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Do you prefer to travel alone or as a couple?

If the next vacation, a break or a longer trip z. B. after graduation or university studies, the question often arises whether you should set out on your own or with someone to help you. Even if you have a partner, this question is no longer so rare these days. B. if he / she cannot come with you for professional or other reasons.

In the meantime I have tried all travel alternatives in this context over the course of twelve years: alone, with a partner, with a friend, with siblings, with a dog, in a group and in a club. Like everything in life, each variant has its advantages and disadvantages and of course also depends heavily on personality, the trip itself and your own ideas and needs.

When does solo travel make sense?

First things first: If you cannot find someone to accompany you, traveling alone is always better than staying at home! In addition, being out and about on your own is actually nothing earth-shattering anymore. In countries with a similar standard in particular, you can do exactly the same things as at home: go shopping, sit in cafes and restaurants and read a magazine or book, take the bus or train through the city, visit museums and other sights, Let yourself drift, attend a language course or whatever you are after. We do a lot of it alone at home - so why not in another city or in another country?

Also drive a rental car in a foreign country, spend the night in a camper or tent in the great outdoors or do something crazy are things that may cost a little more to overcome than the ordinary, but in my experience these are often exactly the trips that are particularly remembered.

Further travel is a great distraction! Anyone who is currently under professional or private stress, needs distance, wants to think differently because of lovesickness or just wants to think about himself and his life, is well advised to travel alone. The new impressions and tasks on the way distract and give new courage, they increase self-esteem and with the distance from a distance you can better objectively look at your life at home and think about how it could possibly go better. The perfect way to find yourself!

What are the advantages of traveling as a couple?

Just like in everyday life, one of the nicest things about traveling is that common sharing of experiences, experiences and situations. You will probably laugh a lot more, talk about what you've seen and maybe swap dishes to try. In addition, of course, "A suffering shared is a suffering halved" - depending on the trip, you can share not only the pleasant, but also the unpleasant things: washing up, researching, regulating annoying things, organizing, tidying up, packing, etc.

An advantage that should not be underestimated is the fact that you can saves money for two: Accommodation, taxi, rental car, tuktuk, possibly tours, food - for many parts of the trip you only pay half the price instead of the full price and that can amount to a few hundred euros in the end.

And also is one better security given. It can e.g. For example, someone always takes care of the luggage when the other has to get something, and just the feeling of someone else in the room can make you sleep a little better, depending on the accommodation. Ultimately, you become something in many ways experience more, because four eyes are known to see more than two. While z. For example, one driving a car, the other can look in the travel guide for attractions in the area.

What are the disadvantages of traveling alone?

Basically, it is actually the things that were listed as advantages under the previous point: You can do exciting, funny, beautiful and situational comics do not share. Maybe you get to know someone on the way, but that is usually not as intense or intimate as with a partner or long-term friend. Sure you can be in direct contact with friends via prepaid card and WhatsApp or Facebook, but that's something else.

You are on your own and has to regulate, carry and organize everything by himselfwhich in retrospect has a very positive effect on self-confidence, but it can still be annoying on the go. The costs also all depend on you alone. Here there is at most the possibility of finding and addressing fellow travelers en route in order to share accommodation, means of transport, tours, etc. with them.

In addition, depending on the travel destination, you have to do something alone when traveling care more about his or her safety. You will probably not want to go out in the evening or avoid one or the other actually interesting street because it does not seem safe to you.

For me personally, the biggest disadvantage of traveling alone is that difficult or non-existent evening arrangements. I love to soak up the life of the locals in restaurants or cafés in the evening or to sit in a bar late at night and try the local wines, beers or cocktails. But none of this is really much fun on its own.

Another point to consider is the duration of the solo trip! A few days, a week, a month - no problem at all. But traveling alone for many months is not for everyone. Of course you get to know new people along the way, but they will - if you don't stay in one place - constantly change and you may acquire a certain superficiality as a result. You tell your story over and over again and in the long run that is as tiring as it is annoying.

Are there reasons not to travel alone?

You don't have to be particularly brave to travel alone. Nevertheless, there are fearful people and I would advise against this type of travel simply because of the lack of fun. In this case z. B. a group trip makes more sense. The same applies to people who quickly feel very lonely when they are alone. This feeling can creep in more easily when traveling than at home, because you don't have your familiar surroundings, which give you everyday security and routine.

What problems could arise when traveling as a couple?

If you are together in a confined space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and then have to make countless, sometimes new or unfamiliar decisions, it can not be that easy. Quarrel or discussion can certainly occur, which can last for different lengths of time depending on the two personalities meeting each other. If the discrepancies cannot be resolved in the long term, the trip may be interrupted for one of the two travelers or, in the worst case, lead to separation.

It is when you travel that you really get to know other people (and yourself). And here you can communicative surprises set, e.g. B. that the other person constantly corrects you, interrupts you or wants to know everything better. Or one of them does not talk at all in the morning, while the other wants to communicate with irrelevant content over breakfast, which in turn annoys the quiet. Especially when you are not traveling as a couple, but as friends, both should be team players and consider each other's needs.

The same can happen Budget and the content of the trip differ greatly from each other. If one is on the road to austerity and the other wants to experience pure enjoyment, this can lead to frictions when eating and choosing restaurants. Or if one prefers to party all the time and the other loves peace and quiet, that is not entirely unproblematic when choosing the accommodation and region. The same applies to sporting activities, preferred comfort and many other things that generally affect being on the move.


In my opinion, everyone should go on a trip alone, because being alone is part of life somewhere, so why not also when traveling? We are not born as a couple and actually it is not much more than a cliché that only two people are “right” and that being single seems to be “imperfect”. Therefore, you should ignore the concerns of others who want to talk you out of traveling alone (for whatever reason).

For me personally, the solo trip is only a compromise, because I love togetherness, consider the exchange and sharing of experiences on the way to be an existential part of traveling and especially the evening planning on the solo trip, which is important for me, suffers. But regardless of whether I'm in a relationship or not, I still like to travel alone, especially since it has now become my job and I can't expect someone else to always have the time (and money).

Traveling with a girlfriend or boyfriend has had both good and bad experiences. If you give each other enough space on the way, if you do something separately on longer trips and if you are willing to compromise as much as possible, the trip for two can be a lot of fun and be very enriching due to the mutual inspiration.

Which countries are good for traveling alone?

The Countries with comparable western standards are located in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. With the exception of the language and, under certain circumstances, other price levels, you can actually behave in these regions in the same way as at home and, of course, travel accordingly.

To be added Countries and industrialized countriesn, which can differ culturally, but are still quite easy to travel due to the comparable standard. These include B. Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Asian cities such. B. Hong Kong or Shanghai, Chile, Panama, South Africa.

And then there are countless countries that do due to the high tourist traffic are well prepared for foreign travelers. This particularly affects many regions of Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia), which are also relatively cheap and safe to travel to, as well as various Latin American countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Cuba.

Another suggestion on my part when choosing the travel destination: Especially if you already have some travel experience, it might be worth taking a look at one or more countries that are not yet so overcrowded in terms of tourism. So maybe not the classic Thailand, Vietnam, Bali & Co., where it feels like every second person travels, but why not South Korea, Panama, Oman or e.g. B. Eastern European countries and islands that are not yet 0815 (but still safe to travel)?

How do I find a travel partner if I don't want to travel alone?

There are actually numerous ways to find someone to travel together, but you should get to know each other a little beforehand if you are not friends yet. There are various forums on the Internet for finding travel partners (you have to find out whether this is the right type). Alternatively, there are forums at Lonely Planet or Facebook groups - here you can simply search for 'Women traveling alone' or 'Travel partner wanted' or similar topics.

More options:

  • At Couchsurfing you can search not only for free accommodation, but also for people who would like to meet for a coffee. So if you are in a city in your travel destination, you can look out for a meeting here. (Julie wrote a nice article about this on my blog bravegirls.de.)
  • With an online dating service, you could enter your specific travel request and search for a travel partner (and perhaps a partner at the same time). Furthermore, the Tinder app offers the possibility to find potential partners in the vicinity of e.g. B. to look for 20 km. As a result, when you are anywhere in the world, you are shown not only locals but also other travelers who you might meet. But be careful: don't trust every match the same way.

What should I clarify with the travel partner before departure?

It is best to talk about your wishes, needs and budget before planning and departure openly. If you don't know each other very well, it doesn't do any harm to address your quirks in advance ("By the way, I'm not a morning grouch, so don't be angry if I'm not so approachable so early." Or "I'm going." don't like to go out late into the night, but I don't mind if you let off steam. «etc.)

A good Communication is the be-all and end-all of every relationship, friendship and journey! It therefore makes perfect sense to address the worst case in advance, especially when planning longer trips. How do we react in the unlikely event of a major argument? Here I can say from my own experience that it makes sense to go your own way for a few hours or even days (depending on the background and intensity), take a breath, give yourself and the other the opportunity to reflect and then meet again. Most of the time it works again.

Money is a very important factor on a trip together - maybe not with your partner, but especially with a boyfriend or girlfriend, where everyone has their own travel budget. If one prefers to eat 3 times a day and the other prefers to be self-sufficient, that can mess up the whole trip. It is therefore best to agree on the type and maximum prices of the accommodation in advance and, at best, to announce your available budget, this makes a lot of things easier.

How can I make the trip better on my own?

One option that turned out to be a very good solution on my first solo trips is to take advantage of short group trips. So you basically travel alone, but join a short group trip along the way. I have had extremely good experiences with this and met very nice people. Examples of this were B. 4 days Bolivia (Salar de Uyuni), 7 days bus trip from Nepal to Tibet, 7 days sailing tour in the Galapagos or 4 days trekking tour to Machu Picchu. All of them great trips and they would not have been possible on their own or would have been completely boring. Agencies for such trips can be found in forums, travel guides, blogs or simply on Google.

If you want to get to know as many people as possible while traveling, you should start planning for countries decide, where many backpackers hang out. This includes mostly Southeast Asia and Australia. If you will stay in dorms (dormitories), you will get to know many like-minded people anyway and you will quickly come into contact. Otherwise you usually meet in the large common rooms. Another very good alternative are Private accommodation via Airbnb or Couchsurfing. Here you have a direct connection to locals and you usually get good tips for things to do and the onward journey.

Whoever will be on the road for a longer period should Partners, friends and family Inform about the probable route and ask whether someone would like to at least one to accompany for a while. Sometimes a friend has three weeks off at the time X and can then work with someone during this time through z. B. Travel to Asia. You can vote here. Is a great change and relaxes the long-term solo trip.

Sometimes you have friends or relatives who live in another country who you can visit for a few weeks. As I said, long-term travel alone should not be underestimated. Even I, as a die-hard solo traveler, found this very depressing at times and also triggered a certain inner restlessness in me, which is not exactly beneficial or desirable when traveling.

And one of the most important points about traveling alone:

It is absolutely not importantwhat others say or think of you when you are alone because it is all alone YOUR trip with your very own personal experiences and experiences! Be proud that you are who you are and that you will make the journey as you see fit. Everything always has two sides: In the end there will be far more people who admire you for this step and your path than that they think or express something negative about you. And even if you do - you will never please everyone. So I can really encourage everyone to do so: Before you stay at home because you cannot find a suitable companion, traveling alone is always the better choice!

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