What are different tools for mapping

Assignment of the presentation designations

How to get there

The dialog box "Assignment of the presentation name" can be reached in two different ways:

  • Click that Appreciation tool , and SHIFT-double-click the handle marker of a term.
  • Right-click the handle marker of a term, then select Edit the assignment of the presentation title.

What it does

When you have selected a performance title to insert it into the score, Finale shows you this dialog box, which offers you various additional options with regard to the placement and rendering definition of the title.

  • Reference point: Enter a value and then select the musical unit to set the reference point at which the performance title is noted.
  • Grace notes :. Here you assign the performance title to a suggested note. Please refer to the drawing to the right of the input field. Enter a 1 to assign the performance title to the first grace note, a 2 to assign it to the second grace note, and so on.
  • Distance from the reference point. Horizontal Vertical: Here you specify the distance between the previous day's designation and the reference point by noting the desired values ​​in the input fields. Higher values ​​move the expression up or to the right. When you have returned to the score, you can also move the performance label simply by dragging the handle. The unit of measurement used for this can be found under> units firmly.
  • Scale the title of the presentation with the assigned grade.If you mark this checkbox, the size of the expression will be adjusted when the size of the assigned grade is changed. If an expression is assigned to a note with a different size, its size is also adjusted. Notes can be resized in different ways: with the size tool, the menu command Change note size in the menu "Tools" or with one of the cue-note plug-ins, e.g. Automatic cue-notes.
  • Show: All Levels • Score and parts. In these drop-down menus you can assign the performance description to specific levels, to the entire score or to parts. Note that you can only assign expression titles to specific levels by using the menu command Assign preferably to the current level Use expression from the menu.
  • Influences the playback of the active level • Level 1 • Level 2 • Level 3 • Level 4 • Chord symbols • Performance information. The main function of this selection in the pop-up menu is that you can specify which of these musical elements should be affected by the playback. It lets you z. For example, you can specify that a dynamic designation should only apply to the chord symbol above the music to which the designation actually belongs, or that a sound change should be used in only one of Finale's four operating levels (if the levels in the instrument list are assigned to different channels were).
  • Start playback at: reference point • start of measure • position in measure. If the expression you are currently placing has a playback function, you can determine here where this playback effect should occur. If you have selected "Measure Beginning", you will notice the effect from the beginning of the measure to which the label has been assigned. If Position In Measure is selected, you will not hear the mark's effect until Finale has reached that label on playback, no matter where it is (even if it occurs in a different measure). Remember that the layers must be mapped to different channels in order for the playback effect to be mapped independently. See score management.
  • OK • Cancel. Click “OK” to confirm your settings and return to the score, where you can now see the performance title. Click “Cancel” to exit the dialog box without adding or editing a presentation title.

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