What is the most consistent tennis serve

The technique of tennis serve

The ball throw.

The ball throw-up.

The right meeting point.

The serve in tennis is one of the more complex movements across all sports. In addition to learning the technology, timing for the right meeting point plays a central role. In its entirety, the serve is quite challenging. If you break up the service into partial movements, the undertaking not only becomes easier, but also more understandable.

The ball throw in tennis serve

The ball throw, i.e. the normal ball throw, is called in sports science: core throw. Whoever can throw the core will also be able to serve. Therefore it is worth learning or improving the core throw.

to hit is to throw

The ball throw-up when serving

Yes, the ball throw-up and the ball throw are not the same. That is why I always speak of the core throw when throwing the ball to make the difference clear. Even a good throw-up doesn't just fall from the sky. Ideally, it will come straight down after being thrown. This takes practice, more than it initially seems. The most effective way to practice throwing the ball is sitting on a chair. This will make your arm movement smooth and constant.

as the toss goes, goes the serve

Brad Gilbert

L-position on serve

Just imagine that you want to do a core toss. Instead of a ball, you take your tennis racket in your batting hand. And your upper arm and forearm already form the L position. From this position you can refine your core throwing movement (with a stick). Over and over again. Later you will integrate the throw-up into this movement. Only serve from the L position for a while, whether it's a club match, invitation tournament or normal training. It's about developing a feeling for the throw-up and the meeting point.

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