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There are moments when, for much of the power of the CPU and a lot R.A.M. with your server, in the end you land to miss, and you have the need migrate on a server with greater capacity. On other occasions, your Hosting provider It left you like for some reason and you have to change to a different provider, with each changing your server to the same one.

These and many other causes are that we have at some point migrate Our web server other machine, with the consistent a headacheIf you're not doing this correctly.

If your web server is only one or two web pages and little else then you can be the process of migrating to another server. easy and comfortable, but if the other services as a mail server, database server, FTP server, etc., this can be an odyssey ..

If you're lucky you've got all of this installed and managed from the control panel VestaSo this migration process can be turned into something easy How to: run a a few lines of commands and wait for it to end.


How do I set up your server panel migration to control Vesta on another server


If installing from the Control panel in your serverhow to manage the same, you did it VestaCP, the steps to perform the migration to another server are enough easy. Let's see it:

Step 1. Como Bien sabes, In performing the installation via the control panel Vesta, This creates a user Adminwith which you then create all the services. Hence, in first place, We become one Copy This user. To do this, do the following command from the console or a terminal server from which you are migrating:

When you give the command error command not found is because you are not the the binary path Then there is yours PATH. Just call it from the path where:

$ / usr / local / vesta / bin / v-backup-user admin

It starts to run the Copying process, Throw out the console or something like this terminal:

2018-01-2619: 48: 17admin.conf
2018-01-2619: 48: 17stats.log
2018-01-2619: 48: 17history.log
2018-01-2619: 48:

once completed, arises a new file in the folder "" / Backup Your server, with a similar name Admin.2018-01-26_19-49-34.tar.

Step 2. Runs the installation of the Vesta control panel in the new server Where to go to perform the migration. If you don't know how to do it very well, take a look at one previous articles in which we talk about: How to install the Vesta control panel on Linux.

Step 3. Now is the time of passport the Copy of the data from the old server to the new one. You can do as you see fit. We will go through the Secure-Copy-Protocol O simple communication protocol Using the command SCP. This is what he saw in the article above, Cover 5, Basic Linux SSH Client Console Commands. Put yourself in the terminal or the console to the old server and do the following command:

$ scp / backup / admin.2018-01-26_19-49-34.tarservidorNuevo: / backup /

As expected, you have to replace the name the file above with the name of the file, and in servidorNuevo put the Name or IP of their new server. Also make sure that there is a folder named in the destination server / Backup. If there aren't any, you create.

Step 4. As soon as you have completed the File transfer, connects to the console or terminal of the new server and we go on restore the transferred data. To do this, we perform the following command:

$ v-restore-user admin admin.2018-01-26_19-49-34.tar

Just like when we performed the copy process, if the system does not find the command mentioned, do it directly on the path where it is:

$ / usr / local / vesta / bin / v-restore-user admin admin.2018-01-26_19-49-34.tar

And, in the same way, replaced, in the command above, the Filename shows the name of the Your file.

Once the process is complete, the migration of all of yours Data of the old server shall be carried out, and both have websites, as the DNS, Databases, Deploy, etc.

Note. Remember, both in the code of your websites, as in the connections to databases, if at some point they have connections directly to the IP address of the server, you will have to change them with the IP address of the new server.
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