forest rejuvenation to telephone 01 72/61 31 751 agreed with a self-determined request Runners are happy while and thanked the children for their stable, conifer-rich mixed-beings. (RK) wear to sponsor. "What do you think two clubs could look forward to donations of 6,000 euros each. Photo: gei perseverance. (gei) stocks. (anl) ✁ August 3, 2017 to August 9, 2017 LUNCH TABLE Müllheim and surroundings Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Salad 0.50 e dessert 0.30 e Höllbergstr. 2 Hügelheim Spaghetti Carbonara veal sausage with roasted Meat loaf cordon bleu pork sliced ​​meatloaf with mushroom All dishes Telephone 07631/23 25 Onions and gravy, with gravy and "gyros" with fries non-cream sauce, potatoes also to take away to [email protected] www.dermetzger.eu 6.20 e French fries 6.20 e noodles 6.20 e fries and tzaziki 6.20 e broccoli gratin 6.20 en Enjoy our opening times: Mon - Sat 9.30 a.m. - midnight, Sun. 4.30pm - 10pm Soup or salad, soup or salad, use in warm kitchen: Mon - Sat 11am - 2pm, daily 6pm - 10pm Your garden terrace Uhlandstr. 7a Schnitzel Hawaii Asian noodle pan Company holidays until Sunday, August 20, 2017 79423 Heitersheim Telephone 07634/42 92 to Basamtireis 7.80 e 7.80 e Open daily from 11.30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 5.30 p.m. to 1 a.m., no day of rest. Santorini platter - Naxos platter - Steak from the turkey pan - Geschn. Turkey fl., Tom.- Bifteki - Go. Pork steak, squid from the grill with All dishes Am Torhaus 1 (on the B3) 1 souvlaki, gyros, rice pork loin, gyros, rice cream., Metaxa, champ., Butter rice cheese filling, grill sauce, rice butter rice, tzatziki and salad are also available 79379 Müllheim other days of the week Telephone 07631/17 03 00 o. French fries, salad 7.80 e or French fries, salad 8.20 e or French fries, mixed salad 9.50 e or French fries, salad 7.90 e 9.50 e Mon. from 5 p.m., Tue. - Fri. 11.30 a.m. - 1.30 p.m. and from 5 p.m., Sat. from 5 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. We are closed on Monday, July 31, 2017 We are closed on Monday, July 31, 2017 information Rostlaubstr. 1, 79427 Eschbach Telephone 07634/13 81 up to and including Friday 11th August 2017 up to and including Friday 11th August 2017 will be charged for changes to the inserts. www.tonis-tenne.de 1 Euro via RESTAURANT-PIZZERIA “TO THE TURNHALLE” Penne alla Siciliana and Pangasius fi llet alla Livornese Piccatina with artichokes, spaghetti all Contadi- open Tuesdays - Sundays from 12pm to 2pm and from 5pm to 11pm . All dishes also to take away - two lunch subscriptions every day. Salad (with aubergine and with pasta and salad (with cock, day off, pasta and salad (pork cutlet and salad (with peas and Werderstr. 4, Müllheim, Tel. 07631/27 41, zur-turnhalle-muellheim.de onions) ) 5.80 e tail tomatoes) 7.50 e zel natural, artichokes) 7.50 e mushrooms) 5.80 e Small Argentine pollock fillet on lightly marinated pork steak Tagliatelle with fried chicken breast supreme in roast beef with pepper and herb sauce, with vodka and paprika sauce , Beef strips and dried sherry cream sauce with Peter sauce and french fries 9.40 e basmati rice 9.40 e ribbon noodles 9.40 e neten tomatoes 9.40 e silien potatoes 9.40 e Staufener Str. 70 enü Bad Krozingen Schupfnudel- Pan vegetarian quiche (con-porcini ravioli in a zucchini boat (with pepper and vegetable curry with pineapple, any soup optional Tel. 07633/16 79 0 in fresh cherries), summer salad with spicy herb sauce and coconut rice with day cream sauce and lettuce . www.cafe-z.de or Sa rahms auce 8.40 e walnut dressing 8.40 e 8.40 e and boiled potatoes 8.40 e 8.40 e

REBLANDKURIER AUGUST 2, 2017 FROM MARKGRÄFLERLAND 3 The requirements are changing The DRK Kreisverband Müllheim had invited to its general meeting of Müllheim. The number of people, “In the future, we will also use the services of the Red Cross from other cultures, and with a different religion more. At the same time, the number will be maintained ”, Bundschuh pointed out to one of those who perform the challenges ahead and emphasized:“ We can do it! ”, Not so much. The requirements The district chairman emphasized that if the chairman introduced new ways of integrating the district association garbage steps would have to change. “We as the home of the German Red Cross - but also the auxiliary organs (DRK), Schliengen's civic organizations as a whole - have to open up the topic to Master Werner Bundschuh and to the general meeting of the nursing people from other cultures - District association fest. Stop the influx of tur- rkkreises. ”As a positive refugee, Bundschuhfeld mentioned an example for the Red Cross and a task for the future. a young man from Cameroon, who is currently doing an internship in the Now can get started nursing and in autumn it can finally start - the development work of the approximately 1.3 hectares - the district chairman presents - with an apprenticeship as a retirement tariff large building area "Himmelreich" In Buggingen, an extensive service package has been completed. The largest investment at the DRK district association in Müllheim is the extension to which the nurse will begin. sen and the future home builders are already in the starting blocks. lanz and compared the district Rotkreuzhaus. The official inauguration will take place on September 3rd. In a small ceremony, Markus Riesterer handed over almost 200 main Photo: anl Zentrale is an important booth (right), managing director of “badenovaKONZEPT”, the new building official with one leg District association, which is responsible for Mayor Johannes Ackermann (second from left). Paying medium-sized services more than 4.7 million euros mean- RTW drove 6.3 employees in this area last year, guests had gathered, including property companies. “In the meantime, we had to do the majority of the total of 9922 missions, barely busy, with a 24-hour man, who were looking forward to this hour with great anticipation. In the past two years total sales of more than 7.5 billion half of the cases (4655) were on duty 365 days a year. Overall town hall chief thanked "badenovaKKONZEPT" for the reliable and well in the rescue service as well as in lion euros. For comparison: In addition, the emergency doctor on duty. The home emergency number counted almost 7300 competent handling and I wished the building owners a smooth maintenance of new employees. In 1986, the turnover for thirty years was just about customers. The district association provides the loose construction phase in the construction of the home. Of the total number, “Bundschuh made just 1.5 of the 655 missions with a view of the district association. In addition, this service for 13 of the 16 district 19 developed building sites is owned by three of the millions of euros due to the increasing numbers of construction sites. The 14059 ambulance transports are remarkable. Private owners involved as associations from the regional association. The building sites on the federal state Baden, which is known in the rescue service and the older the equity ratio of 74 per star hour, and two district associations from the site of the former festival hall are between 330 and 960 square-growing population. So cent. Schuh the acquisition of a Württemberg. In addition to the proprietary meter, they are large and all of them already sold. With the money, the number of full-time ambulances increased. The number of emergency services provided by the rescue heavy-duty ambulance in the past is invested in the community, as Ackermann informed, there will be an increase in one employee from 167 in the year service is continuously the patient More than 300 childcare centers provide further services and new kindergartens are being built. jh / Photo: jh 2014 to 192 at the end of 2016. to be taken from the current account. Transporting lograms of body weight, like the activation of The District Association, which can include many missions. From mid-February this counted smoke alarms, the locating of 121 employees in the rescue service, the actual task of the doctor until the end of 2016, 77 one-way telephones using GPS (Global Po- dienst, 64 employees in social work and Bundschuh determined that there would be an emergency service in the health system. The district association sets in the entire catchment area of ​​the Baden Red Cross (sitioning system), the coordination of transport services, but also DRK game afternoons for senior citizens (care) as well as seven in the sales department operates three ambulance stations In a total of 29,514 house calls, the fault acceptance at Gas-Buggingen. The DRK team. Registration and administration. In addition, there are around 50 Bad Krozingen, Müllheim and Kan- so an average of 123 care and water supply for senior work loads on Tuesday, 8.Red Cross membership is for freelance workers and almost 650 people with three ambulance searches per day, counted the häusli-Stadtwerke Müllheim -Staufen. August, at 2.30 p.m., participation is not required. Volunteer helpers (RTW) and two emergency doctors, the nursing service and the mobiles. In addition, the game afternoon in the Rotkreuzheim Waltraut Gugel was discussed by the team of senior helpers in the district association and the vehicles (NEF) in the 24-hour social service. The 15 nursing specialist driver service, broad training, So-Buggingen (Wilhelm-Ritter-Straße) orenarbeit is under the telephone new local associations. Business. In addition, during the day there are around 334 workers and senior citizens who work every day. Friends of board and card number 0 76 34/32 11 for questions about the personnel costs made with another RTW in Müllheim. Back the kilometers by car. spoke. Alexander Anlicker play come here at their Kos- disposal. (RK) Farewell to a veteran Deputy Headmaster Reinhold Berger is retiring after 40 years of service in Müllheim. The Georg-Kerschener, head of staff and Steiner-Schule in Müllheim has a mentor. In addition, he created information for the school's farewell material and was involved in the following: The deputy headmaster Reinhold Berger leaves after 40 years of public relations work. He was particularly interested in SEE - AMAZED - SAVE! Reduced up to 90%! Promotional prices for years of service in retirement. the school partnerships. Since valid until the headmistress Beate Wagner and 2007 he occupied the position of the 12 August 2017 the deputy headmistress at the regional council. Swimwear sales burg responsible regional consultant - Frauke Ebert said goodbye to his colleagues, but above all his different models for him & her the young pensioner. Wagner attested to her tireless efforts to revolutionize and optimize the school as a place of learning internally and ex- · Sporty swimsuit: soft cups and adjustable straps ensure ideal seated feet for years of tireless efforts , will not be forgotten. Figure-hugging retro swim trunks for men: perfect for sun worshipers for the GKS. Reinhold Berger was a doer, a revolutionary, an activist, "says Wagder, his motto" Staying alive · Chic bikini tops and bottoms: make ner. in everyday school life ”. In the foreground you your desired combination. Reinhold Grund started his career. Reinhold Grund always stood in 1978 as a religion instead of separation, each part from ons teacher at the then still Ge Reinhold Berger after 40 praised headmistress Beate Wagner advertising school Müllheim. He was retired for years of service. Her deputy at the meeting1 € 12.90 counseling teacher, trust loyalty farewell. Photo: private divorce. (RK) € 2.90 from warm hospitality. Yesterday. Today. Always. Bakery tour Watermelon cutter Anti-mosquito candle in coconut shell through Müllheim Cut & serve It drives away mosquitoes and takes care of Müllheim. The baker's guild has perfect melon wedges that feels like a South Sea on the balcony and has a history of almost 600 years in the city of Müllheim. Baker's · Stainless steel · With a fresh citrus scent master Martin Magnus leads on a tour to the traces of · Dishwasher-safe instead of1 € 16.90 3.90 · Each candle instead of1 € 3.90 6.90 a unique item € 2 , € 1.90 only from only 90 old bakeries, which are hidden, but still diverse in the cityscape. Revealed, BBQ evening in the Krone, for example, the secret of the pate door, you will find out Large water hammock 3-sided hand spinner 03.08./22.08. more about the recipes of the garbage collectors bakers for their sausage rolls No summer without: extremely comfortable, don't go crazy: to the fair. And where does it come from? Super easy and everywhere? Just turn this spinning top for the many French colleagues who throw away the garbage every year - · Comfortable on 155 x 66 cm · Smooth running for long rotating fun at the bread market - their delicacies- instead of € 6.90 Offer extra smooth ABEC-7 instead of € 3.90 € 3.90 € 2.90? The tour takes place only on stainless steel ball bearings only on Friday, August 4th, at 4 p.m. The costs are 7.50 euros · Dimensions: 86 x 13 mm, weight: 52 g Herrenstr. 5 · 79238 Ehrenkirchen-Kirchhofen including a Markgräfler Gutedel. Tel .: 0 76 33 - 5213 · Opening times: MON- SAT 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm The meeting point is the Tourist Information Office - Sun & public holidays 11.30 am - 11:00 pm (hot meals throughout) on Wilhelmstraße 14. Further information is available at www.gasthaus- krone.de registration not required. (RK) Mittlerer Weg 20 79424 Auggen // Opening times: Mon - Sat from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

4 EVENTS REBLANDKURIER AUGUST 2, 2017! EYES EMERGENCY SERVICE Sports ambulance service MAGIC ACOUSTIC GUITARS Rescue control center, Tel. 1 12 Sa., 12.8., 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., volleyball Saturday, 5 August ball field in Hofacker: 1. Mark doctors 8:15 p.m. Gräfler Beach Volleyball Cup Emergency services mediation Auggen. Team registrations Tel. 11 61 17 Römische Badruine under Tel. 07631/9357970 Badenweiler Dentists Tickets: BADENWEILER emergency services www.reservix.de and box office Tel. 0 18 03/22 25 55-35 Guided tours of pharmacies Thursday, August 3, 3:15 pm the Tou-Markgräflerland Big festival weekend for the whole family rist information: Botanical guided tour through the spa gardens Festive Bach gala in the church Sat., 5.8., Hebel-Apotheke, Müllheim, Tel. 07631/2253; The concerts in the Romanesque St. Cyriak Church in Sulzburg are ckental pharmacy, Pfaffenwei- Friday, 04.08.2017, 7 p.m. beach party, always a special experience and are valid far beyond Sulzburg sports ground Niedereggenen (free admission, from 16 years) concerts as musical events. On Saturday, August 12th, the Grümpelturnier, Thursday, August 3rd, 4pm, Katharina-Barbara-Saturday, August 5th, 2017, 11 am to midnight, will take place here at ler, 07664/600900 Sun., 6.8. Church St. 8 p.m. a festive Bach gala takes place. Tickets for 19 euros (discounted pharmacy, Sulzburg, Tel. (Admission 5 €, in favor of youth development, from 16 years) Peter and Paul: chamber music 14 euros) are available from the Tourist Info in Sulzburg (Tele-07634/8228 ; Stadt-Apotheke, Sunday, August 6th, 2017, 10.30 a.m. service, for soprano and organ. Works fon: 07634 / 5600-40), at the Zweckverband Münstertal (phone: Neuchâtel, Tel. 07631/7710 from 11 a.m. Grümpelturnier & final round of the German and French 07633/80536) and at the tourist information in Badenweiler (Teschen Romantik for soprano and phone: 07632 / 799-300) or at the box office. Doors open at 19 o'clock. Weißer Ring e.V. Monday, August 7th, 2017 from 6 p.m. Village tournament On Saturday, August 12th, the renowned Swiss organ with Dorothea Rieger and Help for Victims will be well taken care of for the first time! Klaus Nepple. Classical trumpeter Claude Rippas (Zurich) is a guest in Sulzburg.Violent acts More information at www.sv-liel-niedereggenen.de free, donation requested together with his trumpet ensemble and the organist Susy Tel. 07642/9076825 • • • • • Lüthy (Winterthur) he is organizing a splendid summer concert. Sat., 5.8., 8.15 p.m., Römische RK / Photo: Organizer All information without guarantee. Badruine: Magic acoustic guides - of course, with Palatzky and Waßer - instrumental music on top - is better! Master craftsman Martin Magnus, 24th summer in Neuchâtel, O U T L E T tem level. Tickets: 20.50 euros SULZBURG in the VVK at the Tourist-Informa- Obermeister der Bäckerinnung Gerten - open-air concert with Müllheim, leads on one of the bands Route 66 (Oldienacht) tion / 23 euros AK tour to the traces of the guided tour HERE THE PRICES ARE PUZZLE! Theater & stage of the old baker's trade. Cost: 7.50 euros including a Mark senior program Sun., 6/8, 2 p.m., cemetery entrance: In the footsteps of the Jews: Fri, 4/4, 8:15 p.m., Gräfler Gutedel natural stage. Registration at Wed., 9.8., 2.30 p.m., Fridolinhaus: Cemetery tour and subsequent æ further discounts Castle: Small marital crimes by the Tourist Information DRK game afternoon for a seated tour of the city at 3.30 p.m. - Comedy by Eric Emmanuel nioren. Information from Elsa Granrath Uhr at the Marktplatz fountain. on already reduced textiles and shoes Schmitt. Petra Seitz Hocks & Feste from the team of the DRK senior men are asked to play and Martin Lunz - literary theater. work: 07635/8951 headgear to be worn Admission costs 14/13 euros Sun., 6.8., 11 a.m., Grillhütte, Vö- Sedanstraße 22 79098 Freiburg Telephone: 0761/28 83 36 (VVK: 12 euros) Gisheim: Inauguration the grill Mon-Fri: 9.30 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sa .: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. hut. For the physical well-being ESSEN & DRINKEN Mohrentopf www.waschbaer.de the choir community Stefans Käsekuchen Schwarzwälder Flamm-ESCHBACH and the Weiherstampfer. Light Micheles Panzerotti e Pizza kuchen Manufaktur Metzgerei Reichenbach The Langos Wagner La Jefa Foodtruck The end is coffee and concerts Cake from the Vögisser Fü- Heidi's Flammkuchen Weingut Scherer +)) "! *" + & S'Schwesterle Café Schaustellerei Short Crossover Lucky -Food Ccredo / Chrissis Bar - Pizza Fri., 4.8., 8 p.m., Weinstetter Hof: ürhexe. Hofeis vom Mundenhof Café-Mobil Kaisers PUM's “First Butcher- Gute Backstube Concert with the Redhouse Truck Freiburg“ Die Tolle Rolle%, '&! ("&" $ Hot Six and “Old Time Jazz Senior Program“ Six-o-eight “Foodtruck Mampfwalze - The Foodtruck The Seinfeld Atelier Sucré-Salé of the 20s and 30s“ Potato Forge Beverage Islands • • • • • Sun., 5.8., Ask for meeting point: DRK Papa Joe's BBQ Favorite Food Truck MUSIC Seniors trip with honor - Food Sat., 5.8., 8 p.m., Weinstetter Hof: Weingut Martin Waßmer Speech concert with “Nice man- official care - Strauss- DKO events Flying BarWinery Rebecca & Ralph from the Wombatsheims - the women power ßi ride in the Krottenau Gar- Fritz Waßmer DJ Rödix Lou's Maultäschle Kult-Quartett ”with the prototype to Denzlingen For a gram“ Unrestrained ”registration via the DRK service center Telephone 07631 / 1805-0 MÜLLHEIM Excursions & Excursions Other Sa ., 5.8., 8.40 a.m., Tourist Office: Hike with the Sc hwarz- Mon., 7.8., 6.30 p.m., in front of the Sparkasse in Werderstrasse: Hiroshima Day 2017: rally Bad Krozingen Badischer Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Lörracher Str. 3, 79115 Freiburg waldverein Müllheim-Baden- #! # 'for a world in peace without' (& + &, "$)" * "hamlet from the Way of the Cross to the Wine Nuclear Weapons at the Peace Council * *! +)" * - "fixed to Staufen. Information / registration by 3.8. from Martin Markgräflerland "$ # Info at weberhaus.de • • • • • and Inge Gresslin, Tel. #! or in your Bauforum 07632/5664 Tuesday, 8th August, 2 to 5 p.m., City Hall: Advice on social law for the #% #! "! $" & & / # "& & VdK Social Legal Protection Saturday, August 12th, #! #!! $ Guided tours gGmbH. Appointments are made 11 am-8pm, afterwards bar +))"! * "+ &" & On Tel. 0761 / 504 490 $)! + * "& & Fri., 4.8., 4 p.m., meeting point: Tou- Over 30 providers between Nepomuk Bridge" $ and Bahnhofsplatz right through the city. $ rist information: Bakery tour & & "% ** & Delicious food, bars, beer, wine, live music - you baked with the flour NEUENBURG from the seven Müllheimer on 2 stages and children's offer."! #! "# Mills: Even the baker's guild concerts # # #" has a history of almost 600 years in Bad Krozingen. Bä- Sa., 5.8., 7.30 p.m., Rathausplatz:

REBLANDKURIER AUGUST 2, 2017 CINEMA. CULTURE . EVENTS 5 For classic car enthusiasts WZO-TICKER Auggen. The start of the season for FC Aug-Schauinsland Klassik reaches the lowest number of schnapps in the association league, Sunday, August 6th, 5 pm, Lettenpark Freiburg / Regio. No less than five noble men, which are shaped by Wein- in Auggen, opponents of which are treasures from the pre-war period. Past many spectators at FC Singen. present themselves at this year's annuals and vintage car fans, who often have Schauinsland Klassik set up tables and benches from the 3rd to the August 5th: a Ford Model A ben, around the automobile defense squad. Saturday, August 5th, Boattail Racer built in 1930, waving to an al- dignity and their chauffeur until Monday, August 7th, on the Feuvis TK 12/60 Beetleback built in years. Defense equipment store in the center of the village- 1931, a Rolls-Royce 20/25 HP Sa- On Saturday, August 5th, it was going around. Barrel tapping on Saturday is loon from 1933 as well as a log book of the drivers "southbound". at 7 p.m. Fiat 508 S Coppa d’Oro from 1934. There you will be tempted by grandiose views The fifth in the bunch and delightful and enjoyable culinary delights Heitersheim (preview). 551 equal to the eldest of this year's during the lunch break in the year Chilbi - patronage festival Monkey leader Caesar is ready for his last fight against humanity. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox Oldtimerrallye is a Bentley 4-Li at Beuggen Castle in Rheinfelden. of the church patron St. Barthot- Le Mans Tourer from the year the heart of the two around Lomäus, August 26th to 28th, tra- The great war 1928. “A wonderful car - 220 kilometer long routes is the traditional grocer's market on August 28th. with a great story ”, of course the legendary Schauins- August from 8 o'clock. raves Clemens Bieniger. The land mountain route. Anyone who tells the rolling chairman of the ADAC Südbaden Museum in memory of early Lörrach: Season start of the FV Kinotipp: The last part of the end-time saga “Planet of the Apes: Survival” tells: “The Basel couple experience ro- tor racing times live in Lörrach-Brombach Verland and Helen Frey is with this would like should be on Friday from the bands league. Saturday, August 5th, The history of the intelligen- can. But a special unit has its origin in New Zealand at 1.30 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., in Grütt. ten monkeys Caesar continues: Under the guidance of the brutal Colonel ga driven with the film "Planet of the Apes" ... "arrive at Freiburg's local mountain. "Planet of the Apes: Survival", (Woody Harrelson) wants Caesar around in 1968, who on the same name - In addition to these five "superhistorical In Freiburg there is a Malsburg-Marzell: Traditional - the third and last part of the each price See dead and so will a little novel by Pierre Boulle “bare automobiles” chug 134 new rally center. In this les Bulldog meeting. Saturday, 5th new film series, leaves in the jungle at the gates of San Fran- siert. This was followed by more chrome-flashing vehicles. The rolling museum started in August, starting at 11 a.m., at the Lipcisco's continued bloody battles in 1970 and 1973 - a total of four fort at the eleventh Freiburg Schauins - for the first time in the courtyard of the Gan- ple-Hütte brewery. Director Matt Reeves carried out the hideaway (return to the planet land classic by one of the most beautiful. There, on Saturday afternoons, mankind finally falls against the cic attack on the secret of the apes, escape from the planet of the apes and sunniest Landtag also the checkered flag of 2017- Neuenburg am Rhein. 24. New monkeys, which culminate in the hideaway of the apes, the conquest of the planet of the af- fects of Germany. Tour. Here also takes place Great Enburger Sommergarten, 7.30 p.m. rule, go to war. He has given up traitors. Fen, The battle for the planet that has a total of 139 registered breweries. The day before, clock, Town Hall Square Neuchâtel. Now the otherwise peaceful monkey is fermenting), until Tim Burton in 2001 the participants are now waiting in a first high point, the plot: The war that coded Caesar's need for a remake (planet of the apes) of the good tradition again ils unconcerned with the “delightful antiques” Schopfheim. Live-Night, Samsba (Toby Kebbell) with the guys from the che and with his right hand Ro- first film on the big screen and phenomenal side on four wheels from 7.30 p.m. on August 5th, 6.30 p.m., Interior epidemic severely decimated Mencket (Terry Notary) and brought some. Mark Wahlberg incarnate, the chief scientist Karl Woldem Freiburg Münsterplatz town. he instigated it, is in full truer faithfulness, he sets out to play the role that “pulled out of the hat” in the original. meet and around the middle-aisle. Ape leader Caesar (arduous search for the conal played by Charlton Heston. On the Friday tour on August 4th, landmarks of the city of Staufen: 63rd Markgräfler Weindy Serkis) it is not at all lonel, determined, none Gna- was. In 2011 and 2014, among other things, it will be related to the son list. (WZO) firmly. From Friday, August 4th, until longer in order to win, he wants to let single people rule more… “Planet came, finally, planet of the apes, the Kaiserstuhl that was spoiled by the monkeys. There, Monday, August 7th, on which Allich can find a way how he and the Affen: Survival “is meanwhile - Prevolution and Planet of the Apes - the participants dive into a More information at fred-Schladerer-Platz in Staufen. Living his Tribe in Peace is the ninth feature film in the franchise. Revolution in theaters. (fwb) magnificent, colorful country- www.schauinsland-klassik.de. BERT KOHL'S VIEW OF THINGS The finest jazz at the open air in the park Klaus Doldinger’s Passport & Max Mutzke guarantee the finest jazz at the end of the open air in the park on Friday, August 4th, starting at 8 p.m. The world-famous saxophonist Klaus Doldinger has been on stage for over 60 years and during this time has made a decisive contribution to jazz from Germany playing on the international stage. He is also one of the most successful composers of film music and TV theme songs. Tickets are available from the Tourist Information Bad Krozingen, on 07 63 3/40 08-16 4 and online at www.bad-krozingen.info. RK / Photos: Organizer / pin KREUZWORTRÄTSEL jump high- world- academy- kose- public- radio- living- ownership- Labans with organic word for liche wave- salad display- over-mountain- sation degree area being- daughter large - Radio ingredient FREIBURG-NORD schlag schnee (abbr.) (Abbr.) Mother tion (abbr.) Researcher pronoun (AT) SA MS TAG FREIBURG-HAID flexible WEIL AM RHEIN celebratory- LÖRRACH Tag- Mole liche raub- www. ernst-koenig.de SCHOPFHEIM official costume vogel italie- MODERN ADVERTISING N AC HT 29 ° 19 ° nisch: DAY three FRIDAY TWO- NEEDS MODERN MEDIA. Papa- Ab- Strasbourg Tübingen sch- 30 ° geien- water- Offenburg meal Call, we will be happy to advise you! name rinnen FRANCE kar (Kw.) Nec S O N N TAG Foreign word part: Figure in 'Nathan Abbrev .: Tel. 07633 / 93311-0 Word part: Country evening. Him- der Ämter Wirt- mels- nicht Weise'schaft color Ettenheim not smooth ng • Circulation: 24,350 • Total circulation: 283.58 L ND LAND LA 5 • www.w zo.de BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG Endingen Waldkirch 27 ° MARKGRÄFLER January 2016 • 31 . Jahrga BURG • HEITER SHEIM • TELEGR AMM Schwenningen Nr.r 2 • 13. MÜLLHEIM • NEUEN Müllheim hnbereic iert Police inform t im. Security is the title of the Sutter, r Breisach Denzlingen Villingen, Greek Wohnber Wo W by Ulrike V rtrages Before a lecture, Police Headquarters Freiburg. In a Colmar Freiburg 26 ° 18 ° informier this info N AC H T TLICH ... Keep with correct Ve goddess, conduct V TODAY NAME caller (grandchildren-person unknown nd courier: eldeten TAG inappropriate at the ... in the Rebla Claire Lattick), at 31 ° r the front door, local things Danube son to en W We from Wertsach mother d. to Ernst, Maximili f ich, Caroline. Keep the help too Helfrich, more. croix, Luis a and many other things at the presentation lecture screed, Katharin yr at 19 Schulte-O r Lea Flury, listeners can, January 19, Kaiser, F lk, Luisa, Sarah Leinin- on Tuesday Winde Falk, Fa k Müllheim Mediathe Emelie Lämmlin Laemlin, Samuel Uhr in der V Ve lterr ist ranstalt organizer Martine ger, Seifert, Claudia L, vinia Weber, W We r Regina ber, Horning, vinia Horning, Alisa d agen. Questions for the Ve V rein Generatio Verein h i n Netz Feldberg Land-arab. Naum- mann- säch- film from engl. Zupfburger Steven pronoun: Roman argues instru- Dom-Franz. Licher article Player from King Mulhouse Müllheim Biowetter ment figure Article Berg Schaffhausen Konstanz Bo a Lörrach The circulatory system only causes problems for the body. Part of the case part of the 32 ° Basel SWITZERLAND Rhine 30 ° wise, the productivity and concentration is impaired. meers 965-ww-254

6 REVIEW: COVERNIGHTS IN MÜLLHEIM REBLANDKURIER AUGUST 2, 2017 A crowd puller “COVERNights” in Müllheim drew over 4,000 music fans under their spell in Müllheim. Both bands have long since made it, and they are just a few of the well-known “COVER” hits that made the Muellheimer “COVER” the evening an unforgettable one. Singer Carsten Siebert “Had Nights” was a lot of obvious fun and was always looking for established crowd-pullers. Also again the closeness to the audience the 14th edition moved again to sing together with the fans. They were thrilled, 4,000 people on the Markswing their arms in Himgräfler Platz, they experienced a melody, sang along and wanted to rock the “Bounce” until the pavement shook. Photo: jh band line-up that made the difference - the five musicians couldn't have been any lighter. let go of the stage. But there was still another high-super in tune from the pre-light that evening. group SoulRausch, the cover band Vivien was enchanted. Friday evening was all about berte all Helene Fischer fans. Rock and pop. The cover band From the beginning, the singer Look Sharp impressed with the small music event. in a long white evening dress, hits by Roxette and with Das Motto on Saturday evening she placed a fast-paced and authentic performance. After that plowed the ger? ”. And how popular the German stage. On a trip, “Bon Jovi tribute band Bounce is still the best hit, here to infinity”, she kidnapped Markgräfler Platz and rocked the crowded Mark- the fans and brought them “breathless until the pavement shook. The charisgräfler Platz. through the night". The well-known matic front man Oliver Hen- Die Coververband Abenteuerland, hits like “Vergabe und vergesrich stood from beginning to end, who came from Braunschweig, sen”, “Marathon” and “Always under high tension and ripped them had loads of hits from Pur im this fever again ”literally left the masses with me. Musically luggage. “Listen carefully”, “Adventure fans cheer and the Schlagerher-“ Vivien enchanted all Helen Fi enthusiasts on both evenings. Photo: jh at the very highest level, enthusiasm “,” “Indians” and “Lena” zen beat faster. (jh / ykr) scher fans. Photo: ykr “Look Sharp” thrilled with hits from Roxette. Photo: jh The band "Abenteuerland" had loads of pure hits in their luggage ... ... and also included the audience. Photos: ykr ON THE RATHAUSPLATZ SUMMER GARDEN IN NEUENBURG IN NEUENBURG 24th Neuchâtel Lots of summer and even more music SUMMER GARDEN For the 24th time, the summer garden is being held in Neuchâtel / One of the highlights in the Neuchâtel am Rhein region. In Neuchâtel, summer instruments and, precisely after that, festivals from July 29 to August 19, 2017, are part of the tradition of tuned songs alongside the Rhine. Since 1993, the German Open Air Purity Law has been held on the Rathausplatz in August every year on the basis for the constant - free admission - Saturday the mayor's high-quality “free beer party Joachim Schuster brought to life” quality. The rough alpine rock, Saturday, July 29th, 7.30 p.m. open summer garden on the Rat- hits directly from the après ski bar, The Teddyshakers hausplatz. Great music and the freshly harvested mood The Freiburg Rock'n'Roll cult band excellent hospitality by cracker from the hot Mallor- the local gastronomy has brewed with traditional ben the summer garden to German cult hits ensure the highlight in the region will be the perfect Free beer - Saturday, August 5th, 7:30 p.m. leave. schung. presented by Route 66 The city of Neuchâtel am Rhein started oldies, rock, pop classics of the 60s-90s summer garden on it with its partners, last Saturday, July 29th. hears the Sparkasse Markgräfler- There was the Freiburg Rock’n’Rollland, the brewery Ganter GmbH Saturday, August 12th, 7.30 p.m. Cult band “The Teddyshakers” Since 1993 there has been a summer garden on Rathausplatz in Neuchâtel.& Co.KG, the winery Augge Kim Carson is a guest on the Rathausplatz. Photo: private Schäf eG, Lieler Schlossbrun singer and songwriter from New Orleans - Country - The band and AUMA Riester are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. Already in the year 2000 came the American "transformed the band" Frei- GmbH & Co. KG as well as the Baden-Mal the Teddyshakers singer and guitarist the beer "with their six musi- ova AG & Co. KG succeeded Saturday, August 19, 7.30 p.m. at the Freiburg ZMF for the first time to Europe. Back then, master brewers and a Saturday evening program to a sold-out mirror tent, luck brought her to the south - lovely beer queen with a lot of swaddling, where the guests like - "Free beer" - "Greetings from the Oktoberfest" on the stage. Germany and since then, the charm and warmth of life is not even deep in your pocket. The second evening of the New Dreiländereck your point of contact joy the town hall square have to intervene. (mu) With the kind support of: burger Sommergartens is on for their annual tours. large open air marquee. Saturday, August 5th, with the band Meanwhile, she has not only got enough Regardless of age Please note: If Route 66 is bad, an oldie night, away from Germany, but also in “free beer”, the event will be carried out carefully . Under the motto “Let's all of Europe”, the hit mix over the counter was canceled due to countless selected people. Infotelephone dance and have fun, fun, fun… “has been taking place in the last 15 years and the edge of the stage. Only the al- 0 76 31/79 10 on Fridays from 2 p.m. Wines with Enjoyment starts at 7.30 p.m. the oldie has won a huge fan base. The best ingredients from classic until 4 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 night, with a colorful mix. Every year they bring them to their traditional as well as traditional in-p.m. until 12 noon. ten live program of rock and tour new, excellent music and pop classics from the 60s to 90s from the American music years. Hits from CCR, the Rolling Sikszene with - preferably na-Stones, Beatles, Mamas & Papas, of course from New Orleans. The Manfred Man, Status Quo, Hol- people like their warm reads, Jethro Tull lure young and kind and the natural- old onto the dance floor. The evening with which she is after one is accompanied by the Sparkasse Mark Show among the guests. Graeflerland presents. The last evening of the newcomer- A. Schächtele [email protected] · www.taxi-grether.de Winzerkeller Auggener Schäf eG On the B3 | 79424 Auggen Tel. 07631 / 3680-0 | www.auggener-wein.de On Saturday, August 12th, at Burger Sommergartens Friedhofstrasse 2 79395 Neuenburg Winzerkeller Laufener Altenberg at 7.30 p.m., it goes with Kim Carson, on Saturday, August 19, from 7.30 p.m. 0 76 31-7 44 43 • Long-distance journeys • Courier journeys Weinstrasse 48 | 79295 Sulzburg-Laufen Tel. 07634 / 5605-0 | www.laufener-weine.de a singer and songwriter watch the Oktoberfest at the Rat- [email protected] • Sick trips from New Orleans, and her band hausplatz. Entirely under the motive A. Schächtele and on a doctor's order “The Real Deal” continues. Your Schnipp-Schnapp-Team • Minibus up to 8 people

STAUFEN Gewerbestrasse 3 PFAFFENWEILER Schwabenmatten 5 traditional costume and music groups have always been part of the opening. The wine festival is a popular meeting point on all four days. Photos: ykr Wine, enjoyment and conviviality 63rd Markgräfler Wine Festival from August 4th to August 7th, on the Alfred-Schladerer-Platz in Staufen Staufen. The 63rd Markgräfler employed. From Friday to Monday The start of the Weinfest Weinfest takes place from Friday, 4th, the visitors can see more than 300 forms the festive opening August to Monday, August 7th in different wines, over 50 parade through the Staufener Old town. Staufen instead. The Markgräfler wine sparkling wine and sparkling wines as well as the Staufen town music, the Mu wine festival has been tasting various fine brandies since 1954, the sikverein Grunern, the riders of the 26 wine cooperatives of the Freiburg vigilante group, organizes traditional costumes. First there was a change in the wineries of the southernmost groups from Heitersheim, Stau-Fest between the wine-growing villages of Germany's sun terrace, Ballrechte-Dottingen, and the Markgräflerland. 1973 has to be presented. Schallstadt and Auggen as well as the event has its permanent home. Eight wine fountains and 14 musicians' train of the fire brigade mat on the Alfred-Schladerer-Weinlauben offers the Wein-Staufen and the Markgräfler Platz found in Staufen. Freund's entire range of wine brotherhoods provide Markgräfler wines and sects. an atmospheric setting. It is already a tradition that there are 13 snack and delicatessen stalls in three carriages, the Badi a large selection of types of wine, the little or even the queen of wines with their wines, qualities and vintages can be very hungry due to a wide variety of Among other things, the princesses and the honorary We would like to welcome you together with the is presented. The culinary offer is listed, the Gutedel variety mirror is driven to the square with guests and the Wolfenweiler flat share at the Staufen wine festival! be the variety of Gutedel. In addition to down-to-earth, over 50 wines. The viewers receive from Win- mit over 50 wines, offers such as “Stribili”, Flam- Photo: mu zerhand a glass of Gutedel is handed out. In addition, the range of cake, pizza, cheese specialties (RK) of the red wines of the Markgräflerlan- taten, crepes, ham, and a solid component of the wine festival is shown. So you can try different pasta dishes and tes is the big amusement park 63rd Markgräfler Weinfest, Alfredben Spätburgunder also red white specialties from the grill will be on the east side of the festival area. Schladerer-Platz, Staufen, start: ne of the varieties Cabernet-Sauvig- offer of dishes from two different The company Kurz from Freiburg offers- Friday, August 4th, end: Monday, non, Merlot, Schwarzriesling and renowned Baden chefs are served here Among other things, Autoscoo- August 7th, entry to the wine festival It ensures good food - “the fl exible Gastroadresse” to taste Regent. It will be expanded. Michelin-starred chef Fritz Zehner ter and a children's carousel for is free every day, Friday from 7 days from 6:00 am - all-round warm cuisine from the top-class restaurant "Stube" in Pfaf - large and small. At the center - 6 p.m., Saturday from 5 p.m., Sunday party service - 80 rooms - own event hall for red wine cuvées. It goes without saying thatweiler and Siegfried Faller vom len stage is on all four days from 11 a.m., Monday from 5 p.m., more Fallerhof Hausen · 0 76 33 44 00 · www.fallerhof.de wines from all the quality restaurant “Fallerhof” in Hausen For a varied menu of music, go to www.markgraefler-wein- stufen, from QbA to ice wine, offer specialties from Baden. sikprogramm provided. ev.de/markgraefler-weinfest-2014/% Great price reduction on all e-bikes% Attention! We've moved! Innere Neumatten 8, 79219 Staufen Tel. 07633.8080910 Mark! # R W i t The opening of the Staufen wine festival on Friday evening will probably be as colorful as every year. Photos: ykr n Wettelbrunnerstrasse 13 2017 79219 Staufen Fri 6.00 p.m. Telephone 076 33/80 03 33 / TP BTYeP] RPYZ ^^ PY ^ NSLQ_PY Auggen Britzingen Cell phone 01 74/6 14 87 80 5.00 p.m. [email protected] Castellberg-Keller Sunday 11.00 a.m. Ehaben Efringen-Kirchen Monday 5.00 p.m. Ehrenkirchen Visit Hügelheim ue n an s on your daily: We look forward to a wine festival Laufen St • gr W and gust 2017. at - 07. A u Pfaffenweiler 04. • Schliengen-Müllheim Wolfenweiler • "• V" bbb # XL] VR] LPQWP] BPTY # P`

8 FROM THE MARKGRÄFLERLAND REBLANDKURIER AUGUST 2, 2017 IN BRIEF POLICE NOTES Chamber music Aufbrecher Badenweiler. At the Donners-Heitersheim. On Sunday, August 3, at 4 p.m., July 23, Unbe- in the Catholic Church St. Kenne in the Johanniterstraße Peter in Badenweiler im Rah- in Heitersheim, at the car park there was a series of “Chamber music at the sports area , the car in the course chaplaincy ”a concert by a holiday guest broke up with works by the Germans and Chen. In the period from 3:25 p.m. French Romanticism for until 3:40 p.m. the Fens soprano and organ by Charles terscheibe of the Dutch Gounod, Camille Saint-Saëns, car with a stone damaged Johann Georg Herzog and Josef and from the carriage a green Gabriel Rheinberger was held. The army backpack stolen. The soprano Dorothea Riegerrin was only accompanied on the organ by Klaus Nepple, who also played Wer- Unduzo: A-cappella-Songs with a lot of pun in the Weinstetter Hof the vehicle papers, the damage to property weighs no organ solo . The concert by Unduzo, the five-piece vocal noise, was fully occupied. And how do you set a moose birth to music? However, while far higher. Admission is free, a collection band from Freiburg, Leipzig and Hamburg, who were invited to a song about photography on Saturday evening, asked the audience to decide where the jerk was. Weinstetter Hof created a great atmosphere. To make a selfie of the band itself, on which in the background the sack or to the song or the composed and texted songs, which were sung a cappella- band can be seen, which give a real rush of the audience to perpetrators can, sit down, dealt with original content, such as the front edge of the stage. Laughing tears was the order of the day when the beatbo-please with the police in Müllheim, Jewish traces position, have spring all year round, or a Hausxer, the mouth drummer, started a song about his life. Telephone 0 76 31/17 880, in Ver Sulzburg. At the coming steward whose Bible is the house rules. The audience was finally asked again when it came to establishing a bond. Sunday, August 6th, one will be included right from the first song by adding sound effects to the song about the moaning. To complain, everyone was given a guided tour to the Jewish spuers and they quickly learned that it is not that easy, the reason: the concert was over after only two hours. held in Sulzburg. The situation is different for a sea breeze and a mountain storm. The cable fire event starts at 2 p.m. Neuchâtel. On Friday with a cemetery tour. At evening, July 21, at around 7 pm, 3.30 pm, a city clock joins passers-by in the Müllheimer Erinnern means also trading tour. Interested parties are invited to a street in Neuchâtel that draws the attention of Jewish cars, from what past of the city smoke arose. The passers-by feel and learn something from the presumed inside the car, the Sulzburg Jews meeting with concentration camp survivors from Poland in Müllheim and the Müllheim Peace Council which with thick smoke. The meeting point is the one that was full, one more person. Entrance to the cemetery at 2 p.m. in Müllheim. This year to your wishes: Never again hate To be sure about it at the campsite Alte Sä- fifth time visited on Einla- und Krieg! procure, struck the first mill. Parking spaces are located at the Friedensrat Markgräf- And there was still time for helpers before the arrival of the 100 or so women up the valley, who spoke and exchanged experiences between the fire brigade and two window panes at the swimming pool. Men and children in concentration camps in personal contact. In doing so, they won. Fortunately, the assumption should not be confirmed by a headboard about the individual fate. were imprisoned and are currently under cover. Meeting point for the Polish guests to talk about the fire brigade The arriving fire brigade city tour is the market of the Maximilian Kolbe factory, and also about how they managed to break out the cable fire at 3:30 pm. are in Münstertal, Müllheim. Bringing memories of previous atrocities under control. can contribute to preventing new ones. First they met on the dern. Because remembering remains empty, according to Für Senioren Friedhof in Müllheim. Here are meetings with concentration camp survivors from Poland. Photo: In private, everyone involved agreed, witnesses wanted in Müllheim. The DRK district - children of former forced labor - if it does not act for a Neuchâtel. The police in the Müllheim association invites you to bury the rinnen from Poland, the day of liberation from fascism, because he is a German woman looking for a loving coexistence of the Müllheim after a Tuesday, August 8th, at 2.30 p.m. after the end of the Second World May 8th in this place. te. Uli Rodewald made the guests grow up today. The driver of a car who died of its consequences on Saturday at a game afternoon. After that, in Niederweiler, with the story of this love in the past, they were obliged to go to the Rotkreuzhaus in Müllheim today on the evening of the day, July 22nd, around 10.30pm. Anne-Katrin Vetter informed the known about the plaque for the Polish Germany. On stones, act, for a peaceful get-together - Watch in Neuchâtel, on the crown For the afternoon of games, guests can live about the recurring slave labor Julian Garlewicz who were put down on the board - the people and the rain at the traffic light cross there - from the DRK The transport service organ- action of the Peace Council on the year, who were hanged in 1942, wrote the Polish women to Völker. (RK) can only be narrowly summarized as one. Registration missed. The driver of a car drove through the DRK service center: Tel. 07631 / 1805-0. Flea market Professionally, had nothing to do with refugees. However, the car stopped suddenly. Police take stock of the refugee crime in Neuchâtel / number of suspects increased in the middle of the intersection. Muellheim. Also in this After a few moments year, the Hudlis organize Neuchâtel. “Professionally, I had the least law in Neuchâtel. If one considers the potential for conflict arose, the driver drove his goods flea market to the sport - so far nothing to work, ”said Lei- underscored these two laws without a place for the Rosenburg School. At the refugees in the Neuchâtel ter of the Müllheim police station, 116 suspects remain in sheltered accommodation. These are to be done on the oncoming August 5th is not only for flea refugee accommodation ”, First Police Chief Inspector Diegranten in 2015 and 122 and 262 the police are quite labor-intensive. Traffic to watch out for left market fans quite a bit. said the head of the police station ter Seywald. in the following years. In order to cope with such con - in the direction of Neuchâtel city - In addition to the sales booths, Police Chief Commissioner Peter Dan - Nevertheless, with the sti - predominantly offenses such as conflicts were in the past middle. At this moment for adults, the favorable offer, with the presentation of the huge number of refugees also theft, bodily harm, an oncoming child place could also be offered to the minimum statistics on demand from their number under suspicion - sneaking lines sets. Only for the adjustment of the car drivers only a hair-cut offspring the possibility her the Neuchâtel municipal council. increased. Goods 2014 (fare dodging) as well as dew situation, without later escaping a collision. To supplement the pocket money. That speaks for the successful integra- still 270 refugees or asylum-stimulant crime. reports, such as the area manager, the driver of the endangered car. The railway is also used for some gration of refugees and advertisers among the suspects. The unadjusted statistics were added. However, why this big one continued its ride in rich rides expected. For the body asylum seekers in the Zähringer, the number of which is required to 459 per year, including violations of personnel deployment, continued to Müllheim. The driving well-being is also urban as well as a good job from 2015 and 615 last year. The asylum procedure or residence he clarified with a witness is now asked to take care. Information and registrations for social workers and voluntary workers. As far as the numbers for the Revierhaltsgesetz (Revierhaltsgesetz) indicate, for newcomers, shaky mobile phone video that is with the police in Mülheim, call 0 76 31/93 83 02 for supervisors. area, which the castle also shows a total of 98 in 2016, such as a person sharing a room on 0 76 31/17 880, in or [email protected]deli.de. “What community and violations of the asylum procedure, suspects, eleven fewer men and police officers with one connection. As far as auxiliary accommodation is concerned, have the pension law and the residence permit as in the year before. Knife attacks. (anl) Summer festival Waldorf kindergarten With music, games and pony rides, the summer festival with “open day” of the Waldorf kindergarten Markgräflerland in Müllheim offered all kinds of things for young and old. The focus was on the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Waldorf kindergarten. Parents and educators were happy about the appreciation of their educational work by the city of Müllheim, which was expressed by the visit of Mayor Astrid Siemes-Knoblich and the head of education Michael Kaszubski on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the facility. RK / Photo: private

REBLANDKURIER 2.AUGUST 2017 SPORT AKTUELL 9 SC INTEAM T he second half of the week suc- cessfully finished talking about getting hot; and the second leg against NK Domzale, not only because of the weather, necessary. "It will be a tight box, especially for professionals and fans", Christian Streich of the Bundesliga and Europe had already warned before the first leg. League qualifiers SC Freiburg. After that, the head coach saw himself confirmed tomorrow, Thursday, 3rd Au- des SC Freiburg. Indeed, it says in the Slovenian the SC was clearly the better man capital Ljubljana the back, could have won the game in the penultimate qualification round 2: 0 or 3: 0 to get into the - if exploited the largest group stage of UEFA Europa scoring opportunities in both Sei League. The game will be played at May 21st, a 4: 1 would have been okay. The trophy went to the Ambassadors from the USA again in a small but ultra-modern setting with a capacity of 16,000 spectators - but it did not turn out that way. With the narrow 1-0 victory through the An absolute crowd puller, the Atomic Baseball Classic-Tur- dem of the Americans and the team from Alsace in parts of the Stozice stadium. The SWR (Fern- the goal of Petersen from the 20th nier, which tied on the weekend with five games for excitement and good, and which finally saw 9: 8 from the Ambassadors) and baden.fm (radio) game minute, it remains exciting. The spectators were in a good mood. Three matches were won. In the final, the US Ambassadors met again, broadcast live. A four-digit advantage Freiburg: Because on Saturday, the hosts, the Neuchâtel Atomics, the Neuchâtel Atomics, which seemed to have a bad day : 0, as well as against NEN, on the other hand with astonishing decisions of the referees - will accompany the SC and the Alsace All Stars won 10: 2 against Konyaspor and Rotterdam. In the third game the US Ambassadors had to suffer, so that the game with 3:14 to the Americans for a place in the so- - behind the "zero" could be secured 9: 5 against the Alsace All Stars went, who - as in previous years - support the play-offs called play-offs. the SC wins with just one hit. The semi-finals on Sunday were extremely exciting when they were allowed to. gei / Photos: gei Should the sporty coup through in Ljubljana point to play - an away win, a draw offs, because then or a defeat with only Domzale the SC defensive would have to be at least one goal apart, at least three times "Crack" what RK-SERIES: PEOPLE IN REBLAND at least one hit of the normal form of the Freiburg SC, succeeded on Thursday evening - for the Slovenes rather difficult, the tension would also appear. If all goes well, receive Armando Basile on Friday 4th August. Then there will be a good lot in Nyon (CH), which might even come with a good lot on Friday, if THE HEITERSHEIMER FUHR AROUND THE WORLD SIX TIMES - BY BICYCLE drawing of the play-off games should take place. Players and fans on Sunday 6th. Well-known August would celebrate together the season 1.2 million kilometers is Ar- night, because then we- potential opponents at the SC start: The Basile family starts at 12 o'clock from Heitersheim niger traffic. Just waiting, because next to the winners lay day in the Black Forest Stadium, so far ridden by bike. In tralia it was a bit late at night. The third qualifying round from 3:15 pm is followed by the official one. He is known worldwide as “Arfährlich. The kangaroos are then also the losers of the team presentation and from now on, an Italian cyclist from the habit in the mock Champions League qualification at 5 pm, the SC then kicks Germany ”. Werferlicht had only started to stay in the pot. Before that, however, is the FC Turin. Frank Rischmüller everything 33 years ago, with back pain and just before you hit the road. The doctor said to come and jump. When he asked him that he had to do something, he was never afraid of swimming or cycling. Because it was Weilig to go swimming to longest countries, he began with the “No, you are not allowed to ride a bike either. He was 37 at the time, otherwise you could be years old. He went to stay at home with his wife. “Unfortunately, he and the son have not been through many countries in the past few years. Later, when the woman died, only experienced beautiful things. He went out alone and on his bike: Armando Basile. Photo: privately de ambushed three times and started to travel the world. Well his last tour he had two is he just returned from his last the US. The USA is his love - almost without financial means - accidents. Come back considering the many tour. In the lingsland he revealed that there he was coming. Fortunately, very few kilometers for the flights. Time from September 24, 2016 to already fifteen times. Back in Heitersheim he plans to take out guest and travel insurance for June 22nd, 2017. He has 29,179 friendships and willingness to help- he needs money. Otherwise there is already his next tour. Kilometers on his bike among the people there, he says, with a minimum amount. A dental operation forced him to go back and cross 19 countries. Unique in Germany. But no matter what country he's been to. In countries he has been to several times, he is on a longer break due to newspaper breaks, which is why he now went to the south with his 40 children at the youth camp, the people were nice, they gave him interviews, Radio or television partner a living room also at this year's youth camp of SV Ballrechte-Dottingen to Turkey and then to India a place to sleep, recordings already well known, biltour through Austria, Kroa with 40 participants again a lot was offered. To fly under the lead. He was invited to dinner from Mumbai or in whole groups. Italy and the south of France were trained by three licensed trainers over three days like Agra he cycled, then it was time to make gifts of money. Often planned in stages over cycling. The bikes are themselves - the professionals. Coordination, technology and combat training were on the program through many Asian countries, he was at restaurants, tank gliding, and most recently on the Phil- understandably, because without, among other things, on the program. RK / Photo: privately on to Indonesia and make truck stops but also ippinen. It is interesting how daily tours do not work. Bali. His 70th birthday is celebrated at bus stops, mostly in mando himself on his journeys. He brought them to Jakarta in his tent, with an average of 150. Now and then he gets orientated because he doesn't have a cell phone - 200 kilometers a day. At the Win airport, there he also has a GPS with him on the people at home. For that he would like to sleep more and more Spain, floor. But this loaded. A good map will also help him. He orientates Portugal and the Spanish traditions don't bother him, as he keeps driving copies of signs along the course of the motorways. And if you are insured. The back of his hand can tolerate items that he carries with him, pull lines, the position of the sun and enough money that saves a good amount of money. The greatest stages and which he distributes to the people. at night also on the moon and has it, next year it will then follow in Australia and so it is not surprising that it has stars. He often cycles out into the big wide world. (ykr)

10 FROM THE MARKGRÄFLERLAND REBLANDKURIER AUGUST 2, 2017 Voluntary work The city of Müllheim and the Helios Clinic thank blood donors and volunteers in Müllheim. In Müllheim, volunteering has long been an indispensable part of the health sector. And this is not only about volunteers in the rescue service or in social institutions such as old people's homes, but also about neighborhood help, movement meetings or self-help groups as well as the accompaniment of patients, for example through the "Green Da- men ”in the HELIOS clinic or the impressive presentation of the hospice and terminal care at the last Frei- Markgräfler hospice group became a special kind of circus performance. On the day before the 2017 summer vacation, in the sports hall in the school center of Die honten Blutspender, Mayor Astrid Siemes-Knoblich (left) and Rita, the secondary school students at the Mathias-von-Neuchâtel school, attended an afternoon Sekinger (second from left) and Willi Stockelmann (right), both from the local DRK club in Müllheim, the photographer. load. Many parents, grandparents and elementary school students followed the invitation and were rewarded with a performance that was well worth seeing. Before, like one of the municipal ones, there was a project week in which the students and music school trainers designed the music and health area in the rooms, especially with regard to blood donors from Müllheim for the Ragazzi circus and teachers of the school program, thanked them Recently the Helios-Klinik Müll - an aging population - had their social commitment. An important aspect of this was that all of the students who attended the city and Helios clinic had followed them home. If you always need to know, you can only say thank you and the committed people participate in the training and in the performance of the great classes 5 to 8. The event is again impressed by how much time it was difficult or impossible for the institution to interpret blood donation for this. In addition to real talents with sometimes daring maneuvers, it also formed the framework for and passion that people lize, but live from the commitment to point out the common good. In the acrobatics on the air ring and on the bikes, one could raise the honor - the official honor of the longtime - for her honorary position. gement der Freiwilligen ", so the Germany is every day results of the juggling training and theater-ready performances" in the direction of Müllheim blood donor "The honorary office is a high mayoress. Last but not least, admire around 15,000 blood donations for le swimming pool and clown insoles. The crowning glory of the mayoress and the goods that need to be preserved, “this is also the reason why the rescue operations were carried out. At the end of the demonstration, a huge pyramid was formed with all the members of the local DRK branch. Mayor Astrid Siemes of the city of Müllheim in front of one and a half transplants for the transferring pupils, which took up the entire length of the grandstand. “They make the difference in Knoblich in their greeting. This is why the online platform action for serious illnesses RK / Photo: private in our city, in our clinic at half the health promotion “Müllheim volunteer exchange” is called into and emergency care is an increasingly important part of life. does. In addition to the badge of honor and critically ill and old people, in future communal tasks, people in the health service, those of Willi Stockel sector or as a blood donor appropriate framework also include the blood donors, Mann and Rita Sekinger from the DRK DRK game afternoon for seniors in the service of all those who create a life, so that the life savers and hope for the local club continue to be handed over were, he Neuchâtel. The DRK-Ortsver- get their money's worth here. The saving blood transfusion to - young doctors settle here and because - many people are looking for healing and also invited the blood donors to Neuchâtel invites you to come together - Fridolinhaus Neuchâtel is bargain. ”With these words, medical care is also life. That is why we used the gift from the city of Müllheim: Accessible to senior citizens for work with the team. Ensure a registered clinic manager in the future. Municipality of Müllheim this event - 10 and 25 blood donations each - one by the DRK district association - is not absolutely necessary. Beatrice Palausch, the representatives of health promotion, to sign up together with the shopping voucher for 50 blood-Müllheim on Wednesday, August 9th. Elsa Granrath from the team of the various initiatives and also interprets, good framework DRK local association, who gust the regular donations the honor glass of the city, at 2.30 p.m. for a DRK senior work stands among groups, which the invitation of the conditions for the honorary office to moderate blood donation campaigns in Müllheim and from 75 blood donations game afternoon to Fridolin- the phone number 0 76 35/89 51 city and the clinic for a meeting, to strengthen it and to promote it- Müllheim, Auggen and Badenweiden Ehrendekanter der Stadt Müll - house Neuchâtel. Friends of the volunteers from abroad for further information, “because many of the services that ler organizes at the long-term home. (RK) Board and card games can be available. (RK) SEASON START ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 6TH, TEAM PRESENTATION: FC EYES KICK-OFF IN EYES AT 5 PM. The team's summer break is well over. In the football association could develop. Kleinmattweg 28 (directly on the B3) 79424 Auggen league is rolling again from the coming weekend compared to last weekend. Giesel sees his team in the season. Then things will be “about the same strength” for the first one as he HEIZÖL • PELLETS • DIESEL team of FC Auggen is serious. says. “Although we have lost a sensational fourth player with Mau- In the team of coach Enzo Minar- rice Fleig, Christian Ophoven and regional di, which last season with Yannick Dogmalla, we lost a sensational fourth player, but with Marco Lief we lost a place was able to finish, Anlicker, Ebou Sowe and Julian stayed on the ground despite their successful performance. gained. In addition, relegation is the name of some of the regular team from goal. That also looks back from the chairmanship abroad and from the Auggen gaming committee injuries breaks. ”This is what Björn Giesel said about AGRICULTURAL • ENERGY • LOGISTICS. “Giesel also sees the past with some- The FC Auggen squad in the 2017/2018 season. Photo: private Bad Krozingen / Hausen · Falkensteinerstr. 6 · Tel. 0 76 33/90 866-0 the same season was a high point in the history of FC Auggen. Muellheim · Unterer Bühl 4 · Tel. 0 76 31/93 634-0. coming season. “They say they have more opportunities than game day. The home game will be on with our small budget and always that you don't like our club. In this respect, we want the narrow squad that we have deteriorated on Sunday, August 20, at 5 p.m. But every season, diligently collecting our points, kicked off. (Must) ben, the fourth place in the table in the association league is right and look, if possible, a great story for us, "he says with difficulty, as there are many good teams - quickly in the top table - and is happy that the ten are involved here, to fix the whole half. Because www.autohaus-roll.de will again have five relegated teams in the coming season. ”Responsible for the team - • Fiat car and van dealer, literally coach Enzo again • Abarth dealer Minardi. That he is the crew of your fitted kitchen. good for the coming task- space to live. • Alfa Romeo and Jeep has already prepared the service partner. We'll take your kitchen • Paint and body work • Workshop of all brands last Sunday proved personally: sen. His team won 3-0 for • Car and mobile home rental competent advice, the association cup game is used • Washing center - textile brushes for gentle washing, joint planning against FC Freiburg-St.Georgen. Freddy Wettlin scored the goals with professional installation. • 5t lifts for mobile homes (2) and newcomer Ebou Sowe • Gas test (1). • Free petrol station The association league starts next Sunday. • From 9 pm petrol station: refuel around the clock. The first opponent is on Sunday, 6. • Autogas / LPG • Natural gas August, the promoted FC Singen 04. The kick-off is at 5 pm in the local Lettenpark. On the second SERVICE matchday, the Minardi team must travel to SC Lahr. This game and service partner service partner wash center takes place on Saturday, August 12th, Tel. +49 (0) 76 31 74 78 89-0 www.weis-kuechenstudio.de Trainer Enzo MInardi has prepared his team well for the coming season 5 p.m. Kehler FV is called Schliengener Straße 25 79424 AUGGEN • ERZWEG 10 ON THE B3 • TEL. 0 76 31/48 84 rides. Photo: in private the opponent then on the third 79379 Müllheim · On the B3

REBLANDKURIER AUGUST 2, 2017 FROM MARKGRÄFLERLAND 11 D´ REBLÜS MEINT Dunderwetter At home in the region 175 years of savings fund - donation to community foundation D Luft isch uf eimol very thick. Müllheim / Weil am Rhein. Reason something back ”. Dr meinsch, mr knows e stick to the joy, the Sparkasse Mark- Lord Mayor Wolfgang drvu took part. E unagnehmi graeflerland. “On July 29, 1842, Dietz was welcomed by the Board of Trustees, of course, about this support. dr whizzing straight away.Municipalities of Tüllingen, Weil, Haltin-Dietz praised the Sparkasse as a Jetz ka s nimmi lang goh, drno gen, Ötlingen and Binzen green-reliable and good partner in schlet dr Blitz drii! And no drno det, ”reports the region's Sparkasse board member, who also started after the war: Ulrich Feuerstein in one fell swoop. “In 1918, the regional customers were well known and all the trimmings and then the name was changed to Bezirks- serv, as did the current Her- dra, s Dunderwetter. D Angscht Sparkasse Weil and in 1972 surely mastered the association's challenges. Stigt bi viile nomol, I worked with the district savings bank. It’s a contractor when s ag- Müllheim. The Sparkasse stands for Friedemann Theil, second chairman het, as in waiting. Un hinteroo isch eomanks Musikverein scored with "Black Summer" reliability! Private customers and municipalities benefit from a zender from the community foundation Weil am Rhein, took the envelope with him and chopped off the air against better For eight years, the once legendary Black Festival disappeared from the scene, but the past special relationship. for sniffing. No matter what weekend it was called “Black Summer” again. Under the auspices of the Sparkasse, the Sparkasse was delighted. He thanked the music club named fir e Dunderwetter, the special event on the forest car park had a successful comeback, on the occasion of the anniversary of one of the foundations for this contribution, with isch. I win ini e ender including cell refreshment. “Great - just like in the past,” said numerous visitors when entering the inviting, unusual action, determined by the sponsorships and activities. Eieri Reblü's decorated festival mile. Supported by friends and helpers, the musicians had a lot to do. Instead of organizing a party, the community foundation continued to chill to give its guests a lively Saturday evening. “The place is filled, which makes it nice to have a lot of money for campaigns. Great for you, ”said Arndt Rüdlin, director of the Britzingen Music Association, welcoming the numerous festival visitors. is spent, does the savings tasks, the foundation has the “Stay, and celebrate with us,” was Rüdlin's request, and young and old also adhered to this. Especially Markgräflerland made a donation, youth and elderly aid, also children's songs the grandiose quarry bar was frequented until the early hours of the morning. The physical well-being was well taken care of, with the band "Fashion Projekt" a guarantee of atmosphere at the start and the weather also contributed to the community foundation Weil am Rhein in the amount of 17,500 euros with public and professional help. She wants to accompany the international mindset, fit. It was also very busy on Sunday. There was a musical morning pint with the motto: “We are in the region of tolerance and understanding of peoples - with the Badenweiler traditional costume band, delicious lunch and a richly stocked cake buffet. At home, we give indulgence to the region. (ila) Müllheim. The Badnerland Quintet entertained children's songs in the afternoon. On Monday, the Musikverein again invited people to join the guitar for lunch: You can do that at the table, with coffee and cake. jh / Photos: jh learn in a workshop that is specially offered for educators, primary school teachers or for everyone involved in youth work and who have little or no previous knowledge. Harmonica friends in Müllheim are looking for players for the project orchestra. It starts on Friday, October 20th, in Müllheim. An Irish night comes to Haaf and the dance formation orchestra for the cast. From 6.30 p.m. to Sunday October 22, accordion fans, rope skippers and others want to. If you are interested, please contact the director. Registration closes on September 30th, Müllheim on November 25th - the accordion music in a gentleman Franco Coali on the phone. Organize information and registration at ber in the community center. Room-filling sound to be presented- 01 71/54 77 286. The rehearsals are provided by the Markgräflerland Music School, the chamber choirs are taking part / 82 46 881. (RK) Müllheim under the direction of Al- there are still a few places in this pro- 5) from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. (RK) Friedemann Theil and Patrick Glünkin. Photo: ila BEIM BAHNHOF 3, NEUENBURG OPENING GALA ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 11 AM TO 1 PM NEW COSMETICS LIFESTYLE OPENING • 10:30 AM cryolipolysis live treatment • 1:00 PM laser anti aging live treatment Mehtap Okcuoglu at Bahnhof 3 79395 Neuchâtel Tel. 07631 79 34 07 [email protected] www.lifestyle-neuenburg.de Mehtap Okcuoglu is looking forward to the new opening together with her team and the participating craft businesses. Photos: private opening gala at Kosmetik Lifestyle Mehtap Okcuoglu opens its own beauty salon in Neuchâtel / interested parties invited to the opening Neuchâtel. Mehtap Okcuoglu the beautician on top of it- drive to Munich, in order to have customers and interested parties have fulfilled a dream: In telt and happily she combines both enjoyment of permanent make-up, warmly invited to the live Neuchâtel, opposite the bus For the perfect beauty styling, nail modeling, anti-aging, permanent treatments at 11 am and 1 pm, at the train station, she has her own from head to toe. In 2004, the serious hair removal by IPL in those facelifting and cryoli- beauty salon exactly according to their Neuchâtel woman for a year in or thread technology, bodyforming polyse (a gentle process of wishes and ideas - Munich in the wellness area by ultratone, podiatry or ra- to eliminate fat cells builds to her regular customers, a hotel, where diofrequency therapy comes to be shown through cold), both of which she has been accompanying for years, whole celebrities of the Bavarian to live just a few treatment methods, to inform themselves into the world by wellness and the capital. To marvel at the beauty from the wide range on offer, to marvel at the new rooms and to pamper you from head to toe with a range of Mehtap Okcuoglu and champagne and canapés. To name interesting experiences. toast the cosmetics specialist. "I take a lot of time for my-" That was an interesting er- The big thanks from Mehtap Ok- ne customers, "Mehtap promises," recalls Mehtap. Opening gala cuoglu applies to all involved hand- Okcuoglu, which has been a cosmopolitan since 1992 Okcuoglu, the happily married- The big opening gala takes place in factories, which at the start- Ricarda Nagel Mühlenstraße 10a | 79232 March-Holzhausen tikerin is active. She previously had tet and has three children. Today on August 5th from 11 am in the hen of your beauty oasis Tel. 07665/9421800 | Fax 07665/9421801 if you have learned the profession of hairdresser, then your customers do not have to go to the new premises. All have worked. (gei) [email protected] | www.trockenbau-breisgau.de CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW OPENING! STRUB Parkett + Bodenbeläge Schallsingen 41 perfectly laid 79418 Schliengen lighting technology Phone 0 76 35/82 47 97 Building technology Mobile 0 170/55 44 709 Eichenweg 28 79395 Neuchâtel-Zienken Fax 0 76 35/82 22 72 Rauchmelder [email protected]uberer-elektrotechnik.de Tel . 0 76 31/74 05 72 Fax 0 76 31/74 05 73 satellite systems www.zuberer-elektrotechnik.de www.strub-boden.de [email protected]