Whose gas is Costco selling

Please don't get me wrong: I don't mind if (small) investors recognize a short squeeze and then want to earn money from it. Completely legitimate. I just don't see when people think that the regulations and laws do not apply to small investors. They have to apply equally to everyone, that's my opinion.

If the professionals, the shortsellers, suffer losses because they speculated, then I have little pity for them. They knew what they were doing (or should know) and that can cost a lot of money if you're wrong.

But ... if these losses were caused by illegal and criminal market manipulation, then these should and must be punished consistently. It doesn't matter whether it hits the rich, professionals or ignorant small investors. "Ignorance does not protect against punishment" applies universally and for everyone. Even for unsuspecting small investors. If that were not the case, one would quickly lose confidence in the functioning of the market and that would harm us all.

P.S .: I don't think shortsellers are bad per se; they just uncover weaknesses and scams in balance sheets and then bet that the price of these stocks will (rightly) crash. What I in turn have no understanding and would not show mercy are targeted short attacks with untruthful claims, with malicious allegations and / or slander. Anyone who makes such acts punishable should also be punished with full severity. And, again, I don't care if it hits big or small, market manipulation endangers the market and all of us. Therefore I am not at all willing to compromise here.

P.P.S .: Thank you for the kind praise. =)