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Optimize interest rates for installment loans

The loan interest represents the remuneration to be paid by the borrower to the lender for a loan for the money borrowed.

The loan repayment installments are made up of an interest and a repayment component. Due to the loan interest, the sum of all installments is usually higher than the actual loan amount.

The loan calculator always determines the loan interest based on the specified framework data for the installment loan. The calculation of the loan interest takes place in any case, regardless of which other size - such as loan amount, nominal interest rate, installment, term or remaining debt - still has to be calculated.

If all other characteristics are already known, it is advisable to use the setting Calculate remaining debt to select.

Loan interest will increase along with any loan completion fee that may apply Total interest and fees summarized and issued.

The following example is considered as an example: A loan amount of 30,000 euros is to be paid off in full over a term of 7 years at a nominal interest rate of 4.9% p.a. in monthly installments of 380 euros each.

What is the total amount of the lending interest incurred?


The following settings must be made in the loan calculator for the calculation.
  • Mark which value should be calculated:
    Select Calculate remaining debt
  • Enter the given values ​​as follows:
    • Loan Amount:30,000 euros
    • Processing fee:0 euros
    • Interest rate:4.9% p.a. nominal
    • Repayment rate:380 euros
    • Rate interval:per month
    • Running time:7 years
    • Amortization-free period: - no -
    • Residual debt:- set free -
  • Then click on To calculate.

After entering the data, the loan calculator determines by clicking the button To calculate the size to be calculated: loan amount, interest rate, regular installment, term or remaining debt.

In addition, loan interest, total expenses and annual percentage rate are calculated.

The detailed repayment plan also shows the debt level over time with all payments for interest and repayment itemized either on a monthly or annual basis.

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