Why do you like computer programming

Eban Ebssa
United States

Please introduce yourself briefly:
My name is Eban, I'm 16 years old and I come from the USA. I love computer programming, puzzles, learning (everything!), Baking and meeting new people so I can learn from different perspectives.

I'm learning German because
i love the language! German has cool sounds and words that I would like to use in my mother tongue, English. I would also like to study computer science abroad in Germany.

Favorite words?
My favorite word in German is "Glove“Because it has a practical meaning. It shows how useful the Germans are. It was only through the German language that I realized that a glove is really a shoe for the hand!

In my mother tongue, my favorite word is "aurora". It means “the northern lights” in German, and I like it best because it's both a beautiful name and a beautiful view of nature.

What do you particularly like about Germany and what do you like about your home country?
What I particularly like about Germany is the environmental protection campaign and about my home country the friendliness of Americans. I hear on the news that the federal government is passing more renewable energy laws, and I hope America will do the same. In the US, I'm always happy when my neighbor or a stranger greets me with a smile.

What foreign language (s) are you learning besides German?
I used to learn a little Spanish, but now I'm only learning German at school. But I know Oromo and Amharic (languages ​​from Ethiopia). I love learning languages, not just from people, but from computers too! I know some programming languages ​​(Java, Python, HTML, and more).

When do you particularly enjoy learning a foreign language?
Learning foreign languages ​​is especially fun when the meaning of a word clicks. For example, when I learned the word "refrigerator", I was happy. Because I knew the meanings of "cool" and "closet", I was able to combine the two meanings in one word!

What are you particularly looking forward to at IDO 2020?
At the IDO, I am most looking forward to getting to know the other participants from all over the world!

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