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Cook meat

Whether fried, boiled or grilled, meat can be prepared in a variety of ways. (Photo by: © karepa /

No other food has as many recipes as there are meat. Every country on this earth has its special one Meat dishes and its very special secrets when it comes to tasty meat preparation.

Info: Worldwide, Australians eat the most meat at 121 kg per capita. Austria is in third place with 106 kg per capita.

The most popular and well-known meat dishes are:

Info: Beef is particularly popular on the American continent, while pork is the best in Europe.


Info: As with all other foods, the same thing applies to meat: the dose makes the poison. That means meat is certainly not unhealthy, but too much meat can cause health problems.

Meat contains many Vitamins and also Proteinsthat are important for building muscles. In addition, meat is a very good source of protein.

Most people fry their meat, but when you cook meat, not only are many of the important nutrients retained, but you also get a low-calorie meal that is also very tasty.

The most famous types of meat include:

  • beef
  • pork meat
  • Sheep meat (this also includes lamb, mutton)
  • Poultry meat
  • Game meat
  • exotic types of meat (e.g. reindeer meat, seal meat, camel meat, kangaroo meat, ostrich meat, etc.)

Info: Furthermore, a distinction is made between red (beef, pork, etc.) and white (poultry) meat.

How to cook meat

If you follow a few preparation tips, meat becomes a real pleasure. (Photo by: © Jacek Chabraszewski /

Cooking meat is an art in itself, because there are a few things you have to consider to make it really good. There are some great dishes with boiled meat, such as the classic boiled beef or the Hungarian plate meat, but boiled meat should not be missing in the soup either.

  • For cooking is beef highly recommended. First of all, you should wash the meat and pat dry. In the meantime, water is brought to the boil in a saucepan. When the boiling point is reached, the meat is placed in the pot. The whole thing then has to boil again briefly.
  • Then take the pot with the meat off the stove and let it cool down until the water is just lukewarm. Only then is the meat brought to the boil again and finally cooked over a low flame until it is done. With a piece of beef for a classic boiled beef, the cooking time would be around 2-3 hours.

A couple of recipes:

Why is meat cooked this way?

It sounds a bit awkward, but this method of cooking meat makes sense. If you put meat in the boiling water and then continue cooking for hours, the protein would coagulate in the meat, the juice would be completely enclosed and after cooking every piece of meat would be as tough as a piece of leather and therefore inedible.

Only when it comes to meat for a hefty Meat soup goes, then it works a little differently. Here the meat is cut into small pieces beforehand and then placed on top with cold water and slowly brought to the boil.

No matter how you want to prepare meat, it always stays healthy and, above all, delicious! If you would like to enjoy meat in all its many forms, then here are some great recipes to cook at home.

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