Is the Samsung Galaxy A20 waterproof

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE waterproof?

In addition to breakages, liquids and dirt are the greatest dangers to the longevity of smartphones. Here we clarify whether the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is waterproof and what you should pay attention to when using it.

Especially with high-end smartphones, waterproofness has now become an important standard in the scope of equipment. Even with slightly cheaper cell phones, weaker protection is increasingly being used. The degree of protection against water and dust is specified with an IP protection class.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (5G): Dust and waterproof with IP68

Samsung positions the Galaxy S20 FE as an affordable flagship in the S20 range. For example, to keep the price down, the South Korean company uses plastic on the back. Still, Samsung didn't skimp on IP certification: TheGalaxy S20 FE is dust and waterproof. With the IP68 protection class, the smartphone receives the highest possible level for such devices. The information can be divided into two digits: The first number 6 indicates that the tested device is completely dustproof. The number 8 guarantees protection against prolonged immersion in water. Samsung officially advertises with a maximum depth and duration of 1.5 meters and 30 minutes. Both the 4G and 5G models of the S20 “Fan Edition” are equally protected against dust and liquids.