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Friends of yoga, what is the first and most important utensil that you need for yoga? Exactly. The yoga mat. Finding the right yoga mats can be quite overwhelming. Because there are countless different variations, colors and materials that feel better or worse when viewed individually. To make it easier for you to find a yoga mat that suits you and your wishes, I will introduce you to 5 sustainable yoga mats. Your sustainable yoga mat guide for at home. Get inspired.


Your sustainable yoga mat guide - 5 yoga mats presented

Important! There are many yoga mats that are made of materials that are not sustainable and have a negative impact on our environment. This is not about ideology or measures, but rather about being aware of your actions and the impact they have on nature and fellow human beings. The earth is our livelihood. If it does not exist, or if it is not doing well, our quality of life is also influenced. The yoga mats that I propose to you here are accordingly all made of recycled and / or sustainable materials. In this way you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for Mother Earth. In addition, all of the mats I recommend are very durable. However, your yoga mat is like jeans, they have to fit. Therefore, here is a selection of 5 different mats that combine sustainability, longevity, aesthetics and comfort.


Online beginner course


Get on the mat and into the online beginner course


If you want to get on your new yoga mats immediately, there is an online beginner course in our video library from today. In 12 videos you will learn everything about the basics of yoga and how to perform the individual asanas. The course is not only suitable for beginners but also for everyone who has always wanted to delve deeper into the alignment of asanas.

With the help of students, Sophia and Sinah explain bit by bit the structure of different asanas, divided into different groups of postures: standing postures, leaning forward. Backbend, twist, etc. Thus, as a newcomer to yoga or deepening the basics, you get extensive knowledge and well-founded practice. The videos can be stopped and repeated at any time. This enables you to access the information again and again. You don't have to understand and implement everything right away. Repeat until you feel comfortable in the practice.

It is extremely important, especially as a beginner, to modify postures and take breaks. This is the only way you can respond to injuries and pain in order to build a healthy, long-term supportive practice. Some videos are more physical than others. For example, “Balance and Core” will definitely make you sweat. If you want it to be more relaxed, you will of course also get your money's worth, for example with "prevention". In this diversity you can stay open so that your body and mind are constantly confronted with new, exciting content.Important!The asanas adapt to your body and not you to the asanas, because every body is different. Accordingly, the attitudes always look different.


Your sustainable yoga mat guide - mats for everyone

Depending on whether you sweat quickly, almost never, or somewhere between wet and dry, there is the perfect yoga mat for you. The first three mats that I will introduce to you are actually suitable for everyone and can be used with both sweaty and dry hands.




The yoga mats from Jade combine great colors, slip resistance, good cushioning and environmental friendliness. The mats are sustainably produced with natural rubber from rubber trees, which are a rapidly renewable resource. In addition, they do not contain any PVC, EVA or other types of synthetic rubber. They are manufactured in the US under US environmental, labor, and consumer protection laws. Jade also has a partnership with Trees for the Future, whereby one tree is planted for each mat sold. To date, jade has planted over 2 million trees worldwide.


Lotus Kraft - OEKO


The perfect combination of functionality, design and sustainability // Photo by Maximilian Salzer for Lotuscraft


The Oeko mat by Lotuskraft not only offers a high degree of slip resistance and is therefore great for dynamic yoga styles such as Vinyasa Flow. It is also made from natural raw materials and without PVC. The Oeko from Lotuskraft consists of natural rubber and recyclable, biodegradable natural materials. It also meets high environmental and health standards, is free from PVC, Biophenol A (BPA) and is tested according to high pollutant standards. Lotuskraft has set itself the task of inspiring and connecting people so that yoga can be practiced together with high-quality, sustainable and beautiful products. The name Lotuskraft stands for values ​​that find harmony in all products - beauty and high-quality workmanship.


Southern Shores

The Southern Shore mat has not only made it its business to remedy sweaty hands, but above all to make a positive and sustainable contribution to our planet. The mat consists of FSC-certified organic natural rubber and recycled plastic bottles. It is CO2 neutral and manufactured in a zero-waste production. To this end, the highest social and ecological standards are observed during production. The Southern Shore Mat consists only of natural and / or recycled materials. Southern Shore is also involved in Whale & Dolphin Conservation, using its sales to promote the protection of whales and dolphins around the world. They donate 1% of total sales to WDC, the world's leading organization in the field of whale and dolphin protection. In addition, Southern Shore regularly plans clean beach events, at which numerous yogis and non-yogis clear the beaches around Barcelona of rubbish every week.

Your sustainable yoga mat guide - dry matter


A round of yoga on your favorite mat in the morning


One of my best friends almost never sweats. Even after a 15 km run she shows no signs of sweat. If you feel the same way and above all your hands are dry and do not tend to sweat, then the hejhej mat is ideal for you.

Hejhej yoga mat

The hejhej mat is the first closed loop yoga mat. They consist of resources that are already in abundance on our planet. 1.5kg of foam are in a HejHej mat, instead of natural limited materials. In addition, the mat is recyclable at the end of its life cycle and does not have to be thrown away, which means that with every mat sold, the amount of plastic waste is reduced. The shipping materials are also made from 100% recycled resources. But the hejhej mat is not only a real pioneer in terms of environmental protection and sustainability. For every hejhej mat, 1 euro goes to the social initiative Earth Child Project. In addition, all logos are sewn on in cooperation with a workshop in Munich that supports people with reduced performance.

If you want to find out more about the hejhej mat and the topic of sustainability, then listen to the Kale & Cake podcast Idealism meets capitalism - Is sustainable consumption possible? with Sophie from hejhej on. An exciting and inspiring conversation in which Sophie honestly and transparently tells how it is to run a company that sets sustainability as a priority and still makes it possible for the two founders Anna and Sophie to make a living from it. What is closed loop anyway, why should that be our future for production and how do Anna and Sophie live sustainability in business and private, you can find out everything here.

5 sustainable yoga mats presented - sweat and fun


I myself am a sweater. Yoga is my Armageddon. Because to everyone out there who thinks yoga is not a sport - yoga is hardcore exhausting! And I accordingly afterwards a wet towel that you have to wring out. The Cork mat by Cassall is ideal for everyone who feels the same way. It offers you slip resistance, is sustainably produced and also has an aesthetic design that makes you all the more happy to jump on the yoga mat.


Awaken the play instinct in you - yoga for more lightness on yoga mats that offer you the best possible hold


Cassall cork mat


The Cork yoga mat from Cassall offers you optimal grip and cushioning in your practice. It consists exclusively of natural materials such as natural cork and natural rubber. Cassall has set itself the task of combining sustainability and design. It is important for Cassall that you reduce the negative footfall on our planet and meet your responsibility as a producer to use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in your products. This awareness runs through the entire lifecycle of the mat, from planning, to production, to recycling.

It is best to test the mats in a local yoga shop. If you come from Munich, the Yoga Corner in Theresienstraße is ideal for this.


If you feel like trying out your new yoga mat right away:


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