What memory can bring you to tears

6 love films that will move you to tears

Love films hit our emotions and can move you to tears. Ideal for a girls' evening on the sofa or a movie night with your loved one.

Last update: April 26, 2019

Love movies think some men are cheesy, so you're more likely to take your best friend to the movies when a movie like this is shown. But it's also nice with your partner Love movies to see when he holds you in his arms while your tears flow ...

Love films move us to tears

When we watch love films, we are often overwhelmed by emotions, we identify with the characters and howl like the castle dogs, tremble with them, are happy with them and mourn as if we were ourselves in the situation portrayed in the film.

Love films are therefore ideal for switching off, for relieving stress, for forgetting the hectic everyday life. We immerse ourselves in the film and let our feelings run free. And let's see with our better half or best friendLove movies, we don't have to be ashamed of our tears either.

We have one for you a small selection of six love films put togetherwith which you can experience heartbreak and emotions for a weekend in crap weather or even just one night at a pajama party.

Some films are classics, others may be new to you:

Forget Me Not!

The film was made in 2004 and could be a classic, but it is little known to us. The action takes place on several levels, in which the viewer first experiences the romance and later the relationship of a couple on one level.

On a second level After the separation, both partners undergo a process that erases all memories of the other.

The viewer realizes how important memories are and how valuable they are for us and our life experience. You learn that negative memories can also be positive and that everything you experience makes you who you are.

Erasing the past dream woman from memory is not entirely successful ...

Like a single day

This film, also from 2004, is set In a nursing home where an old man reads a chapter of a love story to an old woman every day. The woman has Alzheimer's disease and no longer knows who this man is who visits her every day to read the love story.

As the film progresses it becomes clear that it is the two are a couple who wrote their own love story together when the woman was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

In this respect, this film is also about the loss of memories. Sometimes the most precious thing we have left ...


One THE classic among love films. Who hasn't sobbed along yetwhen “Rose” (Kate Winslet) mourns her “Jack” (Leonardo di Caprio)? Who hasn't had a tiny piece of heart broken while watching when “Rose” lets the “Heart of the Ocean” necklace slide into the sea?

P.S. I love you

This love story, which was released in 2007, is almost a classic: A pair of lovers is separated by death, a malignant brain tumor puts an end to their brief but intense happiness.

But to make it easier for her to survive after his death, he wrote 12 letters to her before his deathwho are supposed to make sure that she goes on and lives her life. In the letters he also gives her a task that she should solve within a certain time ...

Ghost message from Sam

Actually a pretty old film from 2000, but still one of those love films that you can watch over and over and tears flow every time ... In this film, too, a pair of lovers is separated by death, here by murder.

As a spirit, the beloved perceives the danger for his bereaved and tries to contact them through a mediumto warn them. He also has a job to do that she should finish for him.

Enjoy love films alone or in company!

No matter which of these love films you are going to watch: have enough tissues ready and prepare popcorn beforehand. Have the drinks ready and let the film take you and your emotions into other worlds ...

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