How do you test initiative

For confident media use

Most Internet users find it important to protect themselves from digital attacks while surfing the net, and yet many do not. There are many reasons for this, but most of all the users are unsettled due to the complexity of the topic.

With the IT fitness test, you can check how safely and confidently you are on the Internet. Is your data adequately protected? Do you know how to establish a secure internet connection? Do you know the basic rules for dealing with third-party content? Take the test to find out what type of user you are and where your particular strengths lie.

The 20 questions are divided into the three areas of basic knowledge, acting with technology and confident behavior. All relevant aspects of online security are queried, including phishing, data protection and identity theft, online reputation, copyright and data localization as well as safe network settings, safe passwords and safe media use by children.

In addition, the questions are assigned to four fields of competence, so that the result shows you where your particular strength lies in user behavior. A list of links that is individually tailored to the test result then provides you with additional practical tips and explanations. This gives you the opportunity to fill gaps in your knowledge and gives you support in applying your knowledge in practice.

Result of the online test

The evaluation of the individual results of the self-test is based on a strength-based typing on the subject of "online security". The result of the test shows you which of the following user types you are:

  • Beginner, must get on your socks.
  • Connoisseur, basically knows how to do it.
  • Practitioner, uses technology skillfully.
  • Advisor, has everyone (s) in view.
The typification results from the total points in the three fields of basic knowledge, acting with technology and confident behavior. If the total number of points is below 50, you are Beginner and should check your own media usage.

The following statistics show live how the users of the online test performed. In the view you can switch between a representation of the user types and the evaluation in relation to the competencies.