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Shopping list, discussion, letter: the ability to write texts is not only indispensable for German lessons.

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What is a text?

Regardless of whether it is a note, an email, a report or a summary - these are all texts in one way or another. According to Duden, a text is initially only a "content-related series of statements". These statements can (but do not have to) written down become. A text in the broader sense can also be an oral utterance, as is the case, for example, with song lyrics or film dialogues.

Tips for the writing process

Regardless of whether at school or in a private environment: there are texts omnipresent. However, many students face major challenges in writing a longer text themselves. A short message or a shopping list can be written quickly; some text forms such as a story, a discussion or a table of contents require a lot more preparation.

Before you actually start writing, you'll first create one Writing plan. To do this, you can write down key points in the classic way in the form of an outline or, for example, one Mind map make. Once this step is done, you can formulate the first sentences for your text. You will quickly notice: It's much easier with a writing plan than without! Don't forget to reread and read the text at the end revise. This is how you avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Text types in German lessons

Basically, you should know that you are between Factual texts and literary texts distinguish. The former include, for example Person or process descriptions, Letters to the editor or business letters, Discussions or letter of application. Among the literary texts you count among other things all possible forms of stories like the stimulus word or picture story. But also remember: If you write a summary of a literary text - for example a short story - then it is a factual text! In primary school you write mostly literary texts, in the higher grades you write more and more factual texts. in the High School In particular, discussion, analysis and interpretation then play a major role.

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