How do you assess a situation exactly?


OperatorsExplanationexampleRequirement area I (AFB I)callenumerate without further explanations; Gather information in a targeted manner without evaluating it"Name the central theses of the factual text."describe
→ Description of person
→ Image description
Exact, detailed, factual representation of people, processes and situations without evaluations and explanations"Describe the structure of the poem." "Describe the structure of the parabola."to represent
Explain content, connections, problems under a specific question in a factual manner; Objectively depicting structures and situations"Present the main features of Paul Watzlawick's communication theory." "Present the author's reasoning."sum up
→ Table of contentsContents, contexts or texts compressed, i.e. only containing the essentials (aspect-oriented or linear), and write it linguistically structured in your own words."Summarize Goethe's Erlkönig in your own words." "Summarize the results of the study."
→ Erlkönig (table of contents)Requirement area II (AFB II)analyze,
Develop characteristics of a text, facts or context in a criteria-oriented or aspect-based manner and present them in a coherent manner; Check criteria or standards with specific issues"Analyze the beginning of the novel in relation to the narrative perspective / figure constellation." "Investigate whether Schiller's conception of art is recognizable in this text."justifya statement or a fact through comprehensible (Text-)Support arguments"Explain why the present excerpt can be assigned to the epoch of Sturm und Drang."characterize
→ characterizationPeople, processes, facts (often from literary text) aptly describe and show their function for the course of the text or the narrated world"Characterize the protagonist Ronja the robber's daughter from Astrid Lindgren's work of the same name."classify,
to relate,
Facts with your own prior knowledge in one (historical, literary, thematic etc.) Make context; Establish connections based on given / self-chosen points of view"Arrange the work in terms of literary history." "Arrange the ring parable in the plot of the drama" Nathan the Wise "."explain,
to explain
Clarify materials, facts or theses, classify them in a context and justify them (possibly with additional information and examples)"Explain on the basis of selected aspects to what extent the core idea of ​​Sturm und Drang manifests itself in" The Robbers "."open up,
work out
derive certain facts from materials that are not explicitly mentioned, that is, in an unambiguous way"Work out the history of the lovers from the excerpt at hand."to compare,

→ Poetry comparisonRepresent and determine problem-related commonalities and differences as well as similarities according to given or self-chosen criteria"Compare the descriptions of nature in the works by Claudius and Brentano."Requirement area III (AFB III)judgeComment on the facts or statements and use specialist knowledge and methods to arrive at a justified assessment"Assess the importance of the image of God shown in the text today."evaluatelike the previous operator "judge", but also justify and explain your own standards"Rate Innstetten's behavior towards Effi Briest."take position
→ OpinionFormulate a well-founded, differentiated and also judgmental insight into opinions, problems, statements (cf. evaluate and judge)"Take a well-founded position on the thesis formulated by Walther Wortwuchs."to discuss,
deal with each other
Develop an argumentation for a problem or assertion that concludes with a justified evaluationDiscuss the way in which the specification of a literary canon determines it itself.check,
Examine a text statement, thesis, argumentation, state of affairs on the basis of one's own knowledge and insights as well as knowledge of the text for appropriateness and arrive at results"Check the validity of the thesis that the crucial question has nothing to do with religion in relation to" Faust I "."discussRecognize the complexity of a problem, statement or thesis and develop your own thoughts in this regard, whereby you have to arrive at your own judgmental judgment, from which it can be seen that different viewpoints have been weighed up."Discuss the claim that compulsory schooling for ten years is detrimental to the child's well-being and free development."design,
Work on tasks creatively. It is conceivable, for example, to convert a creative idea into your own result on the basis of a work and its creative or content-related form."Draw up a continuation of the story." "Create a storyboard for Act 1 of Mary Queen of Scots."developExplain and develop your own train of thought on a topic and draw conclusions from it"Develop your own position for the introduction of Germany-wide framework plans for German lessons."interpretUse an analysis to develop meaningful relationships from materials in order to arrive at a coherent overall design"Interpret the first stanza of the poem in relation to all subsequent stanzas of the ballad."General operators (All requirement areas)interpret,

→ Poetry analysisOpening up the text (Content, structure, stylistic devices, etc.); task-related embedding (Time, environment, etc.); Judgment with justification, which emerges from the explanations; Presentation of the results as coherent text (Structure, expression, technical language, cite correctly and substantiate)“Interpret the poem“ Die Bürgschaft ”by Friedrich Schiller. (fictional text); Analyze ... (non-fictional text) "discussCapturing the problem; possibly definition of important terms; Development of an outline; explanatory or interpretative reproduction of the original text with regard to the respective problem; Methodological knowledge of both the dialectical and linear process of discussion; argumentative consideration of opposing positions; Contribution of specialist knowledge; Creating contexts related to the task; Use of argumentation strategies that are suitable and development of an independent argumentation; Formulation of a judgment that is logically derived from the argumentation; Bringing in one's own point of view; Presentation of the work results as a coherent text (Structure, expression, technical language, cite correctly and substantiate)"Discuss the statement 'To write a poem after Auschwitz is barbaric!" By Theodor Adorno "shapeCapture the text template (appropriate); Inclusion of contextual knowledge related to the task; Structuring the design; Use of task-related patterns in relation to the respective type of text, possibly use of suitable rhetorical means; task-related writing of a text; imaginative and also independent text design; Compliance with the task-specific reference to the template and consideration of the specified communicative context"Design a leaflet with which the narrator from Borchert's short story" The Kitchen Clock "searches for his relatives."