Canned salmon is considered raw

Canned salmon


Since the meat is pink in color, the flavor aroma is very tasty and therefore in great demand. A salmon can either be roasted, fried or poached, among other things. For people who love it, the salmon meat can also be salted or smoked.

Classic salmon dishes

Many different classic dishes can be conjured up with salmon. The best-known and most delicious food is, for example, graved lax. The salmon is served cold in thread-like slices with a citrus fruit and capers with cream or cream cheese. There are also other types of bread with butter.
Since someone can put a marinade on a salmon very well, it can be served raw. As well as the salmon pies are not only delicious for the palate. No. They are even an eye-catcher because of the pink color of the flesh.
For people who are in a hurry and prefer a quick meal, canned salmon is very popular and popular as a topping for various types of bread.

"Fresh feed" or "canned feed"

Whether someone opts for the fresh salmon or the canned salmon (or other types of fish) is up to you. All the prejudices about canned fish need not be noticed. A super good meal can be conjured up with canned salmon. It's even more convenient, nutritious, and cheaper to look at. Quick meals can be made with canned fish at any time, such as: delicious soups, crunchy salads, enjoyable casseroles and much more.

The best thing about the soup dishes is that the aroma can be adjusted to suit everyone's taste buds. Exemplary ideas for crunchy summer dishes can easily be with canned salmon and raw spinach leaves or other fresh vegetables. If you are the biggest lover of salads, for example pasta salads, a successful interest can be aroused by canned salmon.
Fish soups can also be a perfect meal with canned fish.

Infinite ideas of fish meals

Since there are so many tasty canned fish meal ideas out there, it is almost impossible to try all of the recipes. Since there are a variety of soup, casseroles, salads and even cake recipes, everything can be cooked to suit your taste buds, either fresh salmon fish or canned salmon.

A cake dish with fish species can sound and appear very unusual at first. The cake can be served with lemon, different sauces or other chosen side dishes. Despite exciting and unusual recipe ideas for canned salmon, for example, tacos can be mixed with canned fish with salsa and spices. Who already knows that? Aren't they otherwise filled with minced meat? A taste test is definitely worth it, if you dare to do something ...