Is there a spiritual component to marijuana?

Ganja yoga - smoke weed in higher spheres?

Doga (dog yoga), beer and laughter yoga. The yoga trends are just sprouting up. In this article we want to introduce you to one of them: Ganja Yoga. Smoking weed and yoga sounds like an extraordinary combination at first, but what is really behind it? In our article you will find out where this trend originated, how cannabis consumption can support you in your yoga practice and bring you closer to the goals of yoga.

How do yoga and cannabis use fit together?

Ganja yoga is enjoying increasing popularity in the USA. Some US states where cannabis use is legal already have their own centers for this form of yoga. For example in California, the state in which the trend developed. Sun, beach, yoga and weed - actually not a bad idea. But maybe one or the other wonders to what extent yoga and weed go together. On the surface, it seems that smoking weed is more likely to keep us from achieving the goals of yoga practice. Ultimately, in yoga, we want to bring body and mind into harmony and achieve a state of inner calm and clarity. Does cannabis use obscure this condition or can it bring us closer to the goals of yoga?

Ganja Yoga: Combination of yoga and weed

People who smoke weed often justify their preference by saying that cannabis makes them feel more relaxed and balanced. And it is not just the Rastafarians who believe that they can reach a higher sphere of consciousness by consuming marijuana. THC, the most prominent cannabinoid in cannabis, docks in the brain on receptors that are usually available for endogenous cannabinoids such as anandamides. The function of anandamides has not yet been adequately researched, but it is assumed that they play an important role in perception, pain processing and memory, among other things. If THC attaches to the receptors, it can trigger reactions similar to anandamides. For example, the consumption of cannabis can lead to a state of deep relaxation or fatigue in some users, or to sudden hunger, the famous munchies. So it seems like both yoga and cannabis use could bring some benefits in achieving a present and peaceful state. A combination of the two could lead to an increase in the effect.

Ganja yoga focuses on the spiritual component of yoga practice

Ganja yoga can be particularly attractive for yogis who have previously practiced yoga primarily for sporting reasons and who found it difficult to get involved in the spiritual part. It is obvious that this form of yoga is one of the most relaxed types of yoga. The spiritual component of yoga practice is the focus of ganja yoga. First and foremost, the participants should relax and feel good. Representatives of Ganja Yoga report that by consuming cannabis it is easier for them to get involved in the yoga practice, to open the mind, to break away from the will to compete, to break inner boundaries and to overcome mental barriers. Since cannabis affects most people differently, this perception is subjective. If you want to find out whether ganja yoga is right for you, you have no choice but to try the yoga practice yourself. At Vice you can find a cool article about ganja yoga and meditation, a self-experiment with cannabis. And by the way: CBD yoga is all the rage and is a bit too heavy for everyone who likes weed.