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Profile: Publishing house for holistic research and culture (VGFK)

Publishing house for holistic research and culture (VGFK)

Status of the article: 1996 UPDATE

Seat: 25850 Bondelum / North Frisia

owner: Roland Bohlinger

Authors: The book-order catalog of the publishing house for holistic research and culture includes works by Robert Hepp, David Irving, Otto Ernst Remer, Paul Rassinier, Paul Findley, Johannes von Leers and Pierre Krebs. Roland Bohlinger himself published The German Eastern Territories from a historical-political and international law perspective (Ed.), Together with Eustace Mullins The bankers conspiracy and together with Johannes Peter Ney Expert opinion on the question of the authenticity of the so-called Wannsee Protocol. The publisher offers Hans Schick (The older Rosicrucianism), Franz Egon Lützeler (Behind the scenes of world history, three volumes) and Friedrich Hasselbacher (Freemasonry exposed, 3 volumes).

Characteristic: The publishing house, which used to be based in Struckum and Viöl, publishes facsimile editions of right-wing and fascist standard works from the 1920s and 1930s in its "Archive Edition" series, such as Odal by Johannes von Leers, The rule of the inferior by Edgar Julius Jung, Germania by Johannes Scherr, Prehistory of the German tribes by Hans Reinerth, The de-Germanization of West Prussia and Poznan by Hermann Rauschning. Bohlinger bought the magazine in mid-1992 nation which will appear in his publishing house from issue 6/92. After arguments with editor-in-chief Adrian Preißinger and due to financial difficulties, the paper was published for the last time at the end of 1993. The first published jointly by Bohlinger and Herbert Taege was published in December 1993 Askania study collection for contemporary history and youth research in Bohlingers Verlag. The study collection was published for the first time in October 1988 by Taege and Heiko Möhring.[1] Bohlinger takes over the program of the Askania publishing house, mainly works by Herbert Taege and his study collection.

Importance: The publishing house for holistic research and culture serves Roland Bohlinger to disseminate his political views, which originate from the Ludendorffer movement and which are largely conspiratorial and anti-Semitic. Bohlinger writes about the first edition of the Nation in his publishing house: »The aim must be that imperialist, capitalist and liberalist modes of behavior are dismantled, in favor of a development that is liberal, constitutional, ethnopluralistic and ecological (...) The The publisher and the editor-in-chief of Nation have this goal, and they are greatly enriched by the ideas of the Ludendorff house (...). "[2] (B)

Authors: Michael Bauerschmidt, Susanne Brandt, Ulli Jentsch, Kurt Ohrowski


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[2] Circular dated June 12, 1992. Quoted from DESG-inform, No. 7/1992, p. 8.

source: Mecklenburg, Jens (ed.): Handbook of German Right-Wing Extremism, Berlin 1996, p.432f

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