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The top 10 Instagram earners - these models cash in the most

While many people all over the world have to work hard day after day in order to barely live on the subsistence level, many Instagram models are now on the sunny side of life. Her fashion sense and good looks have ensured that she can make a real fortune without really hard work. However, these ladies (and a gentleman) have not fallen on their heads. Because building a social media empire requires many strategic moves and a lot of bite. After all, the competition is fierce and almost everyone is now on social networks. But only very few succeed in making a real career out of it. After all, having a lot of Instagram followers is not enough. The big labels also have to become aware of the fashionistas, from which a lucrative advertising contract can spring out with a pinch of luck. So which faces have turned their Insta-Fame into cash? We'll reveal it in descending order.

Chiara Ferragni - the queen of Instagram

Chiara Ferragni secured another mainstay for herself during her law studies in Italy and is now probably the best-known and most successful fashionista and fashion blogger on the entire international fashion scene. In the meantime, Chiara Ferragni has even presented her own shoe collection, works with many well-known brands and continues to promote her blog. Her Instagram account has around 2.8 million followers. It is even rumored that Ferragni was said to have amassed several million dollars in fortune in this way. On average, the elite Instagrammers and bloggers earn more than $ 1 million per year, but with Chiara Ferragni it should more than eight million per year Be US dollars.

Cara Delevingne - on the way up

Things are going really well for Cara Delevigne. With 20 million followers, nothing can really go wrong. In a guard with Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne is one of the models who $ 100,000 and more for a single post can apply from different labels. This is a quick way to amass a real fortune.

Liz Eswein - millions on Instagram

Samsung, Armani and Puma have already noticed Eswein, who discovered photography as her new passion not so long ago. A single photo published by Eswein can be due to its huge popularity already 15,000 US dollars be worth. In the first 1.5 years alone that Liz Eswein was active on Instagram, she should already over a million dollars have earned.

Julia Engel - Affiliate Marketing Champ

Over 650,000 followers have ensured that Engel now has more than one million dollars a year earned. What may sound like a lot isn't that big a fortune when you consider that Engel lives in San Francisco, now one of the most expensive cities in the United States. Julia Engel, however, understood the concept of affiliate marketing and therefore earned money from the purchases of her readers and followers - she knew how.

Jane Aldridge - Kayne West made her famous

Jane Aldridge owes her big break through to Kayne West. Back in 2009, she was just 16 years old. Not only Teen Vogue, but also Kayne became aware of her blog, which then increased the number of readers to around 400,000 with a single tweet with a link to Aldridge’s blog. Even at a young age, Aldridge is one of the most successful fashion bloggers around the world. Your Instagram account has around 164,000 readers. An Instagram post from her therefore costs companies at least $ 5,000 or more. If you want her to be at an event, you have to reckon with $ 20,000.

Wendy Nguyen - Smart Instagram Model

Wendy Ngyuen is arguably one of the smartest Instagram models. After all, she has a degree in psychology from UC Berkley in sunny California and has also managed to be successful on various social networks. They celebrate their followers on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as well as on Instagram. It is even rumored that Wendy has more than one Million US dollars per yearr and is one of the most successful fashion bloggers of all time.

Andreas Wijk - the only man in the team

Andreas Wijk is the only man who made it onto this list, and he's also just 22 years old. The model, who comes from Sweden, is actually aiming for a career in the music scene. Between estimated $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 per month The Instagram model earns thanks to around 150,000 followers in order to be able to finance his other career ambitions.

Julia Sarinana - the fashion girl

Julia Sarinana first made a name for herself in southern California. She has worked with some of the largest women's and fashion magazines in the United States. Vogue, Glamor and Elle are among her customers. Of course, Sarinana also runs her own blog called Sincerely Jules, which has thousands of readers every day. With over 2.7 million followers, it should come as no surprise that Sarinana is receiving an estimated $ 150,000 to promote a label on Instagram. In Julia Sarinana's league, it's not uncommon to be between $ 70,000 and $ 100,000 per year can be earned through sponsorship alone.

Danielle Bernstein - 22 and wealthy

At just 22 years old, Danielle Bernstein already has around a million followers and her blog, We Wore What, could hardly be more successful. Fashion and beauty brands are fighting equally to win over the New Yorker. Lancome has also queued up at Bernstein's. The interested fashion labels pay an estimated $ 5,000-15,000 for an Instagram post of amber in the desired outfit. Bernstein is said to have announced that her annual income is in the high six-figure range. That's probably more money than most fashionistas of this age would have ever dreamed of.

Aimee Song - with a million followers to success

Aimee Song expresses her love for fashion and interior design with her blog, Song of Style, which has 72,000 readers. There she initially advertised her favorite brands for free, which she quickly regretted once she realized how much advertising revenue she was missing out on. Meanwhile, Song is regularly paid to ensure that an outfit she wears on Instagram is often sold out within a few hours. With 950,000 followers, that's no wonder. Aimee Song earns money for every cooperation with a label at least $ 50,000.

The information about the merits is of course appreciated, because the named persons do not disclose their merits.

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